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      1. As if the tens of thousands of dollars from Ad-revenue aren’t enough eh ?
        Stop acting like a warmongering white knight, RWX sets the goal, Our job is to give inspiration to fulfill the goals RWX sets.

        I did not insult him, nor degrade his work, I just pointed out that he has not yet fulfilled his quota for the week.

        Now go back to your cave you troll white knight. Or should i just go ahead and call you Sug Knight ?!

        1. The thing is that RWX translates more chapters/week than most of the other translators on this website and he does it practically completely by himself. It is unfair to demand too much of him as he could easily burn out. If he needs to take some time to do less chapters/week then so be it, it will be better for the lifetime of the translation and it will help to keep translating enjoyable rather than making him feel obligated and end up hating it.
          Just have some respect and understand that sometimes people need a break.

        2. As stated in previous posts he is on a business trip so updates are wonky. Remember he’s doing this as his R&R time while working a regular job so when work gets in the way he makes chapters not take away from the queue and does as many as he has time for.

        3. You’ve just called for more White Knights to troll you, fool!
          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you think the translators haven’t given enough chapters to read, go for the raw to translate yourself, and if you can’t shut up!

          I’ll be nice and telling you that there’s something called machine translation (try google or yahoo, or others) to satiate your needs for next chapters. They’re lousy to read but at least you can decipher its meaning instead of a bunch of Chinese characters.

        4. Tens of thousands of dollars? The revenue from ads might be enough for Ren but I doubt he gets that much from ads. Also Ren isn’t required to push out X number of chapters every X number of days. We (the readers) do not have a contract with Ren (the translator) that states that Ren must fulfill a quota of X chapters per Y days starting on day Z of the week

        5. Yeah. About that, I believe he also manages the site yeah? So he’s got a lot more on his plate than the other translators of this site. Considering this, he ALSO releases more than other translators (except with Death blade’s 17 per week I believe?) Well as Ren said he also takes a day off every end of a book. Sooooo with all of that said, I think it’s pretty unfair to call him out for any “missed” chapters. Even if he DID miss two, are you not content with the eight he released? I mean, sure I’d love to have more, but if my wants interferes with the translators life, then I’d be more than happy to wait patiently for his next release. What’s one day of not reading DE? There are tons of other great works out there to relieve your impatience. There’s also MTL if you really can’t wait.

          TL,DR: Please, for the love of everything that is holy, STOP BEING A LITTLE B!TCH

    1. Because I take a day off after finishing a book, as I told you when I finished book 16, book 15, and book 14. This is literally the third or fourth time we are having this conversation, and it’s irritating. If there is a fifth, your account is going to be removed.

      1. What you getting mad at me for calling you out ?
        Hey guys, here is your second chapter of the week, also a regular chapter! Book 16, Chapter 6 – Wandering. Enjoy the read! I’ll make up for the ‘missed’ chapters on the weekend. direct copy paste where you say you make up ‘missed’ chapters on the weekend.
        I know you take a day off, but what about Sunday ? what about the other 2 chapters that you yourself set as a weekly goal, delete my acc for all I care.

        I have been on wuxiaworld since you created the page… straight from the specnet forum days. And visit this site roughly 10-15 times a day, which I have done for almost 3-4 years now.

        By all means, do what ever the f*ck you want, ban me or not I don’t care, all I advocate is people making good on their promises, which you have done marvelously over the past few years. But all of a sudden you start getting defensive when I start asking simple questions.

        1. What right do you have to “call me out”? And this site hasn’t even existed for two years, much less you have visited ‘3-4’ years. And I always take the weekend off to work on other stuff. A day off means -2 chapters from the maximum…and a day off is NOT a ‘missed’ chapter.

          You know what, why am I even wasting my time? Literally the only posts you ever make are bitchposts about translators. Yeah, I’m done and so are you.

          1. the right of free speech, but I honestly mean no harm nor disrespect.
            I absolutely love the work you do translating these amazing stories so that others can read them.

        2. Ren works his damn ass off getting us these chapters, managing this site, and dealing with his other life problems. He has enough on his plate without you being an ungrateful lazy brat. I don’t like the moniker, but you good sir, are a true Leecher.

      2. Believe me Ren, not only you feel irritated. And to add a little quote:

        “RWX: I am currently doing 3-4 regular chapters of Desolate Era every week. For every $80 that is donated to any other WW novel (DE is not accepting direct donations), I will translate and release an additional ‘sponsored chapter’, up to a maximum of 10 total chapters a week, 2 chapters a day, when possible.”

        If that is still true then it means everything you did conforms with your current action. There is no reason to react to this ungrateful simpleton. I think this Sigurd is a troll. Getting rid of him with an IP-Ban wouldn’t even be an exaggeration. But this is just my opinion and by no means a suggestion.

        Thank you very much for your great work Ren and take as long a break as you need.

        1. I have bad OCD when it comes to set goals and promises, in my ‘world’ if I say i will do something I follow through every single time.

          So yeah it does boggle my mind when things don’t go the way they should(as I think it should)

          I apologize if I offended Ren or any of you Sugg Knights, I never meant to cause a scene.

          well now you should understand my thought process better, which might help you understand why I do the things that I do . If not then so be it.

          1. Your thoughtprocess is absolutely flawed. I agree that promises should be upheld and by not doing so it does damage one’s image. But what you are doing is simply being ungrateful. In your blissful ignorance you trample over Ren’s work because of your self-centered flawless ideologies. Get that into your ignorant little head.

          2. I have bad OCD when I see whiners like you. And I still don’t understand why you feel the need to whine at Ren that you don’t have enough chapters. If you’re not satisfied go translate your own chapters, no one is stopping you.

          3. Sigurd, you are a poor excuse of a human being.

            For one, Ren kept up his promise. Everyone who regularly reads DE, knows RWX takes the week-end off and that he takes one day off for each completed volume. That means we got all the chapters for this week and I am grateful for it.

            Secondly, goals and targets are not something set in stone. The world doesn’t work that way. From my experience it’s often that goals aren’t met. So get off you high horse, and cut the crap. Unless your goals and promises are things like get up from bed, you have certainly failed to meet a lot of them. I’m sure as hell you wouldn’t like to get flak for that so how about you treat people the way you would like to be treated.

          4. Congratulations for turning into a human Klein bottle by managing to shove your head so far up your ass that you’re looking out your own mouth.

            We all understood your thought process long before you explained it to us. You’re a whiny baby with an out of control sense of entitlement combined with incredibly poor reading comprehension.

            (apologies to Ren for making the negative post on his awesome site!)

          5. On very rare occasions, a whining leecher appears who is SO ridiculously obnoxious that it causes the translator they were attacking to drop everything they were working on and to give up translating at all, ruining it for everyone else. You are being that guy right now, possibly the worst one I’ve ever seen out of the half a dozen I have seen. Ren literally owes nothing to you or anybody else, he takes no donations, has no absolute schedule and takes occasional days off for a break – before we even consider the fact that he’s busy on a business trip.

            Please do everyone a favor: Jump off your ego onto your I.Q, as the fall should prove to be quite fatal.

        2. Holy. F*cking. Sh*t. If this is actually the current schedule then doesn’t that mean all this song and dance was actually POINTLESS? OMFG I can’t believe I even bothered typing in that wall of text.

          You’re doing a great job Ren, thanks a bunch

          1. Yes, it’s his schedule and yes it’s very pointless. Sigurd’s actions are beyond human reason. This and his sheer ungratefulness are very aggravating.

  1. Are you guys really giving all the attention that “it” wanted? Seriously?

    This thing must be laughing his teeth out and thinking “mission accomplished. I’ll do the same thing again at the end of the next volume… yey… attention… people are giving a crap about me… i’m important”

    Don’t know who is worse, him for the total lack of love and the urge to be noticed or you who keep replying…

  2. I wondered why there were over 30 posts on a simple announcement post as I was passing by to reach the new chapter, now I truly regret looking.

    Thanks for another book, Ren.

    1. Amen to that. Was wondering why there wasn’t a new chapter out, came here and realized it’s the end of the book, then noticed nearly 40 comments, and now I regret wasting my brain cells on that ungrateful asshat’s drivel.
      Ren does an amazing job with DE and doesn’t deserve what I can only see as being subjected to, as someone above put it, the whining of a little b!tch.

  3. The book titles are always spoilers.
    Rwx, I think it might be better to hide the title and make it ‘click to reveal’.

    And of course thank you for translating. You rock!

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