New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 35

Hey guys, here is your second sponsored chapter of CD for the day! Book 12, Chapter 35 – Claws and Fangs has just been released. Yaaay! If you enjoyed this chapter, please consider joining me in a big round of applause for the generous donors who sponsored it; JM of South Carolina, MCL of Malaysia, gabolyle, AO of California, MW of Nigeria, and honaidy. Thanks so much!

Queue cleared! Man, I feel so less stressed out these days, I feel almost zen. Oh, and don’t quote me on it, but it LOOKS like the DDOS is slowing down. Hopefully it should be gone in a day or two. Fingers crossed. Cheers!

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    1. no dont you know Ren is a machine and we will work him until he is broken. then we will replace him after we go to target and buy a newer Model.

      All jokes aside even though i dont want it to be the last chapter of day i can see it being the last chapter due to the new changes in his schedule.

  1. Master ren Im new and I just have a few questions.

    Is Stellar Transformation gonna have any new chapters in the future?

    will it have a permanent schedule like CD?

    Does anyone translate it or most translator focused on other projects and placed stellar on indifinite hiatus?

    Thank you master ren for bringing this site to life. More powers.

    1. Hi jezzc, welcome to the community! ST is being worked on by Aequitas’ group, but it seems they are a bit busy. So I’m not sure, to be honest!

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