Advance Chapters Rules

As I noted in the previous post, advance chapter functionality (which has historically been done separately by translators via Patreon) is finally being in-housed in Wuxiaworld!  Simply put, if you choose to be a patron of a specific translation, then at certain tiers you will always be X chapters ahead of where the 'public' chapters are.  If the latest public chapter of AWE is at say chapter 500, then as a 'Sect Uncle' patron you will have access to chapters 501-505.  If the latest public chapter is at 550, you will have access to chapters 551-555 and so on!

For this month, as we beta test and tweak the in-house functionality, the only novel available shall be A Will Eternal.  By this time next month, all novels will have in-house functionality!  Now that we're in-housing, we're also putting in more rules (which have already been told to translators) to protect both paying sponsors as well as free readers.  The two biggest rules are as follows: The weekly 2x maximum rule, and the living up to promises rule.  The former is to protect free readers, the latter is to protect sponsors.

1 - The 'weekly 2x maximum rule' is primarily meant to protect free readers as well as promote a healthy ecosystem.  The earliest days of donation-fueled translations produced a healthy positive feedback cycle - donations led to more/faster chapters which led to more readers which led to more donations.  This was a super positive feedback loop which did great things for the community.  Now, however, the advent of advance chapters has somewhat broken the cycle because the system is now financially incentivizing translators, to a certain degree, to hold back chapters instead of publishing them; while it hasn't happened on WW, on other sites, we've seen chapter releases drop from 14 a week to 7 a week for free readers.  I'm personally really not a fan of this.

As a result, Wuxiaworld will be instituting a simple policy - the highest advance chapter 'tier' translators can set up can only allow for a number of advance chapters = 2x the number of weekly public chapters.  That avoids us from the unsightly scene of hundreds of locked chapters and a slow release speed, which isn't really what I got into this industry for.  There is, however, one exception - once a translator regularly does 12x public chapters a week, the limits go away.  This, too, is to encourage people to release more... and I think that if you are releasing 12+ chapters for everyone to read for free, nobody can or should say a darn thing about you :)

2 - The 'living up to promises rule' is primarily meant to protect paid sponsors.  In short - going forward, if a translator regularly falls behind his weekly schedule, then there will be consequences leading up to auto-refunds + cessation of advance chapter functions for that novel.  Obviously, this only applies to novels where they are actually accepting sponsors!  Let's say I (RWX) promised to do 10 chapters a week.  Maybe the second week of April, something happens (illness, etc.) and I only do 8.  Fine.  Shit happens.  But if for a SECOND week in that month I once again fail to do 10 chapters for that week, then all of my sponsors will get have the chance to request no-questions-asked refunds for April.  If it happens again for a second consecutive month in May?  Automatic refunds will be issued to ALL my sponsors (no request needed) and advance chapter functionality will be closed down for my novel until I have my stuff together.

I hope these two rules, going forward, will make for an even more accountable environment on WW and enhance reader trust in what we stand for :)

6 years ago