10 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 36, Chapters 16-17” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. If a single painkiller is knocking you out, the dose is probably too high for you, even if it is the normally-prescribed amount. This is not uncommon for opiate-naive patients (i.e. folks who have rarely, if ever, taken prescribed or illicit narcotics) and may be worthy of discussion with a medical professional, especially if it is significantly impacting your life and/or if you expect to be taking the painkillers for some time. It may be appropriate to titrate down your dose and/or (depending on the formulation of your presciption) modify the meds you have on hand by, say, halving a pill(s).

    In the meantime, hope you fully recover soon and thanks for the chapters!

    1. I would advocate that you don’t tell your doctor because he will make you eat some regular painkillers that hardly does anything. But that is just how it is in sweden so you probably shouldn’t listen to me.

      The medicin control here is way too strict. Had gallstones that made my stomach and back hurt like h*ll, couldn’t sitt, stand or lie down and it felt like dying would be a sweet relief during the episodes that lasted between 2-10 hours a time and I was supposed to take normal painkillers that hardly have any effect against anything.

  2. Got the same thing sometimes but without painkillers, when I am sick I sometimes just black out and wake up when my body can. Painkillers may hide the usual associated headache. Why not just take care of yourself for a couple of days and put everything else aside?

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