New CD Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 23

Hey guys, here is your first chapter of the day! Book 13, Chapter 23 – Sadista has been released! If you enjoyed this chapter, it was brought to you courtesy of donations from our kind sponsors, TG of Georgia, half2 and libra1293, so please consider joining me in a big round of thanks for them. Thanks so much, guys!

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  1. Thanks a lot for the chapter. Hey Ren too bad about the queue eh…after you got all excited then people go and start donating… haha

    stay strong, this too shall pass…hehe


    1. Well, you did not see the time when Ren said ‘queue cleared!” for the first time before apocalypse… In next few hours it jumped up to over 2000% 😀

  2. Hi everyone, I have just complete my registration, hope to get along quickly! I must say i’m just astonished about the translation rate of the chapters, and of course, greatly thankful with senior sen.
    My english is just OK, cause i’m from Argentina (you know that little piece of earth in the southner corner of America, *Joking about being little*), so spare my grammar.

    Nothing more to say as an introduction, eager to read next chapter!

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