Paypal Support Added! WW Manhua Site Wutopia in Open Beta!

Hi everyone!  Ren here with two major announcements.  First and foremost, paypal support has finally been integrated!  It took more work than you would believe to integrate it into our current system, but the Technomancers (and me, their admin paperwork-filling stooge) have finally made the magic work.  Paypal support is live for all payments!  For those who use it, please give your feedback and thoughts.

Our second major announcement is, after months of tweaking and planning, our manhua site Wutopia Comics ( is finally in open beta!  This is a fully licensed manhua site that WW translators and our Chinese partners have been working tirelessly on for a very long time, and it's now looking nice enough that I'd like to welcome you all to take a look.  We're starting with mostly Chinese works, have some Korean works on the backburner, and are even in a few indirect talks with Japanese manhua rights holders.  Hopefully, we'll be able to eventually grow Wutopia into something as big or bigger than Wuxiaworld.  Join us and please give your initial feedback for the open beta!  Wuxiaworld VIP holders will be getting a special email invite to test out our beta Android app for Wutopia as well, soon!

5 years ago