New CD Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 21

Hey guys, here’s your first sponsored chapter of the day! Book 13, Chapter 21 – Four Mighty Gods has been released! If you enjoyed this chapter, please consider joining me in a warm round of thanks for the generous donors who brought it to us; Jared, RRM of Norway, and DBA of Virginia. Thanks so much to the three of you!

Readers, as some of you have noticed, our mobile version is not working very well right now. Please give us a bit of time as we work on fixing it. Thanks so much for your patience! 🙂

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  1. Hey Ren i got a problem

    When accessing wuxiaworld on my mobile it goes to the mobile mode, but
    its still as large as normally it would be on the pc (The blue backround goes small like normally but it like expandes so there are more of them). I dont know that is it my phone or this site. to put it simply its in mobile mode but its showing it as pc mode.

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