New CD Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 5

Hey guys, here’s your second and final Coiling Dragon chapter of the day!  This chapter is a regular chapter for this week.  We’re halfway through the varnish configuration, but since I’m not doing most of it, the guy I’m working with is, I had enough free time to grind out this chapter for y’all.  We’ll be normal soon!

BTW – For now, mobile will not be able to access this site, as we’re currently working out the mobile-detect function of Varnish.  *fingers crossed*

Book 13, Chapter 5 – Sound has been released!

For those of you who are curious; the reason why Varnish was giving me such a headache?  The darn server guys who set it up for me set me up with an old version!  The latest version is Varnish 4, while the version I had was Varnish 2 – from 2011! No wonder my scripts weren’t running properly! When I think about all the time I wasted because of that…grrr! Anyhow, the chapter’s up, but my sysadmin is still whacking away at the server, so it’ll be coming up and down. Good luck? 😀

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  1. How strange, time wise when this chapter was posted the server “was offline” at least for me and thats when i went to sleep and only now it is back online. Was it just for some random people the website unavailable?

    Anyway thanks for the chapter.

  2. It’s alive! The server that is, after being dead for the last half a day >.>

    And Ren, be glad there is actually a recent version, a lot of software or libraries are old and you somehow have to get them working with other, more recent software…

    Anyway, thank you for the chapter! Ren, donators, Varnish guy, IET. Keep up the good work.

  3. Damn, an out dated copy … I just ran in to that on a group project where a few of the members were using an out dated IDE to set up a data base, made it hell on those of use that had updated to the latest version ….

  4. hey um, i think you should list the thanks at the top of each sponsered chapter. i just finished reading CD you have on the site and didn’t know people were sponsoring chapters until i caught up. You should post it at the top so people know that they can donate for a sponsored chapter, i would have liked to know it.

    1. Hi Franco, welcome to the community! I want to avoid having them at the top of each chapter, as I want to avoid taking people ‘out of the moment’ when they are reading (which is always why I never put in footnotes/translator notes). I already have them on each ‘chapter release post’ and also have the ‘donation widget’ and ‘donate’ page, so I think that’s enough. Thanks though! 🙂

      1. im just saying its not even noticeable for a new reader who hasn’t been here and only does “Next chapter”; you never have a chance to know if a chapter was sponsered. In the entire website the only viewing of such is on the bottom right where you have the “thanks” box. Only if you visit the home page and see your recent posts do you see who donated. Im just saying there isn’t much of chance for people to view it, even if u skip to translations and then CD index.

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