Cult Leader in the Clergy Academy and paragraph comments!

Hi everyone,

Today we’re introducing The Cult Leader in the Clergy Academy!

After the end of the Holy War between the Voodoo Church and the Romanican Church, the leader of the Voodoo Church was executed, and the Prophet was confined inside the Underground Prison of the Holy See Headquarters. As a result of the war, the Voodoo Church was officially deemed a cult. 

Seven years later, the son of the previous Voodoo Cult Leader, Do Sun-Woo, infiltrates Florence Academy in an attempt to become a high-ranking member of the Romanican Church in order to save his mother, who was the Voodoo Cult’s Prophet. 

To the general public, the Leader of the Voodoo Cult was known as an evil person who was hellbent on revenge. However, in reality, the Cult Leader was simply a determined individual with a strong moral compass. He was just a young man who was burdened with a heavy responsibility at an early age and someone who did his utmost to get through pains and struggles in order to reach his goals. He was just a person who was faced with an unwinnable fight.

For Sun-Woo, ever since he decided to become enemies with the Romanican Church, every instant of time was an unwinnable fight. But if he gave up every time he faced an unwinnable fight, he would have to give up on too many things. If there was no path to victory, then he would have to find a way to overcome the situation, even if it meant that he had to carve out a path to victory himself. 

After all, there are fights that can not be won and fights that can be won, and there are fights that have to be won, regardless of whether they can or can not be won. To Sun-Woo, that’s what it means to be a Cult Leader.


And we’ve just launched paragraph commenting on our website! This enables you to post comments on specific paragraphs, allowing for much more direct reactions and input. Here’s how it looks:

The paragraph comments will be displayed at the end of the chapter too, with a hyperlink up to the relevant paragraph. Here's a second gif displaying how that looks. The end of paragraph icons can be freely disabled/enabled from the bottom bar.

There is one caveat though - implementing this required us to make a change on our backend, and as a result, paragraph commenting is only available on chapters that have been uploaded to Wuxiaworld very recently. Meaning that it generally only applies to chapters that are currently available to Champion subscribers, and will start to become public in the next week or two. Consider this a trial run, and if all goes well, paragraph comments will also be available in our app when we launch our new app in a couple of months.

Also, on the topic of comments, I should mention the Karma received for posting comments. It (sadly) doesn't work well as a system. It was intended to reward and encourage discussion, but the reality is a deluge of comments that don’t quite count as spam, but don’t have much more value than it. So we're looking to replace it in the future. Whatever system we add in its place will still give you the same amount of free Karma per day, and if anything, it'll likely be easier to obtain.

6 months ago