MGA – Chapter 652

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MGA: Chapter 652 – Pleasing Palace

“Senior Qiushui, does that mean even Lady Piaomiao cannot save Yan Ruyu?” Chu Feng caught a few things from her words, causing worry to appear on his face.

“Would demons from the Ancient Era be weak? If its physical body had yet to disappear, or if it were to entirely revive, not to mention us, even Lady Piaomiao definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat it. The entire Eastern Sea Region would be in ruins as well,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Then what should we do? Are we going to let it consume Yan Ruyu’s awareness and take over her body?” Chu Feng became more and more worried, but then, he thought of something, and said even more worriedly, “Lady Piaomiao isn’t planning to kill Yan Ruyu, right?”

“She will not. Although that demon is very difficult to deal with, it’s not like it’s impossible. Right now, there is a method that can take care of it, but one object is required for assistance,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“What object?” Chu Feng asked.

“Martial Marking Immortal Lotus,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Is the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, you are correct. The Martial Marking Immortal Lotus is an extremely rare object, and at present, it can only be found within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

“Moreover, this Martial Marking Immortal Lotus is very difficult to find. After entering the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, every single person will do their best to find Martial Markings, so if you want to find Martial Marking Immortal Lotuses, you can only rely on yourself. No one will help you,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“That means Senior Piaomiao granted this Misty Badge to me because you want me to search for Martial Marking Immortal Lotuses?” Chu Feng looked at the badge in his hand, his eyes unavoidably containing a few more complex expressions.

“It’s not completely that. However, there is such a reason within. Anyway, the one who gave Yan Ruyu a chance at survival is you, and right now, the person who can thoroughly save her is also you.

“That’s right. There’s another thing I have to say to you,” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“What is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s that after the demon in Yan Ruyu’s body is successfully exorcised, Lady Piaomiao will take her as her disciple.

“I am only notifying you about this, because since Lady Piaomiao wants to take her as a disciple, not to mention you, even Yan Ruyu herself has no choice,” Qiushui Fuyan said very gravely. Implicitly, she also told Chu Feng how domineering Lady Piaomiao was.

“To be able to have such an extraordinary master such as Lady Piaomiao is the dream of countless number of people. I’m sure Yan Ruyu will be honoured,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Then great. The people who will enter the Martial Marking Immortal Realm still need to be filtered. In these days, rest well.” After leaving those words behind, Qiushui Fuyan brought Jiang Wanshi and left.

*dong dong dong*

However, just as Qiushui Fuyan and Jiang Wanshi left, Chu Feng’s door was knocked. After opening, he discovered that it was a young female. She had very plain clothings and had quite a refined and pure look. Although she wasn’t really some devastating beauty, she was very pleasing to the eyes. Most importantly, that female’s cultivation was actually in the seventh level of the Heaven realm.

“Miss, is there something?” Chu Feng asked politely.

“Sir Wuqing, right? I am a servant in the Misty Peak. By the Lady’s order, I bring you, Sir, to the Pleasing Palace to view the painting of a Martial Marking Immortal Lotus,” the woman said very respectfully.

“I see. Then I’ll be troubling you to lead the way.” Chu Feng lightly smiled after hearing those words, but in reality, he was quite shocked inside.

Even though he knew that experts were as common as the clouds in the Misty Peak, he didn’t expect that even a servant had the cultivation of the seventh level of the Heaven realm. It couldn’t be helped, then, that Lady Piaomiao didn’t have good impressions of Jiang Wanshi.

Doing a comparison, Jiang Wanshi was truly not any genius. This was also the so-called “You only gloom yourself when you compare yourself to others.” It couldn’t be blamed that Jiang Wanshi had too weak of a talent. It could only be said that there were really too many experts on the Misty Peak.

“Miss, are you also a disciple of the Lady?” Chu Feng asked curiously on the way, because he was very confused.

In order to prolong their lives, those old people with powerful strengths pledged their loyalty to the Misty Peak. That, Chu Feng could understand.

However, this female had a young age. She should have a great future, and regardless of which sect she went, she should receive quite decent treatments. Why the pain? Why be a servant here and serve others?

“Sir, you think too highly of me. With my talent, how could I possibly be the Lady’s disciple? I am truly only a servant. But, even though I’m a servant, the Lady does not treat us poorly.

“Not only do we get extraordinary cultivation resources, we can even get pointers from the Four Season Ladies, sometimes even from Lady Piaomiao herself. So, even though we are doing work of servants here, in reality, we can enjoy the treatment that others dream to have,” the servant explained detailedly, as if she saw Chu Feng’s confusion. Not only did she not feel shamed from being a servant, she felt proud.

“So it’s like this. I understand.” Chu Feng nodded his head. Her words had already resolved all doubts in his heart.

In the Misty Peak, there was only one true master, Lady Piaomiao herself, and her only disciples, the Four Seasons. Their positions were the second-highest in the entire Misty Peak and even though everyone else was no more than guards and servants, those guards and servants could enjoy the Misty Peak’s unique cultivation methods as well as its unique cultivation resources. That’s also why so many experts were willing to put down their statuses and bear such a lowly position. Their goal was very simple: to walk better and farther on the road of cultivation.

On the surface, the positions they held were very low, but in reality, they received enviable treatment. It was likely that even the guards and servants of the Misty Peak were figures of admirations by those who knew of the situation.

Afterwards, being led by the servant, Chu Feng passed through layers of roads that were usually prohibited, and finally, arrived upon a peak. Mist and fog lingered around that peak and waterfalls surged greatly. The elegance of the environment was as though it were a realm of immortals.

Moreover, atop the peak there was a grandiose and gorgeous palace constructed by white bricks and tiles. On the board above the palace door, there were two big words: “Pleasing Palace”.

“Sir, it is here. In this Pleasing Palace, there are many records related to the Martial Marking Immortal Realm as well as murals of Martial Marking Immortal Lotuses. However, this place is one that we servants are not permitted to enter, so I can only lead you up to here,” the servant said.

“Thanks for your trouble.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then walked towards the Pleasing Palace.

However, before even entering, Chu Feng discovered at least twenty people already inside. They were all young, and were all Martial Lords. The ones with the weakest cultivation were rank two Martial Lords, while the ones with the strongest strength were rank five Martial Lords—as strong as Ya Fei.

However, Chu Feng’s didn’t mind that and walked straight towards the palace.

“Halt. Do you think this place is one that even you can enter?”

But before Chu Feng even entered, a fierce shout rang out from the entrance. Focusing his gaze over, it was two young males. They wore splendidly and had the cultivation of rank two Martial Lords. However, Chu Feng could determine they were definitely not people of the Misty Peak.

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  1. “Moreover, this Martial Marking Immortal Lotus is very difficult to fine.

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  2. MGA: Chapter 652 – Pleasing Palace

    When I read the title, I totally didn’t think about a brothel with a lot of females being pleased at all… I PROMISE!

    “I am only notifying you about this, because since Lady Piaomiao wants to take her as a disciple, not to mention you, even Yan Ruyu herself has no choice,” Qiushui Fuyan said very gravely. Implicitly, she also told Chu Feng how domineering Lady Piaomiao was.

    Well, hopefully that means that she won’t be a part of the harem later on. If that’s the case, good. The less people there are in the harem, the better. Then we can spend more time on actual plot and not subpar chinese romance. Perhaps the girls can actually be properly developed as well instead of just being ornaments like harem members tend to be when there’s too many.

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