Chapter 1007: A Teardrop

The human body was still capable of reacting even under the control of a slave seal. Clearly, Du Lingfei had a tenacious determination in her heart to avoid hurting Bai Xiaochun.

When Bai Xiaochun felt the hand on the top of his head trembling, he opened his eyes to see Du Lingfei’s face twitching. Furthermore, the magical slave seals in her eyes were flickering dramatically…. A moment passed, and then, she moved her hand away!

“Boo….” he murmured. Off to the side, mixed emotions could be seen in the Celestial’s eyes. However, he quickly wiped them away with madness. Reaching his hand out, he pointed at his daughter.

She shivered, and the slave seals overwhelmed any sensation of pain she felt. She went still, and then… calmly put her hand back down on Bai...

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