New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 26

Hey guys, sorry for the delay! I ‘had’ to go out and grab lunch with a friend, instead of just doing like a quick sandwich break like usual. Here’s your first of three sponsored CD chapters of the day; Book 12, Chapter 26 – The Coiling Dragon Ring. Enjoy the read, friends! If you do, please consider joining me in a round of applause for our generous donors who sponsored this chapter; BC of Oregon, TH of South Dakota, icefire_Ex, HH of Norway, JC of Arizona, and KA of Indonesia. Thanks so much, guys!

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  1. Thought you were going to get a nice free weekend? NOPE, Donors.

    Thanks to you, Ren, for translating.
    Thanks to the donor for making sure he never has a day to rest ;P

  2. Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable donating anymore. I donate because I can’t wait!! I want the next chapter as soon as possible thats why $80 a chapter seems really reasonable.

    It just doesn’t seem that you take translating CD seriously anymore. I always thought it worked out great for both parties. You making $240 a day($87k a year before taxes) and us fans getting a rushed process of chapters by someone who tries to get them out as soon as possible. That really seemed to have changed lately.

    I’ll just go into leech mode and casual reading, I can be hated for speaking my mind like this, but I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way.


    1. Hi Halper, I’m not sure what name you donated under, because I don’t see any donation records with your email, but regardless, if you did donate previously, thank you. This week, I am on track to translate 17 chapters of Coiling Dragon (18 if you count the April Fool’s chapter), just slightly less than the ~21 weekly average I’ve been doing prior to this, so I’m not sure why you are suggesting that I am not taking it ‘seriously’ anymore; I don’t view 17 and 21 as having ‘really changed’. You may have missed this post, where I explained that for a number of reasons, I am slowing down the pace slightly on weekdays, from 3 chapters every day to 2-3 chapters, as well as the reasons why I have to do so.

      Anyhow, regardless of your rather unkind comments today, I appreciate you being a fan and for any previous donations you may have made up under a different name. Take care.

      1. I don’t think I said anything unkind. I didn’t say you are a bad person or anything negative about you other than you seem to have basically burnt out translating CD, which I even said “it seems” that way, which to me it does, going from as consistent as you were to now.

        My paypal is a different email from my email I use to sign up to random sites. But if you are really concerned about how much I have donated I can give you my paypal email.

        1. Halper, to tell someone who spent ~55 hours on a project this week (on top of a 40 hour work week) that he is ‘not taking it seriously’ because it wasn’t 65 hours, to me, seems rather unkind and a little hurtful, to be quite honest. Anyhow, it isn’t my intention to get into a big argument about this, and I did mean what I said about appreciating any donations that you may have made in the past; that wasn’t a passive-aggressive comment. Take care.

          1. It’s a really unkind comment Hapler, knowing how much time Ren is spending on translating each chapter and after that saying that he doesn’t take it seriously enough is just crazy, if Ren wasn’t taking it seriously he could machine translate the whole thing and check for minor errors, but just looking at the quality of the translation one can see how much time he pours in his work , FYI professional translators charge A LOT more for translating texts , and they charge per WORD, unlike Ren who just excepts donations, Ren forewarned and said explicitly what you get for a donation.

            To Ren, I’m sure that you understand that Hapler’s thoughts are not the thoughts of the whole community and actually I can’t speak on their behalf, I just can imagine how much a comment like that can effect someone who works so hard, so to make a little emends I think you do a wonderful work !! And I hope you continue translating , at your own pace =]

          2. Sorry you got hurt.

            But in your explanation post it did seem like you think CD is boring and thus it wearing on you. Hence being burnt out.

            Are you taking CD as seriously as you previously did? Nah, you started spare projects on the side to quell your boredom, for your entertainment. Which is perfectly fine, you don’t have to be a robot, but of course you will have people like me who see your spare projects as taking away from the project they donated for. It’s not greed so much as respect. Say If I just donated $80 because I am excited to see how Linley is going to ____ and then you release chapters of another series and say CD will be late(I was up at 8:30am to read CD, and checking back every 10-15mins until it finally got released around 12:30PST) it does make me a bit bitter.

            I would be ridiculously appreciative if you were doing this for little to no $. I honestly would act like some of the others here and think you are a Saint. But you are as basically being paid a salary that most people with a Bachelors don’t get for their starting careers. You might see it that way, but maybe I am a horrible person and thats how I view the world.

            High Paid Service =/= Work at your own pace.

        2. High paid? Do not compared them to some standard job.
          Just do a simple googling about chinese professional translators fee.
          the rate I found was about 10 cents per word. Since CD chapters are about 3000 words. The decent amount Ren should be paid are $300 per chapter.

          1. Man you sure are cocky because of donations, read “donations” not payment for a job, I get it that he gets a lot but that is because he is hardworking and we all appreciate his work and IET’s ofcourse above other entertaiment, man I knew it I missed my calling XD if what dewisa says is true 300$ per chap :O, I’m a few months away from bachelors in computer science which would be 50 000$ a year in America?

          2. Well, as far as it is not stated that CD is released at X-Y hours, it usually is, and for some donors it might feel somewhat unfair that they hoped to get chapter at some time, but they get another series released instead. It’s completly fine to do another series to not get burned out by just translating CD all time… Well, it’s next to impossible to find a perfect solution. 🙂 We are all only humans.

            I don’t really want to discuss it here, that’s why i did not comment previously when this convrsation began. But how about asking Donors in an announcment what exactly they expect from you Ren, and how they feel about everything, if they have some regrets, or some suggestions etc. I think it would be by far best option for all parties involved 🙂 Well, what you do is up to you, Ren 🙂

          3. I agree with dewisa, I was amazed that you have done so well with this project. Besides your not being paid for a service, at least in my opinion you are doing this project to share such a great story with us. The fact that you accept donations at a paltry $80.00 to give up more of your free time and translate faster is exceptionally generous on your part. So I just wanted to say thank you and don’t speak for anyone but I’m sure that the vast majority of us who read all the story on this site truly appreciate the work you put into it.

            Tldr: Ren you are great thanks for Cd and skyfire.

          4. It seems halpers main beef is the sky fire lane chapters. I Just wanted to say that I disagree with him, and do think that being able to have a life by reading something else you enjoy and keeping your health and well-being in mind is important to have a stable release schedule. I suppose you’ve spoilers the readers with the insane pace that no one else in the translation business even comes close to, but I think you made the right choice in cutting back even a little bit. We’re in this for the long haul till the end of CD and its important to be able to release consistently. I’d also like to commend you on taking the criticism on the chin ren. There will always be disgruntled followers who feel they are entitled to more and I think you showed great maturity earlier. I know my greatest fear is that you will stop translating completely a la he-man, but that’s been assuaged considerably with your measured response. The guy disagrees with most of us and we can listen to the contents but certainly don’t need to agree with them.

          5. The way I see it is that the donations are more of a motivation instead of a salary, and we as a community should not expect him to mindlessly work just because we pay him.

          6. Well, i understand the confusion halper might be in, but like someone pointed out its a donation, not a salary, thus its up to the translator to choose his time frame. So while i can understand that some might not like the decision of slowing down the CD releases, which i am sure a lot a people would rather have more than less, it should also be understood that 1) 2 ch a day is quite fast in comparison to most 2) if you dont feel satisfied then dont donate like you said, but theres no need to say someone is not serious about something when you are not them and dont know their own circumstance 3) and like most people said, this is technically not high paid, its less than half of what would normally be charged. I mean i’m still trying to get over the withdrawal symptoms of not having 3 ch a day, but if that means i will be able to keep on reading until the end at a 1 ch less a day instead of having Ren breakdown from lack of sleep. i think thats a fair enough deal. If we look at the quality of the translations alone i think that more than enough proof of the hard work that is put into it, and should anyone disagree they should then either use machine translation and see what thats like or try to learn the language themselves

          7. Ren, I am really thankful I get to read this, I don’t think you “should” by no means translate 3 chapters a day with the rate you had, keep at it as you like, but ultimately I had to say a few words in favour of Halper, the guy didn’t have to came here to tell everyone what was going on trough his mind, but he had the right to, and I think it would be fair if at least one person stick his neck out for him.
            People are talking money here with so little understanding of what a translator is worth, or what makes him worth that. If there really is a place that charges 300$ for 3000 worlds, then that place is charging (and over charging at that) for a legal translation, in other worlds a translator certified by the court to translate world by world documents that would keep legal value, and I am sure you wouldn’t get to chose when to work or work from home while doing that.
            This web site , which I am using to make a fair scale, says the average salary for a translator is 20$ the hour, Ren says it takes him 3 hours of work to get a chapter, he gets 80 buck per chapter, so he is getting above average salary with no experience, when the starting salary is an average of 10$ buck / hour.

            Again, I am not saying this to insult Ren, I AM thankful, and I don’t think he should push himself more than he does, but lets not get ass-kissers in here, that guy with the frog avatar didn’t say nothing that was “mean spirited”, just that he won’t donate any more because he thinks the project is not the main priority, that’s that. If anything the right reaction for those who disagree is to keep on donating and supporting, but this gets ridiculous pretty fast when anything even remotely not “you are my new god now” gets such reactions.
            I am taking the chance to repeat a final time that by no means I think Ren is in the wrong here, he has all the right in the world, and more, to not overwork himself to death, and it’s clear that he will get support regardless, further more I wouldn’t had said a world if it had ended at that, but I don’t think it’s right to pretend he is being underpay for his work.

            Ren, please forgive me If my comment comes as offensive, for what little I know about you, I would like to say you seem like a great person and by no means I am asking anything of you with this post, if it seems like that, I am sorry.

          8. coprea, I take no offense at your post at all! Just a few quick FYI’s, as this is something which comes up every so often;

            1) Chinese/English translation is amongst the highest paid in this field, with $0.11/word being the average for a FREELANCE Chinese => English translation (check, one of the largest freelancer translation sites). Companies charge higher rates. I’ll wager that most of the people talking about how much Chinese/English translators ‘should make’ have never paid for one before 😉

            2) Translators are almost never paid by the hour/salary, and instead are paid by the amount of words in the source, for two reasons. One, that makes it easier for the customer to know exactly up front how much it will cost, and removes any incentive for the translator to fudge his time, and two, the reason translators are rarely ‘salary’ based is because there are few to no companies that need the services of a translator 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year…and the ones that do are generally massive international companies that pay very, very well for very, very talented people.

            3) There is no such thing as a ‘court certification’ for translation in the US, only ‘court certified interpreters’ (ie, spoken language), which for Chinese/English, usually pays $100-$200/hr, and rightly so. I’m not quite at that level, primarily because I don’t have the professional, legal vocabulary, but I’m very close to it.

            4) I’m not exactly inexperienced, because I have been ‘hobby’ translating for 8+ years now, and I have worked in China as a freelance translator, and for quite a bit more than $0.11 a word, I’ll tell ya! 😉

          9. Well I can’t reply your message directly so I hope this will do. Thanks for taking the time to explain that and for reacting so well, I really didn’t knew any better and don’t mind admitting so, I used a source that I thought reliable but it makes sense to pay per job on that kind of work, so I see why that was a bad example. On the matter of legal translation I misunderstood what a “legal” translator certified by the court (which i read about while searching the Internet on this), and it was really my bad, that kind of half information is what leads to Internet fight so often, I apologize for that.
            I don’t regret writing what I wrote though, because I like seeing things from both sides of the argument, and I got a really reasonable reaction out of it, and even some much needing schooling.
            This was certainly interesting and I learned something new today, keep the good work, and the good attitude, which is rare on the Internet.
            Cheers 🙂

  3. Ren,
    Your insight into the ways of humanity is profound. Whether by natural talent or hard training you have cultivated excellent skills.

    In my opinion, you have earned everything you get from running this website. Please continue as long as it serves you, at whatever pace you enjoy. I know I’ll enjoy it, too.

    Cheers to you and all the donors.

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