Year of the Dragon Events!

Hi everyone,

To mark the lunar new year and the beginning of the year of the dragon, we're running two events!

LNY ReadRush
From now until February 24th, the Wait to Unlock pace of the following novels has been doubled:

Beyond the Timescape
Damn Reincarnation
Dragon Poor
Duke Pendragon
Dragon War God
Dragon Prince Yuan
Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
The Frozen Player Returns

Red Packets
Between now and February 18th, our staff and translators will be giving out a number of 200 Karma red packets in chapters' comment sections! If you've been chosen, the translator/staff member will reply to your comment, and 200 Karma will be added to your account. (Note: low effort comments will not be chosen. The selection is not random - we'll look for good comments!)

2 months ago