New DE Chapters Released! Book 31, Chapters 10-12

Hi world. My name is RWX. Remember me? I used to be a fast translator, then I took an arrow to the knee ended up getting swamped by running Wuxiaworld and other stuff. Here are your sixth, seventh, and eighth chapters for the week, rounding out six chapters for the day. Happy reading! New links will be up on Patreon soon as well.

Book 31, Chapter 10 – Ji Ning’s Illusions
Book 31, Chapter 11 – The Stone Censer of Reunion
Book 31, Chapter 12 – Daomerge

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  1. very sorry you had to go through your recent troubles. I can honestly say that you are one of 3 translators that I will wait for without jumping to a crap machine translated version.So from the depths of my soul , Thank you for the hard work.

  2. Didn’t think my fellow brothers that started wuxiaworld with me were still around. The old days were so much fun and the stress (quidian) was way less. Keep it up RWX never forget that we’re always here supporting you through it all.

    1. Dont forget about the fello sisters 🙂

      Ohh the days when rwx would only post a chapter of de once every month or two.. That god the dragon born (:P) pulled us past those dark times.

  3. If it’s any consolation, your faster than my reading speed. Im usually about a book behind. Sometimes I binge read and am able to catch up so I’m not two chapters behind

  4. I’d like to express my sincere thanks for your translations no matter the speed RWX. Desolate Era was the first novel I started after CD and to this day remains my favourite out of all the novels on WW. Ever since I began reading on WW I visit multiple times every day to read almost anything and everything you and every other translator give to the community here. Thank you

  5. Awesome! You should get your laptop stolen more often if that results in us getting 6 chapters ;)… Of course I’m just kidding, hope you’ll be able to retranslate what you lost in no time. And that you can be back to your normal translation speed 🙂

    Any news on The Godsfall Chronicles?

  6. As there are many people saying stupid things, just know there are a lot of us that think differently. Even though I am mostly a quiet leecher, I wish to express my sincere thanks for all chapters you translated.

    Thank you for the chapters!

  7. Lmao
    Your one of the best or the best depending on who you ask tho.
    Thanks for the chapters and even if your late there’s people like me who actually have patience and wait and not mind.

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