Start of DE Book 24! More chapters via Patreon!

Surprise! I should be resting today, but I thought I’d start us off early with a new book and brand new adventures. Book 24 is The Starlord of Fogstone, and Chapter 1 is Leaving the Three Realms. Enjoy the read!

A while ago, I noticed that Patreon has become popular amongst translators these days and thought I wanted to give it a try. However, I wanted to wait until finishing the Endwar as I didn’t want any of you guys to think that I was milking one of the most exciting parts of DE for money! It’s been around 1.5 years and hundreds of chapters since I’ve personally accepted donations, but the truth is that all these trips around China + hotel stays + license purchases have been burning away more money than I expected. Time is pretty tight, but I’m willing to up my game and provide more chapters and some really fun stuff for those who wish to take support of myself and Desolate Era to a higher level. Hence, the Desolate Era Patreon! Go take a look!

Even if you aren’t able to donate, I still appreciate all of your support. We’re halfway through this sucker, and I promise we’re gonna go all the way, baby!

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  1. I’ll be honest. The only thing that’s putting me off donating via Patreon is the fact that I’d have to read the extra chapters over there as opposed to Wuxiaworld. I’m far too used to Wuxiaworld, night mode and the front page announcement cheatsheet.

    Ren, any chance the private links for $20+ donations will be to Wuxiaworld if you’re logged in as a member? Or something along those lines – or is it not feasible?

    1. In the future, definitely. However, that will be part of a significant rebuild of WW that will seee us moving away from CMS and won’t be happening immediately.

  2. We’re only halfway through? Dang, Desolate Era is long! Not that I’m complaining. Haha.
    Thanks again for translating! I can’t offer financial support, but I hope at least all my comments can sometimes brighten your day or contribute, too!

  3. So….judging by Patreon the rank after World God/Chaos Immortal is Dao Lord? Or is this a made up rank? Makes you wonder if that has any relationship between the book title (Starlord)

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