NEW UPDATES 3/14! (Bookmarks)

March 14 Update: GZ here. We're still working on improvements to the new site. Some of the things on the list below have already been implemented, some have not. A word about bookmarks: When you view a chapter (while logged into WW) that chapter will automatically be bookmarked (see My Bookmarks). You don't have to do anything. However, you can also set manual bookmarks for specific chapters you'd like to save. You can do this by clicking the book icon at the end of each chapter. Doing so will put that chapter as a bookmark under "Manual" in My Bookmarks. The lock button on the bookmarks page with lock the mark and prevent it from updating. If a bookmark is locked, new chapters for that novel you view will not be bookmarked until you unlock it.

For those trying to get into the forum, you should be able to sign in now if you already have an account. You may need to reset your password first. If you are trying to register a new account, there may still be problems with that. We're working on it. Also, if you've emailed us about anything, please be patient. There are many to go through.

Also, be advised there is no longer a separate mobile subdomain ( We just use the standard URL. The site will automatically resize to fit your device.

Hey guys, our Technomancer Mitch has been hard at work all day pushing things out for us all!  Including more backend changes, here's a list of NEW front-end changes (as well as a list of things which we are still looking at in the coming days):


1) Changed login by username to login by email (made login page also have in bright red text LOGIN IS NOW VIA EMAIL, NOT USERNAME) - improves security

2) Made big WW logo clickable/link to home page.  Will be removing the 'home' button shortly I think.

3) Imported three missing Wuxia novels - 7 Killers, Dragon King With Seven Stars, Heroes Shed No Tears.

4) Sexy novel-specific icons in release notices once more!  Make Wuxiaworld releases colorful again!

5) First 'chapter groups' in indexes are auto-expanded. If you are not using javascript, indexes are now fully auto-expanded (index relies on javascript) so it's not all invisibble

6) In addition to 'font increase' and 'font decrease', added a 'base font size' button.

7) Instead of just 'thoughts', made it '[translatorname] thoughts' a la 'RWX's Thoughts' 'Alyschu's Thoughts'.

8) Wuxiaworld now has dedicated mailbox IP, Yahoo should stop bouncing our emails. Yahoo and other users, your password resets will work now!

9) 'Announcement' class of posts now clickable so all will show up at

10) Completed projects added to 'slider' (waiting on some covers to upload correctly)

11) Translator announcements will appear above 'recently updated' (will further pretty it up later)

12) Linked up privacy policy once more

13) Social media buttons will now open in a new page when pressed instead of taking you out of WW

ON THE WAY (no particular order):

1) Allow self-editing/deleting of comments within 5 minutes

2) RSS feeds only list chapter numbers - will add in a novel name like `${novelName} ${index}`

3) Fix improperly ported in footnotes

4) Fix forums login

5) Include the information about using ctrl+left/right to navigate at the end of each chapter, similar to the old site.

6) For multiple releases that occur within 10 minutes, find a way to 'group' them together on front page?

7) Cannot view deeply nested comments on mobile. They start to cut off around the 3rd level - Make them scroll, or reduce the margin on the left or both.

8) Comments - Make it 'remember' if it is latest, top, or oldest

9) Comments - Clicking the text doesn't work for making it drop down, you have to actually click the arrow.

10) Darker dark mode (and fix dark mode updates page) - dark mode v1.1 should be coming tomorrow

11) Removing all non-standard characters from chapter titles when being 'transferred' to TOC.

12) Add a function to 'delete' a bookmark (an 'x' to the very right)

13) Add a function to 'lock' bookmarks so they cannot be auto-replaced by new ones

14) Add a function to 'sort' bookmarks by dragging them up and down

15) Add a function to manually add bookmarks

16) Temporarily bring back mouseover dropdown for books

17) Typo function which sends typos to the back-end AND which generates karma (latter part needs karma system to be implemented first)

18) Login with Facebook

19) Realign comment replies (replies are too close to the last comment) 

20) Each index, below synopsis, show the latest announcement + last three releases

21) Enforce https

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