New DE Chapters Released! Book 32, Chapters 10-11

OK guys, here’s the deal. Technically, this should’ve been an eight chapter week since we just finished Book 32, but Eternal Emperor Chaosheart requested an additional chapter for you guys, bringing us up to nine. I was reminded by another reader that both Book 31 and Book 32 are short books with just around ~25 chapters each… so screw it, I’ll throw in an extra chapter as well, even though I don’t get longer breaks for longer books T_T. Happy reading! New links up on Patreon shortly.

Book 32, Chapter 10 – A Distant Finger
Book 32, Chapter 11 – The Focal Spot

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      1. For the past couple months translation speed has dropped from 3 chapter parts a week to 1. Furthermore, Zen refuses to give a reason why the chapter rate has dropped or even communicate with the readers at all. He essentially acts as everything is normal with his only comment being, “First regular release of the week!” every time he releases a chapter. Imagine the backlash if Desolate Era suddenly went from 10 chapters a week to only 3 with Ren refusing to acknowledge the change in translation speed. Also, the sponsor bar has been at 290 $ (580%) for the past 4-5 months. The final nail in the coffin is that nobody in WW who holds a position of power seems to give a damn.

        1. Zen’s not responding to emails at all. Short of forcibly shutting down the entire translation and drop from 1 to 0, I’m not sure what you think we can do.

          1. On the HJC front page, there are literally people in the comments saying they would like to help with translation. Surely an announcement on the main page requesting for applicants to be the new HJC translator(s) would garner eager responses, especially given the fact that the sponsor bar is at $300 with many more people eager to sponsor more chapters. After all, HJC is one of the most popular LNs on the site.

            I completely understand your stance when it comes to poaching novels from other translators and I completely agree that it is a disgusting practice. However, the fact that Zen is completely unwilling to communicate with the readers, or even you, despite the huge change in translation speed really leaves no other choice.

            At the current speed, HJC will be completed in around five years. I could be married with kids in 5 years. I’d like to think I’ll still be reading LNs on WW in 5 years but I can’t guarantee it. Back to the main point, I’d much rather wait a month or two with no chapters (while a new translator(s) is being found) and then get 3 or more chapters a week consistently rather than being at the mercy of Zen.

          2. Can’t other translators pick it up or something? Is there a contract that gives the exclusive rights of translation to Zen?

  1. Thanks for the chapters as always.
    Although, I must say, I really do prefer you healthy and happy than a couple extra chapters.

    Not like 1 or 2 extra days waiting will change everything.
    Slow and steady wins the race 😉

    Just ignore anyone that tries to push you harder than you already do.
    You already awesome as is. If anything else, I wanna bet people finding a better translator/admin/boss/sectlord.

  2. THanks for the chapters RWX. I am just wondering are you going to start doing 14 chapters a week since you started pateron that was your main aim and make some cash at the same time. Please don’t get mad i am just asking if you are ever going to do that again? If i offended you or anyone by posting this comment i am extremely sorry because that was not my aim. Thank You.

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