New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 39

Hey guys, here is your second sponsored chapter of the day, and the final chapter in Book 12! Book 12, Chapter 39 – Creating a Castastrophe! has been released! This chapter (which I think is awesome) comes courtesy once again of our very own nenven, so thank you very much, nenven!

Sorry for the temporary outage a few moments ago; I was messing with the server settings and I broke something just now and had to fix it. All fixed! 🙂

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    1. ren stopped spitting out 3 chapter per day since a while ago. as a precaution of her aching hands. ren might still do 3 chapter once in a while later.

      so for now, 2 chapter per day is the schedule.

      1. Cheers thanks for your hard work mate! Could you keep notifying us when you post the chapter whether it’s the last chapter of the day like you did before? That way we aren’t waiting in vain xDD.. Have a good night Ren!

          1. Smart ass <3. Seriously though, how DO you manage to translate so fast? Are you native Chinese?

    1. And it is not as if it was new to IET… I seem to remember that when Linley failed to kill the king and found himself prisoner of the radiant church was actually the end of a book…

          1. For me, it was when he first got onto the caravan where he met Jenne (Right after the 10 000 journey through the Mountain Range)

  1. For. 12. books. long….12 books!
    I have lurked in the shadow, waiting, studiously pressing F5 as I stare at my target…waiting for the next chapter…but no more!
    Today, I have decided to come out and join the ranks and say my thanks!.
    So Thanks RWX!
    Thanks for making me lose sleep and killing my phone all the time (Flat Batteries!)
    And Thanks for transporting me to the world of Yulan where I could forget about work and RL issues.
    And Thanks for keeping me company with these chapters during my long rides to and from work (your translation happens during the night when I sleep and during work so I always have chapters to read (the joys of living half way around the world from you “Aussie, Aussie Aussie!! Oi! Oi! Oi!”).
    And thanks for keeping up the good work!

    For this chapter, all i can say is Oops…

        1. Yay, my soul harvest shall progress very nicely 😛

          speaking of harvesting souls… are they rated in quantity rather than quality because they are all the souls of mortals?

          would saint souls be much more filling? xD

          1. @Vindi
            Don’t forget even Deities as well.
            I think it’s rated in quantity since it’s a little difficult to slowly filter out all the quality souls

  2. Thanks as always for translation ;d haha I saw that there were many comments, again a bit more than usual ^^ Well, good thing for this society, and a bad one for looking for spammers ;d Anyways! Thanks you and see you soon, in comments under the next chapter!

      1. Same. I refrained from reading the raws so I can enjoy the ride with everyone else. Otherwise I’d probably be gone already and never knew about this lovely site breaking ranking system XD

  3. I appreciate the efforts for translating all these books so fast Ren.

    Thank you! I love this novel and is my first time reading Xianxia works.

    I will keep giving my small donations every week. (Started reading this last week)

    Thank you again!

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