New CD Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 32

Hey guys, here is your second of three chapters for today, all sponsored by BN of Colorado! Book 13, Chapter 32 – Earth and Wind has been released! Enjoy the read, and if you do, please consider joining me in a big thank you once again to BN of Colorado!

Readers, two bits of news for you. First of all, when trying to figure out the ‘logging in’ problem from mobile, I think we broke it, so I’ve disabled the mobile site for now, so you’ll see the desktop site on mobile for a few hours. And secondly, I had to disable the chat for now, because of this email I got a while ago from the chat room hosts:



Can you please temporary disable the widget on your site… looks like
we had a traffic spike and we need to figure out what’s happening.

How many traffic does your site generate?



xD xD xD

Aren’t you guys satisfied with just breaking MY site/server? You have to break the chat room server as well? Haha! Although, it was my fault for allowing guests to enter the chatroom instead of just registered users, I suppose xD xD xD. They will be doing a quick server review, so I won’t be able to use it again for a few days, hehe…

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  1. LOL sounds about right 😛

    Thanks for the hard work Ren. and sorry for indirectly causing the fuss last chapter. I’m all for individual opinion, but only when it’s not being blatantly directed at other users on the site. being negative and critical about the characters is fine and all, but it can be taken too far if not without justifiable reasoning (even faulty reasoning is fine, but there has to be some).

    Also… where is this chat room normally? If I could find it I would haunt that location instead of answering questions in comments so frequently xD

          1. Ren, why not grab a irc channel off rizon or irchighway for the chat?

            It’s easy to deal with, free, and can be embedded with mibbit or KiwiIRC to the site. You can post site status to the IRC channel’s topic to handle any news/updates.

  2. That is just too funny. We would love for you to use or chat rooms for your site…..AHHHHHH when did the entire population of China get on here!!!!!!!

    The look on their faces had to be priceless.

  3. what is

    it never seem to finish loading (seems never to), and has been keping browser’s processor usage at 25-30%, thus forcing the processor goes full speed, which in turn, draining my battery and overheating my tablet for the duration of any tab at wuxiaworld stays open. 🙁

    turning on adblock doesn’t seem to fix the non-ending “transferring data fron cdn.x.x” either :(. at this rate i’ll have to add the address to my hosts file (luckily i’m on windows)

  4. Mobile site is up again.

    Also, IRC could be a nice thing to have. The site woulndn’t be impacted by the load and there’s the option of people using a client to chat when they feel like it. I think it fits quite nicely.

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