Chapter 1012: Blood Ancestor, Resurrected!

Along with the raging blood qi, a blood-red beam of light appeared in the air over Heavenspan Island. It came from the east, causing all the lands to tremble and quake as it pierced through the air!

Within that blood-colored light was… an enormous blood spear!

It was fully 30,000 meters long, and as it closed in, it became clear that its target was not the island itself. Instead, it was the enormous world hand formed from the souls of the four rivers and the Heavenspan Sea!

It moved with shocking speed, and when it slammed into the world hand, it unleashed a deafening boom.

“Blood Ancestor!” the Celestial howled, his face twisted with rage. “You’re not dead!?!?”

Unfortunately for him, his shout could do nothing to prevent the blood spear from hitting the world hand. The spear began to crumble into pieces upon impact, and...

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