New CD Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 43

Hey guys, sorry for the half hour of downtime earlier; we broke something and we had to fix it real fast. Anyhow, here’s your first of THREE sponsored chapters for today! Since chapter 45 is the last chapter for Book 13, I want to get it all done today! Book 13, Chapter 43 – Extreme Joy Turns to Grief has been released! If you enjoyed this chapter, and I did, please consider joining me in a big thank you to the generous BK of Germany, who sponsored this chapter for us. Thanks much, BK!

Book 14 starts tomorrow!

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      1. No it was stuck for me for a couple minutes too. I tried mobile and another browser and it was the same. Up now, just a slight delay for some people i guess.

      1. It’s not the browser cache, clearing it didn’t help. Logging into WordPress however did work and made the chapter visible however, when I log out it shows preview again. Not too sure what’s causing that since it’s never happened before.

  1. Same here, preview only. — FIXED ! THANKS
    Thanks for the blitz of chapters for today !
    I lift my cup to all those who sponsors the translation of such a marvelous work !

  2. got same error as others im using firefox and get only preview can only access chapter 43 via email


    thx for the chapter 🙂

    EDIT: and it works now it seems 😛

  3. D***, I’m on mobile, and still see the preview. (Tried clearing cache, reloading like 30 times, than tried loging and clearing the cache, and still see the preview…)
    Even seeing this post is hard…only in the preview of chap’ 44 do I see this post. (If I didn’t suspect that it’s about time I still wouldn’t know there’s a chapter…)

    Edit: Replying helped xD

  4. ♥Thank you for the chapter my wonderful friends♥
    Written by: I Eat Tomatoes (我吃西红柿)
    Translated by: Ren
    Sponsored by: BK of Germany
    Hosted by: WuxiaWorld

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