New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 33

Hey guys, good evenin’! Here’s your second sponsored chapter of the day. Book 12, Chapter 33 – A Wave of Refugees. Things start to heat up again, after a short time of rest for our protagonist! If you enjoy the chapter, please consider joining me in thanking the donors who supported it; LA of New Zealand, anonymous donor 1, anonymous donor 2, IJ of Iceland, and NR of Argentina. Thanks so much, guys!

Alright gang, I can go to bed with a cleared queue. But wait! It isn’t even bedtime! Wooooo! Break time! Where’s that copy of Dragon Age Inquisition…see ya around! 😀

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  1. try out mods for Dragon Age Inquisition! These armor restrictions for races and classes suck in my opinion and that you cant use all weapons for example as mage. Why cant you for example wear as elf mage the same stuff as a human mage?! There are many many more good mods 😉

    1. there always is….. just sometimes later than most…. however at this point it depends if someone donates the last 20 usd needed to clear the chapter

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