New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 38

Hey guys, here is your first sponsored CD chapter of the day! Book 12, Chapter 38 – Smiling Meekly has been released! As with the last two chapters, the chapters of today have all been sponsored by our very own nenven, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for our generous donor, nenven. Thank you so much, nenven!

Okay guys. The next chapter will be the final chapter for Book 12. After that, it’ll be on to Book 13 – Gebados !

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  1. Is it just me or have total comments increased a lot?
    We’re up to 500 in the last chapter while I was used to usually 50 when I read them. Maybe its just because I catch the chapters layer, but it does seem like a lot

    1. it’s cause people now have titles xD

      some get carried away. the talkative lot suddenly have a lot of talking to do because of the chapter content and cliffhanger, and talking about the abundant newbies and comment rushers too xD it’s a truly hard job haha

  2. must thank Ren and nenven for the chapters. honestly, I’m shocked people can afford to donate so much so frequently to keep up the collective addiction fix xD

    the comments will take a while to stabilize again, but most importantly is we all want to know what happens in the books chapter finale xD hoo-rah

    1. I feel that it will be grand ending, and I’m having this feeling that we won’t rejoice over it ;d

      But anyways, it’s a shame, but I will get to see this chapter later than everyone ’cause here from where I’m writing will be soon 11th in the evening so I’m going to sleep, and even if I get to see the chapter in the morning (according to my local time) discussion will miss me for the most part, but yeh g’night and have a nice read guys and girls 😉

      1. because of the time shift, apparently I have to now wait til 1am for the chapter instead of 12midnght.. it really sucks 🙁 plus when I was expecting the occasional 5-6am (3rd chapter) I was gutted when there wasn’t one haha since I don’t at what rate Ren was choosing to continue releasing.

        1. That would kill quite a lot of conversations yoYo
          Or for that matter, a lot of discussions about the chapter.
          Nah, he doesn’t need to do anything, it’ll resolve itself, it’s just the hype of the titles. And I admit, more for the comments itself than for getting the title, did I enter just as well ^^
          Nah, perhaps a few more chapters and then it’ll be back to normal will a few firsts, a few thank you’s and then the CA chatting away 😉

          As for what the CA is (was going to comment that until Ren closed the comments)
          I proposed the title “Crazy Alliance” for all the people that like to chat and discuss in the comment section after Ren called me, yuzu and a few others crazy. So from then on are the majority of todays saints part of that and a few others.

          But this is the last comment for tonight before MiPo or Ren blocks me ^^ Goodnight

        2. just ma estimate, it’s not like those conversations are instantenious so 5 every 10min = 30 per hour, if we were commenting say 4hours, that’s 120comments..plenty to me

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