New DE Chapter Release! Book 23, Chapter 23

Hey guys, here’s the tenth chapter of the week. Book 23, Chapter 23 – Inconsolable. Enjoy the read!

Tenth chapter of the week means this is the final chapter for this week. Buuuuut…you guys didn’t really think I’d leave you dry and empty for two ways in the middle of the mother-lovin’ ENDWAR, did you?

No rests for me until the end of the book. 2 chapters a day, every day. Dattebayo!

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    1. I only started commenting recently, but seeing your post i had to say something, I’ve got to be honest, this is very considerate and super impressive, I agree wholeheartedly that this is exactly why you are the best Ren.

  1. Man… I love you… Finally this war will end. Call Shanks.
    Thanks for the chapter.
    Why do not you take a break after the end of the war? Make two more chapters of the new volume and take some time off. <3

  2. Thank you very much. I was so worried how I would get through these next two days. After the book is done you definitely deserve however long of a break you want and no one has the right to complain, not that we will.

  3. This is my first comment on this site and I created an account just to say — THANK YOU. Thank you for translating these so quickly. I love Desolate Era so much and this Endwar is exciting me. I check every hour or two just to see if there are anymore chapters. Again, thank you for being awesome.

  4. You’re so awesome Master Ren… Thank you for your hardwork… And thanks in advance for the chaps to be released.. (I dont usually comment in this kind of post. But due to this wonderful news, i cant help myself to say what is on my mind right now.)

  5. Douluo Dalu was my intro to all chinese light novels and this is my second, and it is currently my favorite series. Thank you so much for everything you do. I am always praying for all the translator’s health and happiness. Thanks again.

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