New DE Chapters Released! Book 31, Chapters 7-9

Hey guys, bought a new laptop just to hammer more chapters out today. As I mentioned in Patreon, I’m pretty pissed and not gonna be sleeping today, so you’re going to see at least three more chapters. Here’s the first three, enjoy the next three. Cheers!

Book 31, Chapter 7 – Thundersouth Palace
Book 31, Chapter 8 – The Thundersouth Guardian
Book 31, Chapter 9 – The Second Danger

PS – Skimmed the comments. Now do you see why I usually don’t post when I’m later than usual? Someone actually claimed I made up losing the laptop. *eyeroll* Not mad, more or less what I expected – there is no good ‘excuse’ for chapters coming later than usual, and there is no ‘remedy’ acceptable other than the chapters coming out xD. Oh well! Next chapters coming in about 3 hours.

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  1. Thank you for the Chapters, sorry that you got your laptop stolen, really sucks that China blocks cloud access. Keep the Chapters coming, always look forward to the new chapters that you release.

  2. Yeah Ren, the majority of ther community here appreciate your work and respect your diligence. I’d like to see those ingrates translate the same amount of chapters you do… maybe they’d understand a thing or two. Thank you very much Ren!!!!

  3. Its not all bad though Ren one guy was polite enough to explain about the different type of burglary in china and its predominance, I myself have never doubted your laptops getting stolen since for one point there are easier ways to delay chapters if needed, Your Reputation Preceeds You And I Am Pretty Sure If you Ask for time Most Of Us Will Just Be Concerned Over Your health etc. But I did not understand why you where getting your laptop stolen since it happened do many times, the kind person that explained how it goes on China made everything clear and the only people that won’t understand are either trolls, or just people that can’t be bothered, just ignore both of those types of people

  4. LOL, some people’s words just can not be accepted lest you suffered mental damage, you just have to tell them sleeptalking should be done when you’re sleeping or insulting them for farting when they should be talking. Either way you have to ignore them or they’ll believe what they sprout out to be true, yeah – don’t feed the trolls.

  5. Ren a quick tip. Remember at your announcement where people said you should use the cloud to prevent losing your work? I understand you’re having hard time using it because of censorship. Maybe you should consider bittorrent sync. This way instead of synchronizing with 3rd party servers you can synch with a pc at home or even with the server you’re running wuxiaworld on (p2p sharing). I don’t think the firewall of china prevents this. You need to have a strong password on your laptop though, because bittorrent sync copies every change, so if the thief removes something from your folder, it’ll get removed at the other location too.

  6. Thx for the chapters!!!!!Don’t mind the fools who say u purposely lost your laptop, you are not a kid to invent strange stories to lie to us, srsly now if u need a vacation it’s up to your own rights to take one and only your conscience can stop you from not doing so.Hope u don’t have a breakdown from all those opinions, you are doing a fine job as it is, keep it up and thx for the translation up till now!

  7. I can’t believe all this people realy believe that your laptop got stolen. It’s the second time you pulled this trick. You can just tell the truth that you didn’t wanted to translate for a day.

  8. “…there is no good ‘excuse’ for chapters coming later than usual,…”

    I do think “i was not in the mood” or “i did not have the mental strenght today” would be totally viable excuses. (as long that not happens every second day)
    I´m not happy if there is no chapter while im expecting one, but im not a patreon so i dont think anybody cares about what im thinking. 😀

    Just think this way: Patreon replaced donations. Reading chapters ahead is a bonus for patreons, but not demandable.
    You can plan with money for the next cycle, patreons can read chapters ahead.
    THAT is the deal, but not “patreons can demand to be xx chapters ahead”.
    (I´m pretty sure it was advertised like this in the beginning)

    PS: Thx for the chapters 😀

  9. Well you’re still an idiot for getting it stolen. I know he won’t put the circumstances of how it was stolen because it will literally be idiocy incarnate. Be more mindful. It’s not difficult. The only thing ever stolen from me was my longboard, and I was mad. But you know who’s fault it was? My own damn fault for leaving it somewhere it could be stolen. And I never forget that.

    1. Please Mr. Longboard, not all of us live in first world countries. Have you even been to Asia? In some areas, you can’t leave your shit in one place for 2 seconds without someone actively trying to steal it from you. Keep your generalizations to yourself.

    2. Lol in our country, even if the laptop/wallet is in your backpack while you are walking/sitting/standing it’ll still get stolen with a slash of a knife. And some thieves have this illusion tricks too that they might be a disciple of Su Youji lol

  10. Don’t be discouraged by haters and laptop stealing ninjas Ren. Your positive attitude and all your hard work to make this site the treasure trove of translations that it is makes my day. You, Deathblade, and Turtle were what got me into non-Japanese asian literature in the first place.

  11. Dear RWX, sorry that your Laptop got stolen and stuff… I have another question. What happened to “The Godsfall Chronicles”? I didn’t see any mention of it anywhere and it just seems to be gone? Did you drop it? Will you continue it? Will you say anything about it or just let it die? Would be great if you could drop a fast answer 🙂

  12. @RWX Have you look into upgrading the comments section of DE and WuxiaWorld in general? I’m sure there are plenty of plugins on the official WordPress site that increase and improve functionality – adding things like comment rating with a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down, extensive formatting options, etc. I think it would be a great addition to the site and would filter both comments that provide healthy discussion as well as the less “logical” comments that simply use ad hominem to generate no thought or discussion and are there only to be salty. Just a suggestion, I’d like to hear your opinions on the comment system in general so far.

  13. Thanks for the chapters. Yep, some people are pretty ridiculous. I’m perhaps alone in this, but I actually like it when few chapters come out around Mon-Wed and are more concentrated around the end of the week or vice-versa, since it let me take a break to focus on other things for a few days and then maintain my DE hype for 4-5 days in a row, which is most psychologically comfortable to me. Well, everybody’s different. I also have the habit of spacing out my reading when I have a build-up of chapters like this, to better enjoy them. The only drawback is that I often miss Deathblade’s AWE memes.

  14. My word, some people are really pieces of work aren’t they.
    I hope that no more bad things happen to you. (I feel you should take a break though, you work so hard.)

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