Record of a Thousand Lives Released!

Hey guys, Record of a Thousand Lives is out! This is a short and sweet series with 222 chapters, and 35 of them are already live. Let us know what you think about it!

Record of a Thousand Lives is a regression story about a man named Kang Yoon-Soo who is summoned to another world, but he is killed and regressed by the Demon Lord 999 times, and the story starts off on his 1,000th life. He is determined to end the endless regression cycle once and for all. He journeys through familiar roads, he faces familiar friends and foes, and he goes after familiar treasures, as he prepares to kill the Demon Lord.

If you think that ROTL is going to be another generic otherworldly regression story then you are in for a surprise. It provides a fresh and unique approach to the genre and the author does a superb job of maintaining fast-paced storytelling. If you are a fan of regression, cheat protagonists, and fast-paced stories, then this is definitely the novel for you!

And for those of you who've been awaiting D.I.O, it's coming up next!

2 years ago