New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 36

Hey guys, here is your first sponsored chapter of the day of Coiling Dragon!  Apologies it is out late; I wasn’t aware that we had a lunch function today, so I got back to my computer just a while ago.  Anyhow, here it is!  Book 12, Chapter 36 – Olivier Has Arrived!  (I really wanted to call it, ‘Olivier In Da Houuuuuse!’).  Enjoy the chapter folks, and if you do, please be sure to consider offering a word of thanks to our generous donor, nenven, who has sponsored all of the remaining chapters of Book 12, as well as the first chapter of Book 13!  Thanks much, Nenven!

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  1. Thanks!
    I know it’s a lot to ask but is it possible to have a 3chapters day to finish the book?
    Otherwise the wait is gonna kill me.
    But if you can’t then it’s still ok, but I can’t promess the website won’t die from a SRDOS (Single-Refresher Denial Of Service) ;p

  2. Thanks as always ;d

    by the way am I the only one or Olivier is broken? (in a way that he’s too powerful) I mean ok, Linley is a main protagonist of this series so its k, and he had really good luck with regards to training (He was getting lessons from couple of thousands years old Grand Magus) and even if you look at it the way that he’s a rival for MC (in my opinion) he’s a bit too powerful ;d I hope that Olivier struggles a bit from now on cause he had too easy life :p

      1. Want me to tell you how many times Linley was on boundary of life and death? ;d Besides we can’t say for sure what was he doing inside his soul, while he was in coma ;d but seriously let’s compare them -> both have younger brother of whom they are overprotective, both come from ruined clans but: Olivier hadn’t had mother kidnapped and sacrificed for some otherwordly being nor was his father murdered by some wicked king’s brother ;P and while Olivier was simply meditating on top of some weird mountain MC was facing death everyday in Range of Magical Beasts (not for the first time :p) so yeh, this situation where he lost to Haydson was his first true hardship in Olivier’s life ;d Kind of unfair for Linley but y’know some characters just need to be like this to deepen the backstory so I’m not saying this is bad ;d its good in its own way

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