Chapter 1005: A Second Chance

“The Undying Codex truly is extraordinary!” When the Celestial saw how Bai Xiaochun was able to fight back against someone vastly more powerful than himself, and consistently regenerate despite his injuries, he was quite moved.

“Thankfully, this isn’t my first time encountering someone who has mastered the Undying Codex….” Back on Heavenspan Island, the Celestial’s eyes suddenly flickered with a crystalline glow.

As he did, Du Lingfei shivered. Even as she stood there, as mute and numb as the walking dead, a crystalline light suddenly shot out from the depths of her eyes, and the two bizarre magical symbols that existed there.

There was a strange power inside of her that the Celestial seemed capable of drawing upon because of those magical symbols. Back outside of Giant Ghost City, as his hand remained closed around Bai Xiaochun, a crystalline glow suddenly appeared.

In the blink of an eye… the entire hand turned crystal, and then crushed down harder!

Rumbling sounds...

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