New DE Chapters Released! Book 36, Chapters 8-9

Thanks to all of you for the well-wishes guys, it really really really does mean a lot to me. Thank you all so much! I actually got very little translating done today, just half a chapter or so, because the opioid painkillers have the side effect of making me very sleepy, and I’m unable to focus very well. I actually just woke up, and this is the last of my buffer :(. I should be able to the two more chapters to finish at the promised 12 for this week, but no promises for the next if I’m still like this, alas… Doctor confirmed strep tests came back negative, so it’s probably viral. Nothing to do but to tough it out and stay on the painkillers/steroids for the next few days.

Book 36, Chapter 8 – Emperor Nightwell
Book 36, Chapter 9 – Slain

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  1. Dude. Just take a break already. Sick people shouldn’t work themselves. And if it’s something you feel you need to get done even if you’re sick, then yes, it’s work. Take a break. Go watch the stars and drink NyQuil like it’s water. (Don’t actually do that, it could be more dangerous than working while sick!)

    1. Agreed, Ren should take a break if he feels that bad. If he wants to make it up later, I’d be more than happy with that, but it’s not worth it if he’s suffering that much to get it done or even makes it worse. He can just shift these chapters later and make it up over the next couple months.

  2. Just go and rest. Watch a movie (or listen to an audio book if a screen isn’t an option) if you’re getting bored but don’t force yourself to translate. Heck, take a week off.
    I know you feel obligated to translate but very few people would want you to prolong your illness by overworking yourself.

    1. All us free loaders agree that you needs the rest. Read a book, watch a new whole new season of something on Netflix, you and your pillow need to go back into meditation on the dao of relaxation lol. Also all those patreon probably agree with us free loaders and know that thier money ain’t ill spent, because you will make it up to them one way or another. You are you after all. So less worrying more relaxing, please.

  3. Yeah Ren seriously catch up on series binge watch the punisher or something and take a rest you might cut your sick time just by resting and you are visiting your family so just take it as a small vacation

    1. Dude ….. Seriously? The question is fine but the timing is pretty sketchy. It would look a lot better if you asked the question when Autarch Ren Woxing was feeling better.

  4. What does having such an illness feel like? Sorry not really sure if I ever had it. although I have experience some sore throat before like an inflated frog in my throat super super painful hard to swallow hard to move neck super tear jerker. Anyways anyone can explain? Lol there are videos to explain but some people too busy to watch it. hopefully nobody here is insensitive to what translator is going through and what dumb comments. Take break come back with chapters when better health 100%

  5. I think we’re at the point where we have to beg you to take a break lol…. Seriously though, I hope you get better. Even if you go a few days without any chapters, we know you’ll make it up to us even though we don’t deserve it. Your track record is good enough that the long time followers will be totally fine with it and really only the newest of readers will have any complaints.

  6. I know that resting whole day, laying on bed sounds so boring for you ren haha. Anyway, appreciated and love your commitment to translate even you’re sick, do what you want to do ren and get well soon ren!

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