New CD Chapter Release! Book 12, Chapter 19

Hey guys, here’s a third chapter for the day! Well, it’s technically the next day now, but still, I got it out for you guys! Book 12, Chapter 19 – Controlled has been released! If you enjoyed this chapter, please consider joining me in thanking our generous sponsors: CT of Germany, warhead, LM of France, and Akisu. Thanks so much, guys!

Okay, I’m going to sleep now. Have a good night and enjoy the read, friends! xD xD xD

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  1. I was totally into that, wondering what kind of mind control was used, or this or that. Then I read the preview for the next chapter. Lmao. Ren, you’re good.

  2. Hehehe Ren your f*cking awesome!! It’s kinda scary how well you managed to copy IET’s style. Though once we got to the pissing and shitting part I found it a bit strange. As well as the fact that the spatial refreshing wouldn’t have made the disciples deities as it seems to be an incredibly high truth
    P. S thanks for doing the translations. I love you for it

  3. You got me man. I was bummed until I noticed it was april first and checked the preview. And I almost never check the preview of the next chapter. I was like nooo he can’t die!

  4. well somehow I already had a hint that something was quite off, you used the word ‘sigh’ too many times. This didn’t happen in any other chapter of coiling dragon before.
    But still to the end I didn’t realize that the whole chapter could be a deception because I didn’t see the calendar, thats why.
    Other than these, the suspense you created was almost identical to IEW just a little rushed. The conversation of the characters were amazingly done albeit Bebe’s convo could be done better.
    In the end I have to admit that thing you did with Haeru, scared the living shit out of me. Even for a turn, that was really something.
    Also thats why you wrote in chp18 that we shouldn’t stay up late for your third chapter and that it isn’t worth it, I knew something was wrong but well in the end I am no Sherlock.

  5. Nice story I totally didn’t get to know u wrote it until I went to the next page Hahaha……….. Ur amazing bro it’s been almost 3 weeks since I started this light novel an have to say it’s really amazing I just have become a huge fan thanks for the translations I’ll be lost without ur continuous updates

      1. I have a question about CD how many books are there and how long are u planning to complete the whole thing and I wanted to read stellar transformation but I found chapters missing can u do something about that pls I really need some novel time
        Thanks sorry for the trouble

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