MGA – Chapter 1471

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MGA: Chapter 1471 – You’re Number One

At this moment, astonishment filled Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er’s faces. They were deeply shocked and looked somewhat pitiful.

At the time when their final attack ended in failure, the anger in their hearts had no choice but to turn into unwilling helplessness.

“Impossible, this is definitely impossible! How could we sisters lose to you?” Suddenly, Nie Xi’er shouted in an extremely unreconciled manner. As she shouted, glistening teardrops appeared in her eyes.

Humiliation. To her, this was an enormous humiliation. She, who had considered herself to be the number one disciple of the Nine Powers, was defeated. This was equivalent to her being dethroned.

From today onward, the strongest disciple among the disciples of the Nine Powers would no longer be the two of them. Instead, it would be Chu Feng.

She knew this very well in her heart. That was the reason why she found it so difficult to accept. She found it extremely difficult to accept that they, who had been unrivaled by anyone else, had been dethroned and pulled down to the same level as all of the rest of the people.

“While you two are very strong, you’re not that strong.”

“While your battle power had indeed increased a tier and become infinitely close to that of rank four Half Martial Emperors after using your divine powers, the two of you are actually not yet at the level of rank four Half Martial Emperors.”

“After all, Half Martial Emperors remain an existence above Martial Kings. No matter how strong a Martial King might be, no matter how heaven-defying their battle power might be, they can only be infinitely close to the level of a Half Martial Emperor and not actually be able to be truly on par with them.”

“However, I am different from the two of you. What I used was spirit power instead of martial power. My spirit power’s battle power is not infinitely close to that of rank four Half Martial Emperors. Instead, it is completely capable of fighting on an equal footing to a rank four Half Martial Emperor.”

“Thus, the two of you are no match for me. This is not an accident, it is only logical and a matter of course,” Chu Feng said slowly.

“You…” Nie Xi’er sat on the ground in a helpless manner. She had a very lifeless expression. It appeared that she had received a very deep shock.

If Nie Xi’er was being chilled by winter snows earlier, than Chu Feng’s words would only be adding hail to the snow.

Nie Wan’er held onto her younger sister who had nearly collapsed and said, “Chu Feng, you’ve won. Let us go.” Her tone actually contained traces of pleading.

She was afraid. From the bottom of her heart, she was afraid that Chu Feng would not let them leave. That was because she knew that Chu Feng had the ability to take care of them.
Without even moving, with merely a gaze from Chu Feng’s eyes, the spirit formation that the twin sisters had failed to break through even after exhausting all of their strength started to dissipate.

“You two can leave. I won’t be seeing you off,” Chu Feng said as he waved his hand.

At this moment, Nie Wan’er’s gaze was flickering. She got up to leave but, suddenly stopped her footsteps. She turned around and said, “Chu Feng, I admit that you’re very powerful. Among all of the Nine Powers’ disciples right now, you’re number one.”

After she left those words, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er’s figures swayed and then they disappeared. No one knew that they came here, and very few people knew about the fight that they had with Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, while this old man knew that you were very powerful, I never expected you to be this powerful. Perhaps, another era’s overlord shall soon emerge.” Suddenly, an old man’s voice sounded. It was Hong Qiang.

Hong Qiang was a peak Half Martial Emperor. Thus, he could come and go without a trace. If he did not wish to show himself, then Chu Feng and the others would not be able to sense him even if they tried their hardest to do so.

However, it was clear that he had been there for quite some time now. At the very least, he had seen how Chu Feng had defeated the Nie sisters from the shadows.
“Little friends, might you all allow me to speak with Chu Feng in private?” Hong Qiang asked with a smile.
Hearing that, Lin Yezhou and the others hurriedly walked out. As they walked out of the palace hall, they did not forget to smile and respectfully greet Hong Qiang.

They all knew of what sort of character Hong Qiang was. He was a peak Half Martial Emperor, someone on the same level as their headmaster. Someone like him was a person they did not dare to offend.

“Chu Feng, my apologies, this old man has failed you. I did not manage to undo the seal on the Raging Flames Lotus Flower’s seed,” After everyone left, Hong Qiang spoke apologetically.

“Senior, what words are those? It was junior who is inconveniencing you to begin with. Thus, how could senior possibly fail me?”

“I believe that with senior’s ability, you will, sooner or later, be able to unseal that lotus flower seed,” Chu Feng said with a smile.
“Actually, the unsealing should be soon. After the Nine Powers Hunt is over, I will definitely hand you an unsealed lotus seed,” Hong Qiang said.

“I trust senior.” Chu Feng pulled over a chair and then said, “Senior, please sit. It’s been many days since we have last seen each other, and this junior has some things that he wishes to tell senior.”

After Hong Qiang sat down, he said with a smile, “Mn, I also wish to hear about the details of how you defeated the Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Third Prince in the World Spiritist Alliance.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng smiled. He exclaimed in his heart about how well-informed Hong Qiang was, to actually learn of this matter this quickly. Furthermore, he had clearly used the pseudonym of Feng Chu to defeat Dongfang Zexuan. Yet, Hong Qiang was able to guess that it was his doing. 1

“Actually, it happened like this…” After a brief moment of exclamation, Chu Feng did not try to conceal anything, and began to narrate what had happened in full detail.

At the same time when Chu Feng was chatting with Hong Qiang, the two sisters Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er returned to their residence.

However, after they returned to their residence, they found a person. It was a woman who had lived for countless years. However, she still maintained the appearance of a middle-aged woman. Not only was she very beautiful, she was also very classy. Most importantly, the oppressive sensation she gave off was something that ordinary people did not possess.

This person was the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er’s master.

“Have the two of you gone to find that Chu Feng?” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster asked.

“Mn,” Nie Wan’er nodded.

“Seems that you have been defeated,” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster said.

“Mn,” Nie Wan’er nodded her head again.

“Sigh~~~~” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster sighed a very deep sigh. It seemed she was very disappointed.

“Did you go all out?” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster asked.

“Master, we went all out,” Nie Wan’er answered.

“You used the Divine Body’s divine power?” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster asked.

“We did,” Nie Wan’er answered.

“To what level?” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster asked.

“We transformed,” Nie Wan’er answered.

“In that case, how far did you force him?” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster continued to ask.

“We went all-out but were unable to injure him in the slightest. We were forced out of our transformation by his world spirit techniques,” Nie Wan’er answered.

“…” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster grew silent. After a very long time, she asked, “Did he conceal his strength? Could he be a Half Martial Emperor?”

“No, he is merely a rank six Martial King,” Nie Wan’er said.

“In that case, how could the two of you be defeated?” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster became emotional. She did not dare to believe this to be real.

“Master, we are incompetent,” Hearing that, Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er immediately knelt onto the ground.

“Don’t tell me that his world spirit techniques are so powerful that the two of you ended up being defeated. I have painstakingly taught the two of you how to deal with world spiritists. And now… you are both experts in dealing with world spiritists. Thus… tell me the truth. Why were you defeated?” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster continued to ask.

“Master, we know that this is very unbelievable. However, his world spirit techniques are extraordinary and extremely powerful. Among all Insect Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritists, he is the strongest that we’ve encountered.”

“Even if you are to have us challenge him another time, ten more times, a hundred more times or even a thousand more times, the result would be the same. It will definitely be us who will be defeated,” Nie Wan’er spoke truthfully. Very rarely did she ever admit defeat. However, this time around, she had no choice but to admit her defeat.
After fighting against Chu Feng, she knew that Chu Feng was extremely powerful. Throughout their entire battle, Chu Feng had been very relaxed. They were simply unable to even force Chu Feng to use his trump cards. Chu Feng still possessed countless other techniques that they did not know of. Thus, Nie Wan’er knew that the two of them were not on the same level as Chu Feng at all.

“…” At this time, the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster became silent once again. After a while, she said, “Dugu Xingfeng, World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master, Old Daoist Wuliang, Miao Renlong, you old foxes. I now know why you all thought so highly of that Chu Feng.”

“Remember, from today onward, you all cannot try to befriend Chu Feng. However, you must not become his enemy again either,” The Ten Thousand Flowers Garden’s headmaster said.

“Understood,” Nie Wan’er and Nie Xi’er did not dare to go against their master’s order, nor did they wish to go against their master’s order. Thus, the two of them answered in unison.

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  1. GNE: Nice to see that at least one person has an IQ higher than 50


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