Chapter 1002: The Hand Of The Celestial

Patriarch Starry Sky couldn’t help but feel a bit depressed about the situation. After all, under normal circumstances, Bai Xiaochun would be so far beneath him that he would likely be able to kill him, given enough time.

But… these were not normal circumstances. Bai Xiaochun’s terrifying powers of regeneration essentially negated any injuries. And although his divine abilities and magical techniques were not impossible to defend against, getting hit with them over and over again was profoundly frustrating.

“Fighting with him isn’t worth it…. You can’t even hurt him!” Patriarch Starry Sky sighed, fairly certain of how the fight would end if it continued to play out.

With that, he flickered into motion, falling back a bit while his divine soul returned to his body. Clearly, he was agreeing to...

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