New DE Chapter Release! Book 36, Chapter 11

Hey guys, here’s the twelfth and final chapter for this week. Wow, what a crazy week this has been. I don’t know how we managed to put up 12 regular chapters, nor am I 100% that we’ll be able to duplicate it next week since the buffer is gone… but nonetheless, happy reading! New links will be up on Patreon shortly. The two weekend chapters came courtesy of Autarch Allan and Autarch Mad Max, so praise their names!

Book 36, Chapter 11 – Inexplicable

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Ren.

    Although I`m dying to read the next few chapters I dont think it is worth it for you to translate while sick. And I think most other people (and patreons) would understand if you took a few days off until you are 100% back.

    You have a spectacular track record of being really consistent with meeting you quota, so it is ok to take a few days off. You might even just add the chapters from this week to next week`s quota. and so none would ” be able to complain” .

    Best wishes.

    1. Hi Kurtzin,
      have you follow Ren sickness ? He had to go to the hospital and everybody is amazed that he can still deliver even a chapter. So next time you want more chapters please read a little bit the past posts… 😉

      Thank you Autarch Allan and Autarch Mad Max for sponsoring the chaps.
      RWX, I guess most of us prefer that you take a break. I am not a Patreon though. If Patreons read those lines, please try to sort things out with RWX. Maybe doing a pool with multiple choices in case of sickness would be great (“A- stop publishing on Wuxiaworld, until buffer is full. B- Publish, only 1 over 2 chapters until buffer is full. C- Publish all chapters, buffering will come latter”, …)

      Take care !

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