Chapter 1010: Fiery Apocalypse

It was a voice filled with the deepest faith!

It was a voice filled with fearless madness!

It was a voice that revealed a deep reverence for a Master, the type that could not be erased even by the destruction of the body!

Heaven and earth rumbled as flames spread out across the sky of the Wildlands. Cultivators from both sides of the conflict looked up in utter shock, with many of them gasping aloud!

“The sky… is on fire?!?!”

“The heavens are aflame! How… how could this be happening?!?!”

“Look… there’s a person inside that fire!!”

The enormous figure which appeared inside of the flame slowly looked up, fixing his gaze on the distant Heavenspan Sea. As he did, his features became clear to the cultivators down below...

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