New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 37

Hey guys, here is your second sponsored chapter of the day!  Book 12, Chapter 37 – The Great Botha Levee has been released!  Enjoy the chapter, guys!  Once again, this has been brought to us by our friendly neighborhood nenven, so if you enjoyed reading the chapter, please join me in a round of applause for nenven.  Thanks so much, nenven!

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    1. What is this? Comments amounts? Titles? I can’t comment for a while because of my schedule and when I come back…

      Edit: Middle Saint? Ok that’s it, I’m going on a comment spree, I need to work harder.

      1. Lol. We’ll have a hard time reaching Caladbolg’s rank. His comment count is still climbing.
        (Looks at Ren’s post count) Dam! He’s definitely an Overgod

  1. I F5 if I am not doing something else and it is around the time for you to post otherwise I rely on the email notification to now when a new chapter gets posted. Also what’s with the new Normal User tags under peoples names in comments?

    And I see we now have our total number of comments next to our names as well.

    1. Well, it’s been being translated for a while now, over at Gravity Translations with Zhan Long. It’s just that now they’re moving it over here to consolidate the different themed works.

    1. Ooh, a Peak Saint! I’ve been trying to see how many posts will be needed for a new rank. The things people will do for achievements… lmao
      btw, highest I’ve seen was Caladbolg as a Highgod at 1782 comments.

  2. But F5ing is more fun. Except i still don’t do it xD. I just pop in at intervals when i know a chapter should be out.

    Hm…rank 2…warrior or mage? XD

    Also any word from the translator of Steller Transformation? I’m really getting into the story for that too

    1. as for rank your choice 😛

      for the author of ST I believe they are currently going through school tests and stuff and so either delayed or on temporary hiatus.

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