New DE Chapters Released! Book 34, Chapters 26-27

Hey guys, here are the seventh and eighth chapters of the week! For those who had panic attacks yesterday when I said ‘two more to go’, when I was writing that I was thinking ‘two more release posts’, heh. C’mon, when was the last time I just randomly decided to drop two chapters from a week like that? I think it happened literally once in the past year, and I made up for it. New links will be up on Patreon shortly as well.

Book 34, Chapter 26 – Daobirth
Book 34, Chapter 27 – 120 Million Years

I’m fairly mellow, but a few names have started to jump out at me in comments. I used to be a bit more active with the comments, so I would’ve noticed this before, but there are some toxic commentators out there being insulting to both readers and translators alike. It’s been a while since I’ve brushed off my banhammer, but I’ll be wielding it with a bit more frequency again 🙂

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  1. Just a thought, but wouldn’t it be cool if in the place of the comment that got a person banned there was a gravestone like message like “here lies the final comment of AreUjelly123, And in the immortal words Ren ‘The ban hammer giveth and the ban hammer taketh away’, for it now giveth peace, and taketh away douches.”

  2. Thx for Chapter!
    When will u release Godsfall Chronicles chapter?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. I am curious about that as well. The lack of information about the Godsfall Chronicles is a bit annoying, because Ren promised a lot of things, but provides no transparency about it. I don’t demand chapters or anything, but it would be nice to know if there will be a steady release, that it is dropped, or sporadic chapters will be released. Better to have no hope at all, than false hope. Also thanks for these chapters and all the earlier ones.

      1. He has talked about it before, just not here. He said he was going to address it next, but that was a little while ago. I dunno what Ren’s daily life is like but he obviously spends a lot of time on something other than translating. And it’s quite possibly that the something in question involves the management and business aspects of the site. Or maybe he’s hard at work on the app and new site I’m sure is just around the corner… soon right?
        Or maybe he’s just contemplating suicide and trying to cope with depression.

  3. “C’mon, when was the last time I just randomly decided to drop two chapters from a week like that?”
    October the 14th, 2016 – Book 19 chapter 1-2-3 triple release.

    10 chapters promised, you released what you thought was 11 with the triple release, but you made a mistake and only released 9 that week. Don’t think you ever noticed because I don’t remember it ever being fixed.

    1. It is incredible how many times you have to explain that with the end of a book he takes a day(2 chapters off). Also how petty and ridiculous is it that you bring up something from more than a year ago? Just be happy you get to read such a great translation without paying a dime and not nit-pick about a singular blip( if it even was one) a year ago as if he owes it to you….. The audacity and shamelessness of some people is staggering

      1. The man asked a question, I simply answered him. Quit your whining.

        The comments in reply to the chapter release post in question can confirm what I’m saying here.

          1. Except you aren’t right. That was an ‘end of book’ week, which means -2 chapters for that week, just like EVERY ‘end of book’ week, except I was nice and did an extra chapter.

            I hope you apologize for the error rather than just pretend you didn’t see the responses and then keep complaining in future comments 🙂

          2. Saw your response, I wasn’t wrong though for 99% of it.

            What I stated:
            1: You yourself on that date stated there were 11 chapters that week.
            2: Others pointed out in those comments that only 9 chapters were released that week.
            3: No reply was given by you at that time, or anybody else, to their queries.
            I left it at that, “whatever” I said to myself, but I’ve always been curious about the matter with you yourself saying 11. Until:
            4: You asked “C’mon, when was the last time I just randomly decided to drop two chapters from a week like that?”
            So, I figured I might as well get the answer to my question since you were asking anyway, the answer to which is apparently ” just a typo/brainfart”, case closed.

            The only part of my comment that was false was the “10 chapters promised” part, as I was basing that on what they had been saying in the comments of that old post, so I apologize for that part.

          1. if it is a normal reasonable request…..
            For “query’s” that are an attack on the translators character or people that keep on whining about the translators speed or b*tch about something that has literally been explained more than a hundred times a short ban may be in order.
            For persistent people a long term ban may work better.

    2. First, you went back an entire year. Good job! Second, as literally everyone should know by now, I take a break and do -2 chapters for the week when I finish a book. That week, I finished the (extremely long) Book 18, which had 54 chapters. The ’11 chapters’ mentioned in the announcement post was obviously just a typo/brainfart; that should’ve been an 8 chapter week, except I did an extra one and made it a 9 chapter week instead. You’re welcome!

      1. “First, you went back an entire year. Good job!”
        It just stuck in my memory as being the triple release that happened when they were explaining the history of the three realms, made it really easy to just quickly check the title of the first chapter of each book around the 12 to 20 mark.

        “Second, as literally everyone should know by now, I take a break and do -2 chapters for the week when I finish a book. That week, I finished the (extremely long) Book 18, which had 54 chapters. The ’11 chapters’ mentioned in the announcement post was obviously just a typo/brainfart; that should’ve been an 8 chapter week, except I did an extra one and made it a 9 chapter week instead.”
        Yep and maybe the guys in the comments at that time knew that as well, but I just remembered that they’d been talking about how ‘hang on, two chapters less than ren said were released this week!’, combine that with you being the one at that time saying it was 11 chapters, you asking now if you had ever missed any and my being curious what your thoughts on your saying ’11’ were, you have my original comment on this release post.

        “You’re welcome!”
        Thanks for the reply.

    3. Regardless of the fact that RWX has already replied to your comment, You are privileged enough to view the translations that took hours of effort to produce for free, as the proverb says; don’t bite the hand that feeds you. The only thing we can ever ask is if we can do more to help these translators, because for some this is their primary source of income. So if ever you wish to complain, become a patreon first, and then you would be paying for this service and it would be well within your rights to complain. Otherwise, as a freeloader, your remarks are flippant.

      We commenters come here to talk about our shared excitements and disappointments in these novels we read, and in our shared love we become a community. And any community is built upon shared respect. Given the translators are the foundation of our community, they are deserving of you respect. And if you are flippant not just to the translators but also to your fellow commenters do not be surprised when people respond in kind. I hope you all have a good day.

      1. Whine whine whine…

        As I said before, the man asked a question so I merely gave him an answer. It also doubly let me get an answer to something I’ve been wondering about for over a year now, calm your tits.

        In no way was my comment begging for more chapters or whatever else you’re busy accusing me of, you don’t need to white knight RWX so hard.

        1. Everyone relax and I don’t think anyone is blaming you and it was nice that you pointed it out but looks like Ren just made a typo because I have never seen Ren miss a translation. He maybe sick or tired and may miss it but he would always cover up. So far he doesn’t owe any chapters as long as I kept track unlike in MGA where the author skipped 24 chapters.

          I remember in MGA the author kept on typing that he owes 24 chapters but then suddenly one day he stopped typing that and then he never covered the 24 chapters. Either way that is the only time that I remember a translator not fulfilling what he said. He still owes that 24 chapters but I doubt that he remembers that or if anyone remembers it for MGA but either way MGA is not as popular as DE so the author could get away with mistakes.

  4. Honestly, i don’t even pay attention to how many chapters you have released in a week because i know that you would never intentionally not release the right amount of chapters. Case in fact, i thought these were the last 2 chapters of the week and wouldn’t have noticed if you had not said so in the release itself.

    What i am trying to say is that there will always be the minority of people who will doubt and be negative all the time even though you have proved them wrong and wrong again.

  5. As someone who is getting things for free i take what am given, all i ask is communication, like if a translator can’t deliver on his/her promise(s) for whatever reason, just say so…and ren does well with it, like in less than 24h he explained and cleared up the misunderstanding. other translator i can get annoyed with the lack of communication but ren delivers/makes up for it, so y’all need to be patient and have some faith and give the benefit of the doubt. people freaking out so fast and assuming the worse like relax.

  6. Wow, I just read the comments and I’m amazed at some reactions.
    I tend to think that what is more important is the long term, meaning quality of the translation and the heath of the translator so that he/she get the job done until the end of the wuxia.
    Before translators doing Patreons and having many chapters in advance, translation was not as steady as now. It reminds me of the «translators though» where some names and terms could take up to 2 hours to be translated. Being steady over one year and having less than a few chapters of errors is quite amazing, we are talking about 1/300 < 1% of error. Traditional business, are more around 5-10% : I am upset some people forgets such ratios and ask for perfection.
    That's said continue the great work RWX !

  7. Let me start out with saying that I’m a huge Desolate Era fan, which is why this bothers me so much. I remember when RWX started his patreon and the goal for 5/10k was 12/14 chapters a week. It lasted for a few weeks, but then he decided to start a new series and reduce the chapters for Desolate Era each week. And that would have been fine, IF THE GOALS FOR PATREON HADN’T BEEN 12/14 CHAPTERS OF DESOLATE ERA A WEEK.

    The worst part is that he dropped (or paused) the serie? and have yet to increase the Desolate Era chapters back to its original and promised amount.

    Yeah, I get it. He runs WW and translates ten chapters a week, it is a lot of work, coupled with his depression(?). However, with the $20k that comes from his patreon alone, I think he can hire either some capable people to help with WW, or some aid in Desolate Era translation (2-4 chapters a week anyway). Funny that the goals of the patreon are gone too…

    Point is; don’t sound so righteous. If we talk about owed chapters, you ‘owe’ us a lot more. And people, don’t be naive. This is a job. This isn’t charity. (Although I admit that at one point in time it might have been the case, and RWX did an amazing job back then, so credits to you)

    1. Respectfully, I don’t owe you a thing. Here’s the thing about Patreon – it’s a MONTHLY donation/payment, and for the two months in which more weekly chapters were goals, I met them. After those two months, I notified all Patreons *in advance* that those goals were going away because meeting them was taxing me too much. I welcomed them to cancel their pledges if they didn’t wish to accept that, and offered to refund anyone who wasn’t happy with that. For those who took me up on the offer, I did just that.

      You got what I promised during the months that I promised it. For two months, the Patreon promise was advance chapters + 14/chapters a week. I gave that. After that, the Patreon promise was advance chapters. I gave (and give) that as well. Don’t be intellectually dishonest.

  8. I gotta be honest. I’ve complaint hundreds of time about a story and in multiple occasions about the typos of a translator. To be precise I only complain about btth, tgr, and wdqk. Towards Ren I’ve never complaint if anything I’ve idolized Ren pubicly in multiple occasions. Even asked for advice and even though each time I was ignored I still hold the highest sorts of respect towards Ren and tons of gratitude towards every member of WW regardless of what series it is.

    To demand a translator to release x amount of chapters is an insult on its own. Even if he did promise 15 chapters and only delivered 5. Life happens why attack someone not knowing what’s going on on their life? Maybe he/she got sick or busy. Last I check to read on WW was FREE, and yet people wanna be rude like they have a contract or something. I am a patreon and yet I don’t demand anything nor do I go insult.

    If I have ever insulted or disrespected any staff members or other readers of WW I am terribly sorry and honestly want to apologize. I do not recall ever insulting anyone directly. Except for the author of the 3 series that I mentioned previously lol I can’t help myself but hate that guy lol

    But if you guys feel that I’ve been rude, ungrateful, and worthy of the ban hammer I do hope that you could give me a heads up prior to the ban and give me the chance to improve because I love ww and all the hard work that you guys do here.

    Much thanks

    1. “To demand a translator to release x amount of chapters is an insult on its own. Even if he did promise 15 chapters and only delivered 5.”

      Have you ever had a job? I don’t see how it is an insult to demand the amount of promised (and paid) chapters. Yes, life happens and that is excusable to a point, but to call it an insult to ‘demand’ the promised chapters is just… stupid.

      1. We have a different point of view as it pertains to the definition of “job” see to me Ren is not my employee. I became his patreon solely because I loved his translations and the series, and I wanted to read as much as possible and head of time. Never was I forced into paying x amount every month, and never did Ren sign any written contract with me. If he did with you than that’s an issue between you both. As I see it for a contract to be made both parties involved need to come to terms if both parties do not agree than there is no contract and if both did agree and there was a breach of contract by one of the sides involved than you have grounds to bring the issue into a court of law and sue in a civil court.

        Sorry but as a law student, business owner, and scan latir for over 14 years I have a different perspective I guess.

        1. I agree with you. Unless you are paying Ren to translating, don’t complain. As far as I am concern none of us in Wuxiaworld can demand anything seeing as this is a free service we are getting. I wonder how they would feel if Ren just stop translating, they can’t do anything so be grateful for what you have.

        2. I disagree, although I will admit I’m not sure about the exact definition of a job. In my opinion, a promise of releasing a certain amount of chapters each week in return for payment, i.e, his patreon with the goals, is at least in my definition a job.

          I have never said anything about a contract or taking it up in court, so I don’t know why you are even bringing that up. Maybe a job requires a legal contract? All I’m saying is that he promised twelve to fourteen chapers each week. I don’t see it as an ‘insult’ to, as you say, ‘demand’ the promised amount of chapters.

          And don’t get me wrong. I love WW and respect RWX for what he did back in the days, translating long into the night so us readers could get another chapter or two, for no profit of his own.

          1. i agree with you but unless you a patreon you can’t really complain. i’m just happy to get some chapters and pay by dealing with some ads

          2. For two months, I promised 12-14 chapters a week. For two months, I delivered 12-14 chapters a week.

            After two months, I stopped promising 12-14 chapters a week. After two months, I stopped doing 12-14 chapters a week.

            There is no dichotomy here.

  9. Obligatory test comment to see if I was banned. Just kidding, Ren wouldn’t ban ME! 😛

    Haha, good luck keeping the toxic comments down! It’s a never-ending struggle, but we appreciate it! 🙂

  10. Thank you for translating desolate era and thank you for making Wuxiaworld. It has really helped me with my depression. I come here every day and there is always something to read, thank you and thank all the translators and their team for the hard work!

  11. Thanks Ren for all the effort! I just quit being a Patron after six months, I’m still a student = I got no money.
    But I still enjoy reading here on WW, your translation quality is always high-end and you always keep your promises.
    So, thanks man.

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