New Skyfire Avenue Release! Chapters 4-6

Hey guys, I know Skyfire Avenue starts off slow, so I decided to release in batches instead.  It’s a bit harder to translate, but each chapter is a good bit shorter than Coiling Dragon.  Wheeee.  Here’s three chapters that I’ve been slowly reading and translating over the past two weeks (I finished Chapter 4 last week but didn’t post it).  Have fun reading!  Your Coiling Dragon will come out a while later.  Three chapters today, if donations hold up 🙂

Chapter 4 – Romanee-Conti.

Chapter 5 – Heavenly Treasure.

Chapter 6 – Letter, Pearl, Hera.

16 thoughts on “New Skyfire Avenue Release! Chapters 4-6” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. First. Thank you Ren, you are really the god we all worship. No, even above that, you are a sovereign. The sovereign of translation. Even when you say that you will slow down, you speed up more than you slow down…

    1. Hi FudgeNouget, welcome to the community! There’s like 200-300 chapters out right now. The author is currently working on it; this is his ‘current’ work.

  2. Is the next chapter of Coiling Dragon still going to take a while?

    If yes, I think I’ll just go to sleep first. Is pretty late here at the moment.

    The only reason I am still awake now is because I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Coiling Dragon 😀

    1. Oh well never mind, I think I’ll just go to sleep. Even if I stay awake now, I don’t think I can absorb anything even if I start reading now….

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