10 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 37, Chapters 14-15” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Lately, i start to feel like Wuxiaworld is acting like a degenerate (I don’t exactly know how to explain it).
    Wuxiaworld was originally a website dedicated to Chinese novels but well, recently the high influx of Korean novels starts to irritate me.
    Look at the bloody recent post board starting to get spammed with Korean novels. 0_0
    Anyone feeling the same?
    By the way, I miss the time when DE is still around mother earth ~_~ with Suiren, Buddha, Taghata, etc~

    1. What are you on about? There’s only 6 korean novels, and it’s not like they always post at the same times.
      I’d (sort of) understand if you were annoyed if there was a Korean novel being added every week, but it’s not, calm down.

      And I also miss that time, but mostly since we never hear from old characters again. For as dedicated Ning is to his friends and family, we get awfully few chapters about even his daughter.

    2. A bird grows and leaves it’s nest. Not applicable to immortals who can travel space etc etc.try reading novels where they stuck forever on Earth. But not real immortals cause can’t travel space meaning no other worlds or realms to visit lol the world too small treasure and opportunity wise. Not really heaven defying just earth defying

    3. I don’t feel the same. You don’t have to read them if you don’t like those particular stories. Especially because the KR novels they have decided to TL are fairly decent. BEM and ICDS are both funny stories that are enjoyable to read and OG isn’t terrible, better for binge reading due to the relatively shorter chapter length.

      There are 36 Chinese stories, 6 Korean, and 3 English Originals on the site. The vast majority of these chapter updates are CN novels. So I don’t get the same feeling you do about their addition to the site, and your dislike of KR novels to the point where you don’t want them on this site seems… sketchy or questionable at best.

    4. The more variety, the more audience the website can attract, overall it’s pretty helpful for the website, also the Korean novel lovers, might also starting loving Chinese novels.

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