Regressed Demon Lord Released! SOTR Ebooks Continuing!

Friends, we're announcing the release of 'The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind', and updating the initial 6-book Amazon release of Sovereign of the Three Realms, with the next 6 books in the series waiting for Amazon approval!

The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind: This is a rather different story from most of the reincarnation stories we've seen in the past! In his past life, Zich was an outcast youth who, in an obssessive quest for power, became known as the 'Demon Lord of Strength'. His reign, however, came to an end when he was defeated by a party of heroes. The Sun Hero, Glen Zenard, claimed his life, but the Sun Hero's last words were to repeat Zich's crimes and tell him to live a kind life next time.

When Zich dies, what greets him is not hell but his nineteen-year-old self reflected back at him! No longer desperately seeking the affection of his family and possessing the skills and knowledge of his past life, Zich punches the servants who treat him rudely and points his sword against his father and half-brother. However, on a whim, he decides to follow the hero’s advice and travels around the world to perform acts of kindness—with a heavy emphasis on beating the crap out of “bad guys”. During his travels, he meets many people, some from his past life at different times, and discovers various schemes that have the potential to change the course of history.

This is the story of a Demon Lord who tries to live a kind life because he “just felt like it”, but as he helps more people out, his heart and attitude towards kindness change. As Zich meets more and more people who thank him for helping them out when everyone was ignoring and ostracizing them, he wonders if he might not have become a Demon Lord if there was even one person who helped him out in his lowest moments. In this life - will the Demon Lord actually become kind? Read more to find out!

Sovereign of the Three Realms Ebooks - SOTR was one of our earliest and longest-running series on Wuxiaworld!  We've been hard at work on editing and doing covers since its completion, and the first six books have been fully approved by Amazon, with the next six books enroute as well.  We wanted to share the covers and links with you here - I hope fans of SOTR will enjoy it and support both it and our translator, etvolare!

3 years ago