12 thoughts on “New DE Chapters Released! Book 35, Chapters 14-15” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thx for the chapters!I like ur new posting system it feels like u post more but it’s the same even tough i only get 1 chapter instead of 3 i get 2 more afterwards :d

  2. Hope you had a fun date.

    Since you hopefully might read the comments here I’m gonna repeat what I said in the 10, 11 chapter releases:
    Please don’t put the titles here? They’re spoilers. I’ve given up on requesting them to be hidden in the chapter posts themselves but what purpose do they serve here, in the announcements? Just put the numbers like rest of the translators, pretty please (e.g. “Book 35, Chapter 14” and JUST that). A couple days ago, the title of Chapter 11 told us what they were gonna find. And while it seems inconsequential and minor that time, sometimes it isn’t. I really don’t see what there is to gain from leaving them.

    Scroll through the chapter index and tell me it doesn’t contain spoilers for someone who hasn’t caught up if you’re really not seeing my point.

    1. I’m on the exact opposite side of this.
      Please keep them, nothing helps sell a novel like a super hype chapter title, I’ve dropped several of these novels just to later pick them back up due to scrolling through the chapter titles and seeing breakthroughs, love, kids etc getting me hype enough to get through the shitty parts.

      P.S the emails are broken in a weird way, I get none but then ill get the emails from days ago randomly all at once.

  3. Thx for the chapters.

    Sadly i will be switching my mobile reading to full add blockers with that annoying new add spot that stays at the bottom of the screen while reading though, its just too distracting.

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