New CD Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 31

Hey guys, here’s your first chapter of the day! Sorry it came late; I was working on the server as well as a new quasi-functional chat function! You’ll find it up at ‘chatroom’, but it’s not very functional…yet. Anyhow, Book 13, Chapter 31 – The Throbbing Pulse of the World has been released! All THREE of today’s chapters are brought to you courtesy of BN of Colorado, so won’t you please consider joining me in a big round of applause for his generosity? Thanks, BN!

Enjoy the read!

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  1. 3 chapters?!?
    All praise Sovereign Ren.

    Off-topic rambling and random knowledge point: It must be the effect of the 25th of April (For those that do not know its Portugal’s Freedom Day)

      1. unless your not human to begin with 😛 as for titles, I am sure he will manage to find a way to keep his site alive before stepping into that minefield. I think he said it was something with how the comment system works by remaking the cache with each load or new comment or something. but it was truly a nasty piece of work since it was murdering the one who feeds it 🙁

        we could probably take it man that once the titles come back then the old problem related to comments has been handled 🙂

  2. hey Ren
    any chance you could move the chitchat button to the right side or an option to hide it completely? it’s kinda getting in the way of the start of every sentence in the midleft of the screen for me..
    might just be because i zoom 250% in chrome for ease of reading since im seated about 5-6ft from my screen, but i would appreciate it nonetheless =)

    1. Hey Roland, moving to the right would be against the TOS of a lot of advertisers, because to them it would be fraud that I’m getting paid for ads that are being ‘blocked’ by other elements on the screen 🙁

      Let me see what other options are available 🙂

        1. But they give money and Ren deserves all of it.
          Sadly as a college student I am too broke to donate so I can only lech others(adblock is off at least) T-T

  3. Thanks so much for the chapters! I’m a long time lurker. Im a broke college student but I donated $20 just now! Much appreciated work! Keep it up!

    1. Hi Churab_Neylin, welcome to the community, and thanks for the donation! Can you let me know what name/email you donated under, so I can credit it properly? I don’t see it under this email. Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks for this chapter and the next two BN.

    For those who can’t donate, just by clicking on the ads when you leave the page is helpful for Ren as well. That in itself is a form of donation. So as long as you are doing that, you are helping Ren with donations.

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