New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 29

Hey guys, here’s your first sponsored chapter of the day!  Book 12, Chapter 29 – The Disposition of the Divine Sparks is now released!  Enjoy the read!  If you liked the chapter, please join me in a warm round of applause for LC of France, who so kindly sponsored this chapter.  Thanks so much, LC!  And thank you, all readers, for your continued support of Wuxiaworld, especially during these tiring, DDOS’ing days!  Much appreciated!

In addition, just FYI – Now all of the translated Stellar Transformations chapters are up and fully linked, so you can enjoy them from start to finish here!  Cheers!

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  1. In a sense.. not completely all chapters (all chapters that have been translated) since Lord Rylain have just finished translating chapter 43…

      1. Phillipsi, welcome to the community! It wouldn’t be fully appropriate. For one, I would need to get Nightbreeze’s permission first. For the other, I know that Aequitas is still working on his. Maybe in the future, we’ll see.

  2. Thanks Ren, so glad you got Stellar Transformations fully linked up but I hear its somehow related to Coiling Dragon. Should I wait until CD is finished before starting it or does it not matter?

          1. I’m annoyed at how fast the pace of translating ZL compared to Battle trough the Heavens is, I mean c’mon it’s just another VR novel, some fanfics are even better than it

      1. I would definitely say they are connected, especially since Stellar Transformation’s Book 11 – Chapter 32 is linked to Coiling Dragon’s Book 11 – Chapter 33

        1. Hah! Welcome to the community, Wawu. That’s just how WordPress works sometimes; if no page is found, it will link to a page with a similar name.

  3. April Fools Chapter was real!!!!……it was just revealed a few chapters earlier
    Haeru the beast of Muba has come to kill Linley!!!!

    lol, i think we now know where the wind style divine spark will go

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