MGA – Chapter 647

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MGA: Chapter 647 – Seeing Unfairness on the Road

At that instant, the distance to the Misty Peak was no longer far so the number of people there was not few. Hearing such a yell, all of them couldn’t help casting their gazes to the origin, seeing what exactly was happening.

However, seeing such a scene, the rank two Martial Lord widened his eyes and coldly shouted, “I am the young master of the Domineering Tiger Villa, Tie Fan.

“This woman cheated away my money, and I am only demanding it back. In addition, as only a warning, I advise my friends here to not be too nosy.” Even though Tie Fan’s tone seemed polite, in reality it was full of cautionary intentions.

Everyone who had the ability to come to this place did not have weak cultivation, but at present, of the nearby people the strongest were only rank one Martial Lords. In addition, the Domineering Tiger Villa did have some position and power in the Eastern Sea Region.

So, after knowing Tie Fan’s identity, those who were watching the liveliness all increased their forwarding speed, not a single one preparing to butt into this matter.

Seeing the cold human emotions and the fickle-minded world—even though there were many passing by, there was simply no one willing to help herself—the arrogant airs that she had earlier instantly vanished, and she said with a frivolous smile, “Hey hey hey, it is only a few low-rank Martial medicine. Isn’t it fine if I just give it back?”

“Hmph. Of course you will give back our Martial medicine, but do you really think so long as you give us back our Martial medicine you can make fools of us for nothing? You truly have too great of an imagination.” Tie Fan coldly snorted, then leaped forward and rushed into the Spirit Formation. At the same time, his hand was already squeezing the woman’s throat.

“Mm!” At that instant, she did all she could to struggle—waving her hands, powerfully hammering Tie Fan’s arm—but it was useless and it could not move Tie Fan. She only felt the hand that squeezed her throat getting tighter and tighter. Not only was she unable to breathe, she even felt that her neck was going to be forcibly snapped off. Her face was fraught with pain.

*boom* However, just as the woman thought she was going to die, an explosion suddenly burst out, and at the same time, a powerful current of air descended from above.

The strength of the air current blew the four rank one Martial Lords several thousand meters away, and even the rank two Martial Lord, Tie Fan, changed his expression. However, he did not back away, and instead, strengthened the hand that he was squeezing the woman’s neck with.

*bam* Just at that moment, another hand abruptly appeared and landed on Tie Fan’s wrist. With a cracking sound, Tie Fan felt his wrist go soft, leaving him no choice but to loosen his clenching hand.

Only after taking several steps back did Tie Fan discover a person appearing by the woman’s side. And of course, that person was Chu Feng.

“Who are you?” Tie Fan coldly shouted, his eyes full of enmity. It was because he discovered that even though Chu Feng was strong, he was no more than a rank one Martial Lord. Being struck back by a rank one Martial Lord made him very displeased.

“It is not important who I am. The important thing is that I am not very used to men hitting women,” Chu Feng said with a light smile, but his eyes were full of derision.

Simultaneously, Jiang Wanshi also came up to Chu Feng’s side, supporting the female who was rapidly gasping.

“Damn, such nerves! Do you know who we are? You dare to meddle into our matter?!” And at that instant, the four rank one Martial Lords who were pushed back by Chu Feng had already charged up with stomachs full of fury, and also started to attack him.

Even though the four attacks were not martial skills, they could not be underestimated. After all, the strength of Martial power could fragment the air, and in reality, facing the four bursts of auras that were coming straight at them, fear emerged onto the faces of Jiang Wanshi and that woman.

Especially for Jiang Wanshi, she couldn’t help but pull the woman back because she, who was only in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, simply had no way of fighting against that aura. Even if she used her strongest technique she couldn’t. That was the difference between the Heaven realm and a Martial Lord.

Seeing Jiang Wanshi’s timid reaction, the rank one Martial Lords who joined up to attack curled up their mouths to form a smile, and brimmed with pride. However, when Jiang Wanshi feared their attack, they didn’t expect Chu Feng to have not the slightest bit of dread.

“Scram.” Chu Feng stood where he was without even moving. With an explosively shout, powerful might burst out and a formless shock wave swept out, engulfing the four people. The strong power not only shattered their attacks, it even pushed them back again.

“Are you truly looking to die!” Seeing that, Tie Fan no longer watched and did nothing on the side. He threw out an abrupt punch, attacking Chu Feng.

*boom* When it was thrown, the sky instantly changed colour. Just the might alone caused the surrounding air to have cracks like a shattered mirror. It was not an ordinary attack, but a very powerful martial skill.

“Hmph.” However, Chu Feng was still not afraid by that punch. He raised his own fist, and actually threw it out similarly. Moreover, he didn’t use any martial skills. It was a very ordinary punch that only contained Martial power.

*boom rumble rumble rumble*

The collision of the two fists instantly made a deafening explosion. A berserk shock wave rippled out, sweeping through the horizon. The air cracked above, and the water boiled below. The atmosphere produced was very terrifying.

Being affected by such horrifying might, Tie Fan slipped and was forced back several steps. Yet, looking back at Chu Feng, he did not even move an inch, and was still standing there, unmoved.

“How is this happening? That guy is clearly only a rank one Martial Lord. How can he have such strength?” Only then did the four people struck back by Chu Feng come to a revelation, realizing that Chu Feng wasn’t as simple as he seemed.

As for Tie Fan, his face was similarly grave as he was in quite a difficult situation. He asked coldly, “No wonder this girl dares to be so arrogant. So she has helpers. There will always be consequences for people who do culpable things. Since you dare to help this woman, do you dare to report your name?”

“Hmph. Trash like you usually do not deserve to know my name, but today my mood is extremely good. I’ll make an exception and give you a chance.

“Raise your ears and listen up! I am called Wuqing, belonging to no school nor sect, I walk alone. In the future, if you want revenge, come straight at me!” Chu Feng’s words were full of disdain, and he did indeed not put any of them in his eyes.

“You… you have guts. You’ll have things coming in the future.” Being looked down upon by Chu Feng, Tie Fan gnashed his teeth in anger. But, he could do nothing, so he turned around, and left.

He did so because the exchange just now allowed him to see how powerful Chu Feng was. If he fought more against him, he had no confidence that he could defeat Chu Feng.

It was fine if he were to defeat Chu Feng; after all, he, as a rank two Martial Lord, should defeat a rank one Martial Lord. However, if he were to lose to Chu Feng, that would be too shameful. So, currently, he had no more plans to fight against Chu Feng.

“Brother Tie Fan, you’re letting him go just like that?” Tie Fan’s several companions felt very confused when he actually let Chu Feng go.

“It is already late now. If we don’t head to the Misty Peak, we won’t be able to get in. None of you would want to pass the night above this ocean right?

“Besides, even though that girl is damnable, she’s a female, after all. Just now, we’ve already attracted some people’s attention. If there’s one that blabs about and pulls some nosy people, it will be disadvantageous to us.” Tie Fan naturally had to find an excuse for his cowardice.

“Brother Tie Fan is reasonable. It will not be too late to give a person like him a lesson later.” Hearing that, even though the four others knew what he was thinking, it wasn’t good for them to shame him further, so they could only leave just like that.

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    1. I smell another harem coming hahaha… Those big eyes and white teeth, ah if that’s a beggar how come her teeth is white :/

      i believe that girl isn’t ordinary…

      1. ofcourse she isnt, why else would he treat her well. This is the problem with MGA, chu feng doesnt have a set personality sometimes he is a good guy other times he is evil or neutral, its all for the convenience of the plot. It wasnt 100 chapters ago when he saw a woman fighting some beast and said he would never get involved with other people’s business unless they werent cultivators.

        1. Yeah, I remember that. But then the woman was a middle aged woman who couldn’t join Chu Feng’s harem no?

          Chu Feng’s actions really threw me off this chapter. I was thinking, “Since when did Chu Feng care about women?”

          The answer? Starting from chapter 647.

          1. On point, both of you. Also didn’t he massacre entire sects a while back too? They almost always have women members.

          2. ikr… that took me off for a curve as well… i was pretty sure that the dirty girl was going to beat them up but well whatever… . . . . .

        2. He saw that she was being betrayed by her servants and was about to die, then he helped her. He may have said he wouldn’t get involved in a cultivator’s business…but he still got involved anyway, without benefit to himself. His actions then and now seem pretty consistent to his character, where is the confusion?

          Chu Feng’s personality in regards to women is quite simply to understand. If the girl is an enemy or part of an enemy faction, he will show them no mercy. If the female in danger is a neutral party/stranger and about to die…as long as there is no risk to his life, he will help them. And if the female in danger is a friend or loved one, regardless of the risk, he will help. The story and Chu Feng’s personality has been consistent with these 3 things.

          On note of being evil, you just have to come to terms with the world that is MGA. The principles of our world would only cause you to suffer in MGA. In the world of MGA, the strong rules the weak, and the strong aren’t bound by laws, rules, and morals. If you offend a noble, and they wipe out your family…that noble is not gonna get in trouble for it. Enemies stay enemies through generation after generation. Grudges of a single family member is carried by the entire family. Chu Feng has never killed anyone that wasn’t considered his enemy. And those he has killed, if given the chance, wouldn’t hesitate to kill him instead. Chu Feng does not go looking for/initiate trouble. By the standards of our world he would be considered evil, but by MGA standards he is neutral.

          1. CYRS: “He saw that she was being betrayed by her servants and was about to die, then he helped her. He may have said he wouldn’t get involved in a cultivator’s business…but he still got involved anyway, without benefit to himself. His actions then and now seem pretty consistent to his character, where is the confusion?”

            There was benefit to himself. It was so he could get into that cave. By winning her over.

  1. MGA has a short chapter per least the teaser part is pretty quite long for teaser hehe…

    I describe Chu Feng…Hmmm since he prefer to encounter female especially beautiful ones and still immaculate girl… Woah!… from what I’ve remember MGA already has 3 scene 1-2 per chapter hehehe
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    Don’t you dare evaluate me as Perverted! it just that…every Wuxia Novel has a different story… story line like this is quite rare…

        1. You seem to not understand Chu Feng. He doesn’t go around killing people willy nilly. If Chu Feng was tricked by her, he wouldn’t kill her…especially not after she offered to give back what she cheated off of him. These guys were gonna kill her, even though she was gonna give back what she cheated off of them. The more I read comments, the more I see people don’t understand Chu Feng’s character, or the world of MGA. A lot of poeple seem to think he is some sort of evil incarnate devil spawn 24-7…when he is actually nothing like that…unless your his enemy.

          1. He would not have killed her if she gave back the medecine ? lol.
            Are you serious ? He would have given her a bad speech and them either killed her or put her in a bad situation as a punishment.
            Stop trying to rationalize Chu Feng’s personality. It’s badly written.
            Chu feng’s personality is simple, apart from the bullsh*t “kind towards those who are kind, and evil towards those who are evil to him”, his personality just follows the plot…

          2. Yes Jean, I wasn’t joking…he wouldn’t kill her. Would he put her in a bad situation? Maybe. Would he kill her? No. Compared to the girls from the all girls school that poisoned him, this girls offense is practically nothing. Especially when she would give back what she cheated off of him. The girls who poisoned him were not killed by him, so why do expect he would kill this girl if he was tricked by her. I am not rationalizing anything. Chu Feng’s character follows basic tenets already said in the story, and his personality is consistent. Is this story the best written thing in the world? No. But that doesn’t mean Chu Feng is a 24-7 devil spawn to every single person he comes across.

            What does “his personality just follows the plot” even mean? Is that suppose to be some kind of negative? It’s a natural occurrence in fiction for the personality of a MC to unfold to reader as the plot advances. Since when did that become a negative thing, or am I missing something?

    1. Girl that’s hiding her appearance behind a layer of dirt, then gets saved by chivalrous Chu Feng, who afterwards even refuses to take advantage of her gratitude? Sounds to me like she is the last one of the 3 beauties from Eastern Sea Region, and likes to f*ck around with the people at Misty Peak, ’cause she knows that no one can do anything to her. Chu Feng probably peeked her interest right now and that’ll be the first step to make her waifu n°4 or 5… I don’t even count anymore.

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    ‘However, Chu Feng, who was cultured and refined, did not push her away when he was toyed by her. He waved his hand and flung her away.’

    Haha, what? xD Instead of pushing her away like a ‘vulgar’ person, he flung her away with a wave of his hand like a ‘cultured’ one instead! I see, that’s how gentlemen do things!

    1. I was also wondering about that. That statement is like pure contradiction on a stick. Must be an error in there some where…no way the author actually meant to put that in there XD.

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