New CD Chapter Release! Book 13, Chapter 2

Hey guys, here is your second sponsored chapter of the day! Book 13, Chapter 2 – Departure has been released. Enjoy the read, guys! If you do, please consider joining me a round of applause for the donors who brought us this chapter; AY of Vancouver, AJ of Switzerland, AJOC of Spain, LM of Poland, totalpotatoe, and an anonymous donor. Thanks so much!

Readers, thank you all very much for being patient with us while we’ve had these various issues lately. The DDOS (still ongoing) just makes everything more complicated. I really appreciate all of your patience. Truly!

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  1. When your site went down a little bit earlier when I tried to access for this spoiler for this chapter, when I went to refresh it tried to download a file, download.gz any clues?

    1. Yes, it’s not a virus, don’t worry! I have a plugin called ‘supercache’ which sends the website in a compressed, ‘.gz’ format; however, when I disabled it, the website was still being sent in the compressed format, but without the headers that made it ‘readable’. Just clear your cache/cookies, and it’ll all be fine again!

      1. Thanks Ren .

        But am still facing the issue while accessing,i restarted my browser cleared cookies and even restarted my system.
        still am getting the same issue.

  2. thanks for the chapter ren-sama.

    also the chapter links on the preview page for bk13ch3 seem to be faulty, the back loops to ch3 while to next jumps to ch5. it seems to think its ch4 xD

  3. Hey Ren thanks for the chapter XD btw in case someone hasn’t said anything already I’ll just mention that the spoiler tag on the preview is not working (at least on my phone)
    P.S. Thank you wonderful donors 🙂

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