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  1. Hey RWX.

    I don’t know if you have been keeping tabs on this, but I thought this was an accomplishment to share. Currently, (based on Alexa.com) Wuxiaworld is ranked as the 1 581 most traffic heavy website on the internet, being 1 075 in the USA (where I assume the website is hosted). It gets 238 149 unique visitors daily, 3 321 929 daily pageviews, 2 366 507 monthly visitors, and 107 967 487 monthly pageviews.

    This is something to strive for. Well done, and keep up the good work!

    1. I find it most interesting that the most searched term that bringa people to Wuxiaworld from search engines, is “Tales of Demons and Gods” at 23.50% of all searches. And even nearly a full year after being finished, Coiling Dragon is still the fourth most searched term that brings people to Wuxiaworld, at 4.42% of all searches. Martial God Asura is second, with 4.76%, Against the Gods third, with 4.57%, and Wuxiaworld fifth, with 4.35%.

      Further, I’m quite surprised to see GravityTales contribute 5.4% of all referrals.

      A total of 4 633 websites have links that lead to Wuxiaworld. Gmail is the leading contributor to these links, Youtube is second, Facebook third, Amazon (surprisingly) is fourth, and Yahoo fifth.

      51.18% of all users view Wuxiaworld’s mobile version, and 48.77% it’s desktop version.

      In terms of demographics (I’m not sure how accurate or trustworthy this information is, since I don’t know what method they use to collect this data), the majority of visitors have college (university) education, they don’t give precise numbers or percentages, only that this is way above the internet average. And most access Wuxiaworld from work.

      This is just an interesting breakdown of information regarding Wuxiaworld. I hope you find it interesting. I did.


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