Martial God Asura (修罗武神) – Index

Martial God Asura (修罗武神 Xiu Luo Wu Shen) is an ongoing Chinese web novel by “Kindhearted Bee” (善良的蜜蜂 Shan Liang de Mi Feng) with 2900+ chapters. This novel is currently being translated by Yang Wen-li (YWL). flowerbridgetoo (FBT) has translated the first 3 volumes (Chapters 1-1004). For reference, every chapter fluctuates from 2400 characters to 2900 characters for current chapters with most chapters around 2600 characters. On the 17k website, it is listed in the “Xuan Huan” category and “Eastern Fantasy” as the subcategory.

Warning: This novel contains mature themes.
Warning: This index is not always up to date.

Introduction to MGA

Regarding potential—even if you are not considered a genius, you can still learn Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. Anyone can be enlightened without a master.

Regarding strength—despite having a myriad of artifacts, you may not defeat my army of World Spirits.

Who am I? All of the world’s living perceives me as Asura, but I was ignorant to such a thing. I thus ascend to be the Martial God as Asura.



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Arcs (Were not included in the raws)

Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity (1–264)

Volume 2 - Sweeping Through the Nine Provinces (265–548)

Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region (549–1004)

Arriving at the Eastern Sea Region (549–556)
Four Seas Academy: First Visit (557–572)
A Brother’s Conspiracy (573–580)
Heaps of Spirit Formations (581–587)
Heart-wrenching Change (588–595)
Lovers Terrace (596–604)
Everlasting Sea of Blood (605–612)
Monster of the Sea (613–622)
Detention within the Immortal Execution Archipelago (623–631)
Chu Feng’s Ancestry Investigation (632–643)
Misty Peaks (644–659)
The Banquet atop the Peak (660–671)
Entering the Immortal Realm (671–681)
Temple of Reproduction (682–694)
Returning to the Misty Peak (695–703)
A Revisit: The Li Family (704–710)
Returning to the Four Seas Academy (711–721)
Preparations for the Millennium Ancient City (722–728)
Formation Apertures (729–739)
Millennium Ancient City (740–752)
Leaving the Four Seas Academy (753–758)
Arriving at the Depraved Ravine (759–767)
First Meeting (768–781)
Battle of the Two Overlords (782–805)
A Visit to the Zi Family (806–821)
Assembly of a Thousand Clans (822–834)
Reentering the Asura Ghost Tower (835–842)
Stone Sword Sect (843–851)
Burning Heaven Church (852–864)
Revisiting the Stone Sword Sect (865–870)
Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation (871–879)
Attack on the Gale Plains (880–896)
Full Force Invasion (897–916)
Reunion of Family and Master (917–935)
Journey to Become the Head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect (936–949)
Crashing into a Wedding (950–963)
Facing the Final Bosses (964–972)
Final Battle (973–980)
Ancestry Investigation (981–989)
Entering the Heavenly Road (990–1004)

Volume 4 - A New Journey(1005-1558)

Volume 5 – Battle For Overlord(1559-2148)

Inner Court Disciple Exam (1–8)

Chu Alliance Gathering (9–16)

Spiritual Medicine Hunt (17–27)

Chu Family Competition (28–38)

Liu Alliance (39–45)

Ancient City (46–55)

Tomb Plundering (56–64)

Pre-Core Disciple Exam (65–73)

Core Disciple Exam (74–84)

Battle of the Families (85–96)

Ambushes upon Ambushes (97–110)

Ancient Tomb (111–119)

New Excellence Assembly (120–129)

Betrayal of Trust (130–141)

White Tiger Villa (142–152)

Ancestral Lifeline (153–162)

Sword Alliance (163–174)

Spirit Province (175–185)

Asura Ghost Tower (186–201)

Mr. Grey-cloak (202–210)

Tragedy of Revenge (211–218)

Heroic Hunt (219–236)

Brother's Rage (237–241)

Arranged Battle (242–264)

Thousand Bone Graveyard (265–270)

Hundred School Gathering (271–292)

Emperor Tomb (293–302)

Betrayal (303–314)

Calamity (315–325)

Illusionary Thunder School (326–330)

Prestigious Villa (331–341)

Battles on the Mountain Peak (342–351)

Marriage Gathering (352–357)

Thousand Monster Mountain (358–375)

Treasure Hunting (376–388)

Avarice (389–402)

Retaliations (403–430)

Coincidence (431–438)

Sword God Valley (439–457)

World Spirit Guild (458–484)

Void School (485–493)

Zi Family's Secret (494–499)

Revisiting the Emperor Tomb (500–506)

Battle of the Jiang Dynasty (507–519)

Enraging Flames (520–528)

Re-revisiting the Emperor Tomb (529–540)

Battle of Geniuses (540–548)

Arriving at the Eastern Sea Region (549–556)

Four Seas Academy: First Visit (557–572)

A Brother’s Conspiracy (573–580)

Heaps of Spirit Formations (581–587)

Heart-wrenching Change (588–595)

Lovers Terrace (596–604)

Everlasting Sea of Blood (605–612)

Monster of the Sea (613–622)

Detention within the Immortal Execution Archipelago (623–631)

Chu Feng's Ancestry Investigation (632–643)

Misty Peaks (644–659)

The Banquet atop the Peak (660–671)

Entering the Immortal Realm (672–681)

Temple of Reproduction (682–694)

Returning to the Misty Peak (695–703)

A Revisit: The Li Family (704–710)

Returning to the Four Seas Academy (711–721)

Preparations for the Millennium Ancient City (722–728)

Formation Apertures (729–739)

Millennium Ancient City (740–752)

Leaving the Four Seas Academy (753–758)

Arriving at the Depraved Ravine (759–767)

First Meeting (768–781)

Battle of the Two Overlords (782–805)

A Visit to the Zi Family (806–821)

Assembly of a Thousand Clans (822–834)

Reentering the Asura Ghost Tower (835–842)

Stone Sword Sect (843–851)

Burning Heaven Church (852–864)

Revisiting the Stone Sword Sect (865–870)

Tower of Martial Skill Cultivation (871–879)

Attack on the Gale Plains (880–896)

Full Force Invasion (897–916)

Reunion of Family and Master (917–935)

Journey to Become the Head of the Crippling Night Demon Sect (936–949)

Crashing into a Wedding (950–963)

Facing the Final Bosses (964–972)

Final Battle (973–980)

Ancestry Investigation (981–989)

Entering the Heavenly Road (990–1004)

Arriving in the Holy Land of Martialism (1005-1011)

Occult Blood Church(1012-1023)

Entering the Southern Cyanwood Forest(1024-1035)

The Southern Cyanwood Forest's Hope(1036-1049)

Journey To The Ancient Era's Immortal Pond(1050-1060)

Entering The Ancient Era's Immortal Pond(1061-1075)

Triggering The Ancient Era's Immortal Needle(1076-1085)

Journey To The Ascension Sect(1086-1098)

Obtaining The Remnants(1099-1109)

Arriving At The Cyanwood Mountain(1109-1126)

Ascension Division(1127-1133)

Asura Division(1134-1142)

Firmament Medicinal Garden(1143-1158)


Battle of Life and Death(1170-1180)

The Exposure(1181-1193)

Earthen Taboo: Firmament Shield(1194-1999)

Fighting Over Chu Feng(1200-1207)

Three Cyanwood Forests Division(1208-1215)

Nine Spirits Divine Diagram(1216-1230)

Mysterious Black-Clothed Man(1231-1235)

Disturbances Arise Again(1236-12xx)

Chapter 1236: Disturbances Arise Again
Chapter 1237: Scram
Chapter 1238: Divine Body
Chapter 1239: Refusal To Forgive
Chapter 1240: Asura Spirit World
Chapter 1241: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 1242: Please Leave
Chapter 1243: The Arrival Of The Army
Chapter 1244: The Enraged Queen
Chapter 1245: The Strongest Disciple, Qin Lingyun
Chapter 1246: Oppression
Chapter 1247: To Endure Silently
Chapter 1248: Inverting Right and Wrong
Chapter 1249: Torn With Grief
Chapter 1250: I’m Sorry
Chapter 1251: Dragon Grade Mission
Chapter 1252: Monstrous Dragon Beast
Chapter 1253: A Battle Of Words
Chapter 1254: Beautiful Woman
Chapter 1255: Bai Suyan
Chapter 1256: Nangong Longjian
Chapter 1257: A Whole New Level Of Respect
Chapter 1258: Bai Suyan’s Strength
Chapter 1259: Mutual Assistance
Chapter 1260: An Extremely Loud Explosion
Chapter 1261: Who Is Attacking?
Chapter 1262: Already Prepared
Chapter 1263: Exploiting One Another
Chapter 1264: Unexpected Harvest
Chapter 1265: Will Definitely Not Leave The Matter At That
Chapter 1266: Headmaster’s Enforcement Title Plate
Chapter 1267: Six Seats
Chapter 1268: Dejected And Depressed
Chapter 1269: Monstrous Dragon Beast King
Chapter 1270: Prisoners
Chapter 1271: Utter Disgrace
Chapter 1272: Chu Feng Stepping Onto The Stage
Chapter 1273: Her Lady Queen
Chapter 1274: Fight Between Demons
Chapter 1275: Proving Oneself
Chapter 1276: Provocation
Chapter 1277: Shocking Everyone
Chapter 1278: Chu Feng Beating A Tiger
Chapter 1279: One Against Three
Chapter 1280: Violently Cutting Down Divine Bodies
Chapter 1281: Testing With Blood
Chapter 1282: Calling The Wind And Summoning The Rain
Chapter 1283: Earthen Taboo: Five Elements Formation
Chapter 1284: Final Confrontation
Chapter 1285: Do You Know Your Crime?
Chapter 1286: Acting Headmaster
Chapter 1287: Qin Lingyun Appearing On The Stage
Chapter 1288: Boundary Energy
Chapter 1289: Parting
Chapter 1290: Sima Villa
Chapter 1291: Shameless Relatives
Chapter 1292: Great Catastrophe
Chapter 1293: Massacre
Chapter 1294: Raining Curses
Chapter 1295: Being Merciful
Chapter 1296: World Spiritist Alliance
Chapter 1297: Leave Without Saying Goodbye
Chapter 1298: What Are You Trying To Do?
Chapter 1299: A Humiliating Torment

Chapter 1300's

Chapter 1300: Elder Miao, Grandpa Miao
Chapter 1301: Royal Metamorphosis Formation
Chapter 1302: Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest
Chapter 1303: Nominal Disciple
Chapter 1304: Humiliation Coming From Trash
Chapter 1305: So It’s A Genius
Chapter 1306: From Disappointment To Ecstasy
Chapter 1307: Pitiful People
Chapter 1308: Protecting One’s Dignity
Chapter 1309: The Boy Who Carried Hatred On His Back
Chapter 1310: Fairy Within The Coffin
Chapter 1311: Lil Ming’s In Trouble
Chapter 1312: Beyond Expectation
Chapter 1313: A Bunch Of Cowards
Chapter 1314: Can Speak, Can Do
Chapter 1315: Resentment Toward Another’s Failure
Chapter 1316: Unable To Escape The Tribulation
Chapter 1317: Collecting Feces
Chapter 1318: Causing Havoc
Chapter 1319: Displaying Overwhelming Power
Chapter 1320: True Strength
Chapter 1321: How Do You Wish To Die?
Chapter 1322: I Insist On Taking His Life
Chapter 1323: Lord Hong Qiang
Chapter 1324: Why Aren’t You Scramming?
Chapter 1325: An Item
Chapter 1326: Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower
Chapter 1327: Sealing Glacier
Chapter 1328: Truly Shameless
Chapter 1329: A Crisis Descends
Chapter 1330: Hong Qiang’s True Strength
Chapter 1331: The New Headmaster
Chapter 1332: Leaving For A Journey
Chapter 1333: Courting Death
Chapter 1334: Threaten
Chapter 1335: The Arrival Of A Weirdo
Chapter 1336: Who Else
Chapter 1337: Chu Feng vs. Wang Qiang
Chapter 1338: Confrontation Of Martial Skills
Chapter 1339: Determining The Winner
Chapter 1340: About Time To End This
Chapter 1341: Family Treasure
Chapter 1342: A Single Piece Of Dung
Chapter 1343: The Trial To Enter The Village
Chapter 1344: Threatening
Chapter 1345: Crashing Through The Trial
Chapter 1346: Astonishing Speed
Chapter 1347: Closing The Relationship
Chapter 1348: Spoils Of War
Chapter 1349: The Miraculous Wang Qiang
Chapter 1350: Where Did You Come From?
Chapter 1351: Using A Long Line To Catch A Big Fish
Chapter 1352: You Are Chu Feng?
Chapter 1353: The Three Zhou Siblings
Chapter 1354: Ancestral Worship Ceremony
Chapter 1355: Wang Qiang Displaying His Might
Chapter 1356: A Bunch Of Trash
Chapter 1357: Stunning Everyone
Chapter 1358: Smearing One’s Own Name
Chapter 1359: Old Village Chief
Chapter 1360: Ailing Matter
Chapter 1361: Staying Behind To Enjoy The Show
Chapter 1362: Exorbitant Demand
Chapter 1363: Cyan Qilin Ruyi Scepter
Chapter 1364: Looking Down Upon One Another
Chapter 1365: Serious Injury To One’s Strength
Chapter 1366: A Scheming Smile
Chapter 1367: A Crushing Defeat
Chapter 1368: Cyanwood Mountain’s Disciple, Chu Feng
Chapter 1369: Bringing One’s Own Destruction
Chapter 1370: Are You Certain That I’ve Lost?
Chapter 1371: Dissatisfied
Chapter 1372: Your End
Chapter 1373: Any time
Chapter 1374: Ailing Matter
Chapter 1375: The Reason For The False Accusation
Chapter 1376: Could it be him?
Chapter 1377: Definitely Capable Of Breaking Through
Chapter 1378: The Husband In The Queen’s Heart
Chapter 1379: I’ll Assume All Responsibility
Chapter 1380: Surging Fury
Chapter 1381: Coincidental Breakthrough
Chapter 1382: An Inevitable Crushing Defeat
Chapter 1383: You Trash
Chapter 1384: What Could You Possibly Do?
Chapter 1385: Slaughtering Technique
Chapter 1386: A Martial Skill From The Ancient Era
Chapter 1387: Aged Palm
Chapter 1388: Miao Renlong
Chapter 1389: An Invitation Of Magnificent Hospitality
Chapter 1390: Meeting Sima Ying Again
Chapter 1391: Explaining Everything
Chapter 1392: Two Geniuses
Chapter 1393: Target Of Suppression
Chapter 1394: Arrival Of The Army
Chapter 1395: Overestimating One’s Capabilities
Chapter 1396: The Trash Acted
Chapter 1397: More Trash Than Trash
Chapter 1398: That Brat Is Not Simple
Chapter 1399: Golden Rhinoceros

Chapter 1400's

Chapter 1400: Already Arrived
Chapter 1401: Teach You How To Conduct Yourself
Chapter 1402: The True Demon
Chapter 1403: Exceptional Beauty
Chapter 1404: Your End
Chapter 1405: So It’s You
Chapter 1406: Asura World Spiritist
Chapter 1407: Visiting Once Again
Chapter 1408: The Arrogant Woman
Chapter 1409: You’ve Lost
Chapter 1410: Golden Snake Soul Sucking Formation
Chapter 1411: Reverend Golden Snake?
Chapter 1412: The Alliance Master Apologizing
Chapter 1413: The Future Is Filled With Unknowns
Chapter 1414: A Visit From Lil Mei
Chapter 1415: Long Story
Chapter 1416: Strange Blood
Chapter 1417: The Pain Of Side Effects
Chapter 1418: You Are Not Even Qualified To Speak To Me
Chapter 1419: The Nine Powers Hunt
Chapter 1420: Mysterious Formation
Chapter 1421: The Successor Of Emperor Gong
Chapter 1422: Better A Bad Life Than A Good Death
Chapter 1423: Location Determined
Chapter 1424: Long Time No See
Chapter 1425: The Arrival Of Danger
Chapter 1426: Divine Spirits
Chapter 1427: Dangerous Location
Chapter 1428: My Life Is Worth
Chapter 1429: A Strand Of Aura From Emperor Gong’s Successor
Chapter 1430: A Heaven Shocking Explosion
Chapter 1431: An Opportunity
Chapter 1432: This Piece Is For You
Chapter 1433: Dongfang Imperial Clan
Chapter 1434: Finally Arrived
Chapter 1435: Subduing The Metallic Lotus Flower
Chapter 1436: Fighting Side By Side
Chapter 1437: The Final Seal
Chapter 1438: Becoming A Very Capable Individual
Chapter 1439: Dongfang Zexuan
Chapter 1440: One Word, Weak
Chapter 1441: The Key Aspect
Chapter 1442: Allow Junior To Try
Chapter 1443: A Whole New Level Of Respect
Chapter 1444: Trump Card, Defeat!
Chapter 1445: What, are you afraid?
Chapter 1446: Caught In A Predicament
Chapter 1447: Are You Satisfied?
Chapter 1448: Taking The Initiative To Attack
Chapter 1449: Golden Light Sphere
Chapter 1450: Returning Everything
Chapter 1451: It’s You?
Chapter 1452: King Royal Cloak
Chapter 1453: Presumptuous Request
Chapter 1454: The Defeat Of Both Grandfather And Grandson
Chapter 1455: Another Provocation
Chapter 1456: Are You Satisfied?
Chapter 1457: Unchanged Malicious Intentions
Chapter 1458: The Truth Revealed
Chapter 1459: Reconcile
Chapter 1460: Chu Feng’s Return
Chapter 1461: Threatening One Another
Chapter 1462: Unnecessary Worry
Chapter 1463: An Expert Withdrawn From Worldly Affairs
Chapter 1464: The Strongest Beautiful Sisters
Chapter 1465: Banner Holding Disciples
Chapter 1466: Advanced Level Gamble
Chapter 1467: Shocking Everyone
Chapter 1468: Ill-Natured Arrival
Chapter 1469: Torn Body And Crushed Bones
Chapter 1470: Seal You Two
Chapter 1471: You’re Number One
Chapter 1472: How Do You All Wish To Die?
Chapter 1473: Living Demon
Chapter 1474: The Place That He Must Go To
Chapter 1475: Ancient Era’s Remnant
Chapter 1476: Intrude Into The Forbidden Area
Chapter 1477: Ancient Era’s Organism
Chapter 1478: Firmament Flower Queen
Chapter 1479: An Extraordinary Martial King
Chapter 1480: Treasures, Right Before The Eyes
Chapter 1481: I Will Definitely Take You Away
Chapter 1482: Sowing Dissension
Chapter 1483: Even If You Refuse To Kneel, You Must Kneel
Chapter 1484: Exterminating Qin Lingyun
Chapter 1485: Asking For Trouble
Chapter 1486: Absolute Protection
Chapter 1487: Qin Wentian Coming Out Of Closed-Door Training
Chapter 1488: I’ll Go With You
Chapter 1489: Rank Eight Martial King
Chapter 1490: Would You All Believe Me?
Chapter 1491: Exactly What One Wanted
Chapter 1492: The Despair Of The Weak
Chapter 1493: God And Demon
Chapter 1494: Eight Armed Deity Formation
Chapter 1495: Overwhelming Victory
Chapter 1496: Asking The Headmaster For Help
Chapter 1497: A Single Chess Piece
Chapter 1498: Assassin
Chapter 1499: Look Carefully At Me

Chapter 1500's

Chapter 1500: Great Minds Think Alike
Chapter 1501: Asking A Martial Emperor
Chapter 1502: The Legend Of The Yan Clan
Chapter 1503: The Potential To Become An Overlord
Chapter 1504: Thinking About Eggy
Chapter 1505: Cannot Be Considered Human
Chapter 1506: Younger Generations Gathering
Chapter 1507: The Price For Boasting
Chapter 1508: Provocation From The Elves
Chapter 1509: A Rude Request
Chapter 1510: Realm Of Gods
Chapter 1511: Learning The Flame Sea Technique
Chapter 1512: The Incompetent Tian Liang
Chapter 1513: The Appearance Of Yan Xie
Chapter 1514: Chu Feng Breaking The Seal
Chapter 1515: Special Reaction
Chapter 1516: The End Of One’s Patience
Chapter 1517: Boasting, Lying
Chapter 1518: Chu Feng Vs. Xian Kun
Chapter 1519: Absolute Disparity
Chapter 1520: Return Politeness For Politeness
Chapter 1521: A Martial Emperor’s Might
Chapter 1522: Waiting For The Answer
Chapter 1523: Am I Qualified To Fight Against You Now?
Chapter 1524: Intense Showdown
Chapter 1525: One Blade Strike, Three Slashes
Chapter 1526: Fire Dragon Heaven Burning Thrust
Chapter 1527: Firmament Ninth Slash
Chapter 1528: Blood Racing
Chapter 1529: What Sort Of Situation
Chapter 1530: Destroying The World
Chapter 1531: The Reappearance Of An Overlord
Chapter 1532: Incomparable Shock
Chapter 1533: This Is An Enormous Blessing
Chapter 1534: Grand Battle Formation
Chapter 1535: Meticulously Planned
Chapter 1536: Devoid Of Conscience
Chapter 1537: Tantai Xue’s True Appearance
Chapter 1538: True Purpose
Chapter 1539: Cursed Soil Seven Slaughtering Formation
Chapter 1540: Stalling For Time
Chapter 1541: Whose Crisis?
Chapter 1542: Battle Between Martial Emperors
Chapter 1543: Came Together, Leave Together
Chapter 1544: Facing Death With Equanimity
Chapter 1545: Unrivaled Divine Might
Chapter 1546: A Little Strange
Chapter 1547: Controlled By Someone
Chapter 1548: Overlord Domain
Chapter 1549: Trembling Of Heaven And Earth
Chapter 1550: New Beginning
Chapter 1551: Forced Marriage
Chapter 1552: The Furious Heaven
Chapter 1553: Living Hell
Chapter 1554: There Are No Ifs
Chapter 1555: Returning To The Southern Cyanwood Forest
Chapter 1556: Visit From The Orion Monastery
Chapter 1557: Chu Feng Is Still Alive
Chapter 1558: Grand Powerful Expert
Chapter 1559: Golden Beach
Chapter 1560: Demon Level Genius
Chapter 1561: Bad Example
Chapter 1562: Frightening Hurricane
Chapter 1563: Lending A Helping Hand
Chapter 1564: Nangong Baihe
Chapter 1565: Young Hero, Help Me
Chapter 1566: Change In Attitude
Chapter 1567: Qunguang Brothers
Chapter 1568: People One Should Not Talk About
Chapter 1569: Reinforcements
Chapter 1570: No Way Back
Chapter 1571: Rescue At The Risk Of One’s Life
Chapter 1572: One Shot Lightning
Chapter 1573: Must Be Kept Confidential
Chapter 1574: King Monstrous Dragon Beast
Chapter 1575: Dreadful Heart For Self Interest
Chapter 1576: Eggy’s Awakening
Chapter 1577: Choosing The Dangerous Passage
Chapter 1578: The Reveal
Chapter 1579: Search For Fortune Among Risks
Chapter 1580: Ancient Era’s Scroll
Chapter 1581: Unendurable Craving
Chapter 1582: Merely One Strike
Chapter 1583: Must Take Revenge
Chapter 1584: A Series Of Mockeries
Chapter 1585: The Strongest Of The Younger Generation
Chapter 1586: Announcing The Result
Chapter 1587: Don’t Behave Atrociously
Chapter 1588: Meeting The Immortal
Chapter 1589: From Hell To Heaven
Chapter 1590: Remarkable Abilities
Chapter 1591: Attempting To Communicate
Chapter 1592: Training Begin
Chapter 1593: Heavenly Law Auction
Chapter 1594: Frantic Refinement
Chapter 1595: Testing Talent
Chapter 1596: Cursing Without Obscenity
Chapter 1597: Betting With One’s Reputation
Chapter 1598: Revealing One’s Talent
Chapter 1599: Weaponry Refinement Completed

Chapter 1600's

Chapter 1600: Incomplete Imperial Armament
Chapter 1601: This Separation
Chapter 1602: Arrival Of Malice
Chapter 1603: Not A Pushover
Chapter 1604: Humiliation Once Again
Chapter 1605: Truly Shameless
Chapter 1606: Absolute Suppression
Chapter 1607: Forming A Blood Feud
Chapter 1608: Reaching The Auction
Chapter 1609: Buying World Spirit Stones
Chapter 1610: Extremely Expensive Exchange
Chapter 1611: This Favor
Chapter 1612: Evildoer Tie
Chapter 1613: Auction Begins
Chapter 1614: Intense Competition
Chapter 1615: Bidding Requires Strength
Chapter 1616: Scamming Evildoer Tie
Chapter 1617: An Imprint
Chapter 1618: The Day Of Revenge
Chapter 1619: Killing Intent All Over One’s Face
Chapter 1620: Mysterious Expert
Chapter 1621: Staying As Guests
Chapter 1622: Coldsnow Dagger
Chapter 1623: Chu Feng Attending A Banquet
Chapter 1624: It Really Was A Hongmeng Banquet
Chapter 1625: Must Apologize
Chapter 1626: Chu Feng Serving Tea
Chapter 1627: Face Covered With Tea
Chapter 1628: Golden Coiling Dragon Pellet
Chapter 1629: Chu Feng Breakthrough
Chapter 1630: Soaring Golden Dragon
Chapter 1631: The Appearance Of The Divine Lightnings
Chapter 1632-1: Stirring Up Murderous Intentions
Chapter 1632-2: Ruthlessness
Chapter 1633: Battle Power That Surmounts Four Levels Of Cultivation
Chapter 1634: Setting Up Spirit Formations
Chapter 1635: Water Immortal Profound Technique
Chapter 1636: Flatter
Chapter 1637: Secret Skill Inheritance
Chapter 1638: Paying The Price
Chapter 1639: Birth Of Asura
Chapter 1640: Doomsday Arrival
Chapter 1641: Bunch Of Mobs
Chapter 1642: Surpassing One’s Imagination
Chapter 1643: Nangong Longjian
Chapter 1644: Both Sides Suffer
Chapter 1645: Sealing The News
Chapter 1646: Scouting For Information
Chapter 1647: Tailing In Secret
Chapter 1648: The Might Of The Water Immortal
Chapter 1649: Cyan rainbow Sword
Chapter 1650: Revealing One’s Strength
Chapter 1651: Four Great Secret Skills
Chapter 1652: Seizing Items
Chapter 1653: Witch Descended From Heaven
Chapter 1654: Swindler Monk
Chapter 1655: Too Shameless
Chapter 1656: Forced Onto A Path Of Death
Chapter 1657: Chu Feng Captured
Chapter 1658: The Appearance Of The Witch
Chapter 1659: Seeking Survival By Breaking Through The Formation
Chapter 1660: Extremely Poisonous Sea Of Clouds
Chapter 1661: Experiment Failure
Chapter 1662: Poison Demon’s Valley
Chapter 1663: The Pitiful Villagers
Chapter 1664: Poison Demon’s Descendants
Chapter 1665: Chu Feng’s Challenge
Chapter 1666: The Fierce Du Wanwu
Chapter 1667: The Victor And Loser
Chapter 1668: Immune To Poisons
Chapter 1669: A Fair Battle
Chapter 1670: Severing The Connection
Chapter 1671: Challenge Again
Chapter 1672: Wiping Away Former Shame
Chapter 1673: The Outcome Of The Battle
Chapter 1674: Lady Xiangyu
Chapter 1675: A Request
Chapter 1676: Fire Immortal Profound Technique
Chapter 1677: The Fire Immortal’s Request
Chapter 1678: Finding The Poisonous Substance
Chapter 1679: Suspicious Individual
Chapter 1680: Gu Poison
Chapter 1681: Placed Together
Chapter 1682: Chu Feng Is Already Dead
Chapter 1683: This Is The Truth
Chapter 1684: Mooncloud City
Chapter 1685: Proceeding Towards The Five Poisons Mountain
Chapter 1686: Thorny Problem
Chapter 1687: Astonishingly Powerful
Chapter 1688: The Dreadful Intention For Self Interest
Chapter 1689: Revealing Godly Might
Chapter 1690: Invisible Dew
Chapter 1691: Benefactor’s Descendant
Chapter 1692: Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 1693: Extremely Dangerous Location
Chapter 1694: Taboo Gu
Chapter 1695: Imminent Peril
Chapter 1696: A Familiar Voice
Chapter 1697: Beitang Zimo
Chapter 1698: Go For Broke
Chapter 1699: Misjudged

Chapter 1700's

Chapter 1700: Lord Headmaster
Chapter 1701: It’s Time To End This
Chapter 1702: Baili Xuankong
Chapter 1703: Avenge You
Chapter 1704: Meticulous Planning
Chapter 1705: An Enormous Gift
Chapter 1706: Rank Three Half Martial Emperor
Chapter 1707: Parting Ways
Chapter 1708: Ximen Feixue
Chapter 1709: Fellow Disciples Being Insulted
Chapter 1710: Standing Up For Others With Power
Chapter 1711: Enormous Change
Chapter 1712: Exactly Who Is It?
Chapter 1713: Bound To Become Famous
Chapter 1714: Chu Feng Appearing On Stage
Chapter 1715: A Powerful Character
Chapter 1716: Find A Pushover First
Chapter 1717: Displaying One’s Ability For The First Time
Chapter 1718: One Against Two
Chapter 1719: Everything Points To Disaster
Chapter 1720: Worthy Of Admiration
Chapter 1721: Could Only Accept Being Defeated
Chapter 1722: Insist On Fighting
Chapter 1723: The Might Of A Single Fist
Chapter 1724: Heavenly Immortal Sword
Chapter 1725: From The Outer World
Chapter 1726: The Legend Of The Evil God
Chapter 1727: Conquer This Sword
Chapter 1728: Cannot Be Looked Down Upon
Chapter 1729: Crimson Demon Sword
Chapter 1730: Needing Only A Single Sword Strike
Chapter 1731: Public Humiliation
Chapter 1732: Revealing The Truth
Chapter 1733: The Truth Revealed
Chapter 1734: Enormous Crisis
Chapter 1735: An Exorbitant Demand
Chapter 1736: Weapon Biting Its Master
Chapter 1737: Say It Again
Chapter 1738: Leaving The Scene Domineeringly
Chapter 1739: Further And Further Away
Chapter 1740: Two Major Events
Chapter 1741: A Mountain Of Corpses, A Sea Of Blood
Chapter 1742: Returning To The Cyanwood Mountain
Chapter 1743: Charging Through The Killing Formation Again
Chapter 1744: Golden Palace
Chapter 1745: Army Of Martial Emperors
Chapter 1746: Legendary Divine Beast
Chapter 1747: Advance By Leaps And Bounds
Chapter 1748: Effective Weapon For Killing
Chapter 1749: Sacred Land For Cultivation
Chapter 1750: Mysterious Letter
Chapter 1751: Fight For The Strongest
Chapter 1752: Must Go
Chapter 1753: The Gathering Of The Four Clans
Chapter 1754: Violent Development
Chapter 1755: You Are Chu Feng?
Chapter 1756: You Should Change Your Name
Chapter 1757: Changing Attitude Extremely Fast
Chapter 1758: Private Chat In A Private Room
Chapter 1759: Acting To Uphold Justice
Chapter 1760: Evildoers’ Disciples
Chapter 1761: Should Know Your Standing
Chapter 1762: Arriving On Stage In Succession
Chapter 1763: Confrontation Between The Strong
Chapter 1764: The Flame Emperor’s Successor
Chapter 1765: Your Natural Counter
Chapter 1766: Carefully See For Yourself Who I Am
Chapter 1767: Killing Zhan Qiankun
Chapter 1768: Loyal To One’s Friends
Chapter 1769: Grand Benefactor
Chapter 1770: Scouting For Intelligence
Chapter 1771: Bring You All In
Chapter 1772: Entering
Chapter 1773: Target Of Public Criticism
Chapter 1774: Believe In Chu Feng
Chapter 1775: Golden Leaf World Spirit Flower
Chapter 1776: Baffled
Chapter 1777: He Really Came
Chapter 1778: Disparity
Chapter 1779: Publicly Snatching Away One’s Possessions
Chapter 1780: Exactly Who Is It?
Chapter 1781: Losing All Face
Chapter 1782: Friend Appearing On Stage
Chapter 1783: Senior Brother’s Origin
Chapter 1784: Immortal Fire Tri-Layer Transformation
Chapter 1785: For One’s Brother, Resolve
Chapter 1786: Don’t Make Things Difficult For Me
Chapter 1787: Killing Intention
Chapter 1788: Successful Capture
Chapter 1789: Rank One Martial Emperor
Chapter 1790: Dumbstruck
Chapter 1791: Two Divine Powers
Chapter 1792: Heaven Taboo Martial Skill
Chapter 1793: Are you Looking For Me?
Chapter 1794: Absolute Humiliation
Chapter 1795: Sweat Like A Pig
Chapter 1796: Borrowing Another’s Blade To Kill
Chapter 1797: A Bamboo Slip
Chapter 1798: Divine Lightnings Reveal Their Might
Chapter 1799: Subduing The Bamboo Slip

Chapter 1800's

Chapter 1800: Profound Firmament Annihilation
Chapter 1801: Competition Begin
Chapter 1802: Brought About Great Military Might
Chapter 1803: Inescapable Net
Chapter 1804: A Chess Move Behind
Chapter 1805: The Overbearing Snow-hair
Chapter 1806: Confrontation Of Imperial Armaments
Chapter 1807: Fighting Over A Disciple
Chapter 1808: Not Afraid Of Martial Emperors
Chapter 1809: Watching With Folded Arms
Chapter 1810: Shooting Martial Emperors With Arrows
Chapter 1811: Unprecedented
Chapter 1812: Reappearance Of The Avaricious Immortal
Chapter 1813: Plan Failure
Chapter 1814: The Reactions From The Various Powers
Chapter 1815: Request From One’s Benefactor
Chapter 1816: Fighting Over The Position Of Clan Chief
Chapter 1817: A Fine Line
Chapter 1818: Scum King Monstrous Dragon Beast
Chapter 1819: Chu Feng Vs. Xueran
Chapter 1820: Invited One’s Own Humiliation
Chapter 1821: Internal Strife
Chapter 1822: Conspiracy
Chapter 1823: Beating Someone At Their Own Game
Chapter 1824: Digging One’s Own Grave
Chapter 1825: Miraculous Inheritance Pond
Chapter 1826: Reappearance Of The Dragon King
Chapter 1827: Obtained The Inheritance
Chapter 1828: Extremely Heaven-defying
Chapter 1829: Heaven Taboo Martial Skill
Chapter 1830: Slaughter With A Point Of One’s Finger
Chapter 1831: Frightening Brat
Chapter 1832: The King Monstrous Dragon Race’s Benefactor
Chapter 1833: You Shouldn’t Deceive Me
Chapter 1834: Concerning The World’s Hidden Valley
Chapter 1835: Increasing The Bounty
Chapter 1836: Lovers’ Worry
Chapter 1837: Seeing Jiang Wushang Again
Chapter 1838: Brother Being Plotted Against By Others
Chapter 1839: Song Yuheng And His Father
Chapter 1840: The Heaven-defying Chu Feng
Chapter 1841: The Truth Of What Happened Back Then
Chapter 1842: Passing On By Force
Chapter 1843: The True Remains
Chapter 1844: The Vicious Song Family
Chapter 1845: Who Is Fighting?
Chapter 1846: An Enormously Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 1847: Imminent Danger
Chapter 1848: The Descent Of A God
Chapter 1849: Absolute Despise
Chapter 1850: The Mysterious Dark Hall
Chapter 1851: Making Inquiries About The Blind Old Man
Chapter 1852: Luring A Snake Out Of Its Hole
Chapter 1853: Within The Grasp Of One’s Palm
Chapter 1854: Wrecking The Inheritance Process
Chapter 1855: Revealing The Trump Card
Chapter 1856: The Furious Duan Jidao
Chapter 1857: Passing On The Power To Jiang Wushang
Chapter 1858: The Situation Turning Bad
Chapter 1859: Surging Hot Blood
Chapter 1860: Monstrous Dragon Space Shattering Formation
Chapter 1861: Rank Nine Half Martial Emperor
Chapter 1862: A Grand Formation
Chapter 1863: Arriving Atop Dragons
Chapter 1864: Super Expert
Chapter 1865: Unrivaled Divine Might
Chapter 1866: Because They’re Brothers
Chapter 1867: Fighting Against The Four Clan Chiefs Alone
Chapter 1868: Killing Ximen
Chapter 1869: The First Person Since Ancient Times
Chapter 1870: Dragon Sword Breaking Through The Void
Chapter 1871: Absolute Expert
Chapter 1872: An Unexpected Conclusion
Chapter 1873: The Curtain Drops
Chapter 1874: You Are The Traitor
Chapter 1875: Fool
Chapter 1876: Guest Elders
Chapter 1877: Purple Flames Blackmountain
Chapter 1878: Meeting An Old Friend Again
Chapter 1879: To Live Or Die Together
Chapter 1880: Incurable Disease
Chapter 1881: Elf Kingdom
Chapter 1882: Refused Entry
Chapter 1883: Princess Lingyue
Chapter 1884: Xian Miaomiao
Chapter 1885: Innumerable Obstacles
Chapter 1886: When Underneath Eaves
Chapter 1887: The Arrival Of The Princess
Chapter 1888: Dumbstruck
Chapter 1889: Beautifully Done
Chapter 1890: You’re Not Afraid Of Me?
Chapter 1891: It’s You
Chapter 1892: Blood Devouring Armor
Chapter 1893: Mischievous Girl
Chapter 1894: Shocking Sentence
Chapter 1895: Extraordinary Significance
Chapter 1896: Stepping Stone
Chapter 1897: Capture All
Chapter 1898: Golden Lightning Piercing Through The Skies
Chapter 1899: A Miracle

Chapter 1900's

Chapter 1900: Rank One Martial Emperor
Chapter 1901: Truly A Brilliant Plan
Chapter 1902: Came Prepared
Chapter 1903: The Avaricious Immortal’s Provocation
Chapter 1904: The Situation Turning Bad
Chapter 1905: Shifting Heaven And Earth
Chapter 1906: Kneel And Beg For Forgiveness
Chapter 1907: Angered To The State Of Vomiting Blood
Chapter 1908: From The Other World
Chapter 1909: The Means To Become Conceited
Chapter 1910: Weeping Bitter Tears
Chapter 1911: Forbidden Inverse Scale Triggered
Chapter 1912: Blood Devouring Killing Formation
Chapter 1913: The Weakening Of The Spirit Formation
Chapter 1914: A Legend
Chapter 1915: Strange Creature
Chapter 1916: Bravely Fighting Against A Lowly Insect
Chapter 1917: The Witch Miaomiao
Chapter 1918: People From The Dark Hall
Chapter 1919: Interrogation
Chapter 1920: Falling Into A Trap
Chapter 1921: Eight Banners
Chapter 1922: Lil Red’s Past
Chapter 1923: YinYang Immortal
Chapter 1924: Confrontation of World Spirit Techniques
Chapter 1925: Going Back On One’s Word
Chapter 1926: To Attack First
Chapter 1927: The Birth Of The Evil God
Chapter 1928: The Might Of A Demon Armament
Chapter 1929: Protecting One’s Master With One’s Life
Chapter 1930: Moment of Crisis
Chapter 1931: Interrogating YinYang
Chapter 1932:
Chapter 1933:
Chapter 1934:
Chapter 1935:
Chapter 1936:
Chapter 1937:
Chapter 1938:
Chapter 1939:
Chapter 1940:
Chapter 1941:
Chapter 1942:
Chapter 1943:
Chapter 1944:
Chapter 1945:
Chapter 1946:
Chapter 1947:
Chapter 1948:
Chapter 1949:
Chapter 1950:
Chapter 1951:
Chapter 1952:
Chapter 1953:
Chapter 1954:
Chapter 1955:
Chapter 1956:
Chapter 1957:
Chapter 1958:
Chapter 1959:
Chapter 1960:
Chapter 1961:
Chapter 1962:
Chapter 1963:
Chapter 1964:
Chapter 1965:
Chapter 1966:
Chapter 1967:
Chapter 1968:
Chapter 1969:
Chapter 1970:
Chapter 1971:
Chapter 1972:
Chapter 1973:
Chapter 1974:
Chapter 1975:
Chapter 1976:
Chapter 1977:
Chapter 1978:
Chapter 1979:
Chapter 1980:
Chapter 1981:
Chapter 1982:
Chapter 1983:
Chapter 1984:
Chapter 1985:
Chapter 1986:
Chapter 1987:
Chapter 1988:
Chapter 1989:
Chapter 1990:
Chapter 1991:
Chapter 1992:
Chapter 1993:
Chapter 1994:
Chapter 1995:
Chapter 1996:
Chapter 1997:
Chapter 1998:
Chapter 1999:

Chapter 2000's

Chapter 2000:
Chapter 2001:
Chapter 2002:
Chapter 2003:
Chapter 2004:
Chapter 2005:
Chapter 2006:
Chapter 2007:
Chapter 2008:
Chapter 2009:
Chapter 2010:
Chapter 2011:
Chapter 2012:
Chapter 2013:
Chapter 2014:
Chapter 2015:
Chapter 2016:
Chapter 2017:
Chapter 2018:
Chapter 2019:
Chapter 2020: 
Chapter 2021: 
Chapter 2022: 
Chapter 2023: 
Chapter 2024:
Chapter 2025:
Chapter 2026:
Chapter 2027:
Chapter 2028:
Chapter 2029:
Chapter 2030:
Chapter 2031:
Chapter 2032:
Chapter 2033:
Chapter 2034:
Chapter 2035:
Chapter 2036:
Chapter 2037:
Chapter 2038:
Chapter 2039:
Chapter 2040:
Chapter 2041:
Chapter 2042:
Chapter 2043:
Chapter 2044:
Chapter 2045:
Chapter 2046:
Chapter 2047:
Chapter 2048:
Chapter 2049:
Chapter 2050:
Chapter 2051:
Chapter 2052:
Chapter 2053:
Chapter 2054:
Chapter 2055:
Chapter 2056:
Chapter 2057:
Chapter 2058:
Chapter 2059:
Chapter 2060:
Chapter 2061:
Chapter 2062:
Chapter 2063:
Chapter 2064:
Chapter 2065:
Chapter 2066:
Chapter 2067:
Chapter 2068:
Chapter 2069:
Chapter 2070:
Chapter 2071:
Chapter 2072:
Chapter 2073:
Chapter 2074:
Chapter 2075:
Chapter 2076:
Chapter 2077:
Chapter 2078:
Chapter 2079:
Chapter 2080:
Chapter 2081:
Chapter 2082:
Chapter 2083:
Chapter 2084:
Chapter 2085:
Chapter 2086:
Chapter 2087:
Chapter 2088:
Chapter 2089:
Chapter 2090:
Chapter 2091:
Chapter 2092:
Chapter 2093:
Chapter 2094:
Chapter 2095:
Chapter 2096:
Chapter 2097:
Chapter 2098:
Chapter 2099:

Chapter 2100's

Chapter 2100:
Chapter 2101:
Chapter 2102:
Chapter 2103:
Chapter 2104:
Chapter 2105:
Chapter 2106:
Chapter 2107:
Chapter 2108:
Chapter 2109:
Chapter 2110:
Chapter 2111:
Chapter 2112:
Chapter 2113:
Chapter 2114:
Chapter 2115:
Chapter 2116:
Chapter 2117:
Chapter 2118:
Chapter 2119:
Chapter 2120: 
Chapter 2121: 
Chapter 2122: 
Chapter 2123: 
Chapter 2124:
Chapter 2125:
Chapter 2126:
Chapter 2127:
Chapter 2128:
Chapter 2129:
Chapter 2130:
Chapter 2131:
Chapter 2132:
Chapter 2133:
Chapter 2134:
Chapter 2135:
Chapter 2136:
Chapter 2137:
Chapter 2138:
Chapter 2139:
Chapter 2140:
Chapter 2141:
Chapter 2142:
Chapter 2143:
Chapter 2144:
Chapter 2145:
Chapter 2146:
Chapter 2147:
Chapter 2148:
Chapter 2149:
Chapter 2150:
Chapter 2151:
Chapter 2152:
Chapter 2153:
Chapter 2154:
Chapter 2155:
Chapter 2156:
Chapter 2157:
Chapter 2158:
Chapter 2159:
Chapter 2160:
Chapter 2161:
Chapter 2162:
Chapter 2163:
Chapter 2164:
Chapter 2165:
Chapter 2166:
Chapter 2167:
Chapter 2168:
Chapter 2169:
Chapter 2170:
Chapter 2171:
Chapter 2172:
Chapter 2173:
Chapter 2174:
Chapter 2175:
Chapter 2176:
Chapter 2177:
Chapter 2178:
Chapter 2179:
Chapter 2180:
Chapter 2181:
Chapter 2182:
Chapter 2183:
Chapter 2184:
Chapter 2185:
Chapter 2186:
Chapter 2187:
Chapter 2188:
Chapter 2189:
Chapter 2190:
Chapter 2191:
Chapter 2192:
Chapter 2193:
Chapter 2194:
Chapter 2195:
Chapter 2196:
Chapter 2197:
Chapter 2198:
Chapter 2199:

Chapter 2200's

Chapter 2200:
Chapter 2201:
Chapter 2202:
Chapter 2203:
Chapter 2204:
Chapter 2205:
Chapter 2206:
Chapter 2207:
Chapter 2208:
Chapter 2209:
Chapter 2210:
Chapter 2211:
Chapter 2212:
Chapter 2213:
Chapter 2214:
Chapter 2215:
Chapter 2216:
Chapter 2217:
Chapter 2218:
Chapter 2219:
Chapter 2220: 
Chapter 2221: 
Chapter 2222: 
Chapter 2223: 
Chapter 2224:
Chapter 2225:
Chapter 2226:
Chapter 2227:
Chapter 2228:
Chapter 2229:
Chapter 2230:
Chapter 2231:
Chapter 2232:
Chapter 2233:
Chapter 2234:
Chapter 2235:
Chapter 2236:
Chapter 2237:
Chapter 2238:
Chapter 2239:
Chapter 2240:
Chapter 2241:
Chapter 2242:
Chapter 2243:
Chapter 2244:
Chapter 2245:
Chapter 2246:
Chapter 2247:
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Chapter 2249:
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Chapter 2251:
Chapter 2252:
Chapter 2253:
Chapter 2254:
Chapter 2255:
Chapter 2256:
Chapter 2257:
Chapter 2258:
Chapter 2259:
Chapter 2260:
Chapter 2261:
Chapter 2262:
Chapter 2263:
Chapter 2264:
Chapter 2265:
Chapter 2266:
Chapter 2267:
Chapter 2268:
Chapter 2269:
Chapter 2270:
Chapter 2271:
Chapter 2272:
Chapter 2273:
Chapter 2274:
Chapter 2275:
Chapter 2276:
Chapter 2277:
Chapter 2278:
Chapter 2279:
Chapter 2280:
Chapter 2281:
Chapter 2282:
Chapter 2283:
Chapter 2284:
Chapter 2285:
Chapter 2286:
Chapter 2287:
Chapter 2288:
Chapter 2289:
Chapter 2290:
Chapter 2291:
Chapter 2292:
Chapter 2293:
Chapter 2294:
Chapter 2295:
Chapter 2296:
Chapter 2297:
Chapter 2298:
Chapter 2299:

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Chapter 2300:
Chapter 2301:
Chapter 2302:
Chapter 2303:
Chapter 2304:
Chapter 2305:
Chapter 2306:
Chapter 2307:
Chapter 2308:
Chapter 2309:
Chapter 2310:
Chapter 2311:
Chapter 2312:
Chapter 2313:
Chapter 2314:
Chapter 2315:
Chapter 2316:
Chapter 2317:
Chapter 2318:
Chapter 2319:
Chapter 2320: 
Chapter 2321: 
Chapter 2322: 
Chapter 2323: 
Chapter 2324:
Chapter 2325:
Chapter 2326:
Chapter 2327:
Chapter 2328:
Chapter 2329:
Chapter 2330:
Chapter 2331:
Chapter 2332:
Chapter 2333:
Chapter 2334:
Chapter 2335:
Chapter 2336:
Chapter 2337:
Chapter 2338:
Chapter 2339:
Chapter 2340:
Chapter 2341:
Chapter 2342:
Chapter 2343:
Chapter 2344:
Chapter 2345:
Chapter 2346:
Chapter 2347:
Chapter 2348:
Chapter 2349:
Chapter 2350:
Chapter 2351:
Chapter 2352:
Chapter 2353:
Chapter 2354:
Chapter 2355:
Chapter 2356:
Chapter 2357:
Chapter 2358:
Chapter 2359:
Chapter 2360:
Chapter 2361:
Chapter 2362:
Chapter 2363:
Chapter 2364:
Chapter 2365:
Chapter 2366:
Chapter 2367:
Chapter 2368:
Chapter 2369:
Chapter 2370:
Chapter 2371:
Chapter 2372:
Chapter 2373:
Chapter 2374:
Chapter 2375:
Chapter 2376:
Chapter 2377:
Chapter 2378:
Chapter 2379:
Chapter 2380:
Chapter 2381:
Chapter 2382:
Chapter 2383:
Chapter 2384:
Chapter 2385:
Chapter 2386:
Chapter 2387:
Chapter 2388:
Chapter 2389:
Chapter 2390:
Chapter 2391:
Chapter 2392:
Chapter 2393:
Chapter 2394:
Chapter 2395:
Chapter 2396:
Chapter 2397:
Chapter 2398:
Chapter 2399:

Chapter 2400's

Chapter 2400:
Chapter 2401:
Chapter 2402:
Chapter 2403:
Chapter 2404:
Chapter 2405:
Chapter 2406:
Chapter 2407:
Chapter 2408:
Chapter 2409:
Chapter 2410:
Chapter 2411:
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Chapter 2414:
Chapter 2415:
Chapter 2416:
Chapter 2417:
Chapter 2418:
Chapter 2419:
Chapter 2420: 
Chapter 2421: 
Chapter 2422: 
Chapter 2423: 
Chapter 2424:
Chapter 2425:
Chapter 2426:
Chapter 2427:
Chapter 2428:
Chapter 2429:
Chapter 2430:
Chapter 2431:
Chapter 2432:
Chapter 2433:
Chapter 2434:
Chapter 2435:
Chapter 2436:
Chapter 2437:
Chapter 2438:
Chapter 2439:
Chapter 2440:
Chapter 2441:
Chapter 2442:
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Chapter 2444:
Chapter 2445:
Chapter 2446:
Chapter 2447:
Chapter 2448:
Chapter 2449:
Chapter 2450:
Chapter 2451:
Chapter 2452:
Chapter 2453:
Chapter 2454:
Chapter 2455:
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Chapter 2457:
Chapter 2458:
Chapter 2459:
Chapter 2460:
Chapter 2461:
Chapter 2462:
Chapter 2463:
Chapter 2464:
Chapter 2465:
Chapter 2466:
Chapter 2467:
Chapter 2468:
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Chapter 2471:
Chapter 2472:
Chapter 2473:
Chapter 2474:
Chapter 2475:
Chapter 2476:
Chapter 2477:
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Chapter 2479:
Chapter 2480:
Chapter 2481:
Chapter 2482:
Chapter 2483:
Chapter 2484:
Chapter 2485:
Chapter 2486:
Chapter 2487:
Chapter 2488:
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Chapter 2490:
Chapter 2491:
Chapter 2492:
Chapter 2493:
Chapter 2494:
Chapter 2495:
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Chapter 2498:
Chapter 2499:

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Chapter 2500:
Chapter 2501:
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Chapter 2516:
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Chapter 2520: 
Chapter 2521: 
Chapter 2522: 
Chapter 2523: 
Chapter 2524:
Chapter 2525:
Chapter 2526:
Chapter 2527:
Chapter 2528:
Chapter 2529:
Chapter 2530:
Chapter 2531:
Chapter 2532:
Chapter 2533:
Chapter 2534:
Chapter 2535:
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Chapter 2537:
Chapter 2538:
Chapter 2539:
Chapter 2540:
Chapter 2541:
Chapter 2542:
Chapter 2543:
Chapter 2544:
Chapter 2545:
Chapter 2546:
Chapter 2547:
Chapter 2548:
Chapter 2549:
Chapter 2550:
Chapter 2551:
Chapter 2552:
Chapter 2553:
Chapter 2554:
Chapter 2555:
Chapter 2556:
Chapter 2557:
Chapter 2558:
Chapter 2559:
Chapter 2560:
Chapter 2561:
Chapter 2562:
Chapter 2563:
Chapter 2564:
Chapter 2565:
Chapter 2566:
Chapter 2567:
Chapter 2568:
Chapter 2569:
Chapter 2570:
Chapter 2571:
Chapter 2572:
Chapter 2573:
Chapter 2574:
Chapter 2575:
Chapter 2576:
Chapter 2577:
Chapter 2578:
Chapter 2579:
Chapter 2580:
Chapter 2581:
Chapter 2582:
Chapter 2583:
Chapter 2584:
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Chapter 2594:
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Chapter 2599:


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    That being said, it’s also, for the most part, quite fun to read. If you’re looking for high quality literature, this is not the novel for you (but you hopefully already knew that). However, if you’re looking for a sh*tload of fighting and watching the MC beat stuff up, then you should definitely read this. (I’m not being sarcastic here; I read all the translated chapters and will continue to eagerly await updates.)

    1. Fact: MGA is hot trash. Its not groundbreaking or something to psychologically dissect. Its repetitive and predictable, but you know what? that doesn’t make it any less fun. I personally like the story and I don’t have to put anymore thought into reading it than our very ruthless MC has to think about killing someone. I would say this is more of a chill out and just vege book, don’t think too hard and you’ll probably enjoy it a lot.

    2. You should wait till until chapters reach 2k that is where story truly starts to progress and plot becomes a lot interesting, before that it is really bunch of trash getting offended for no freaking reasons. I know telling someone to wait till 2000 chapters is a lot, but please, I don’t want translator to drop this story at least not until CF meets his mother or family.

  11. Please update the chapters link. I want to be able to click chapters beyond 1250 here. We are at chapter 1519 but we can only click up to chapter 1250 here. Please try to fix this asap.

  12. Screw updating the index, I say YWL should update the top of this whole thing to have his name in it first! It’s just FBT listed and he passed the torch last year. Theeennn we can talk about the index. 🙂 Honestly, most of these novels are behind in index updating. Fortunately you can type the number you want into the address line for all of them and jump to the right chap; plus then ‘next chap’ buttons work.

      1. In just 15 days? I admit that’s quite above average but if I stopped following the approximately 25 novels I’m currently reading, I could finish it in around a week. And I don’t think that I’m the only one who can do so… x)

    1. Haha, there was once I had like a week vacation, picked MGA up and read up to 1300 chapters in 5 days. Literally did nothing but read MGA, sleep, eat while reading MGA and the cycle continues

  13. I am sorry to say that I actually put the novel on hold around chapter 950 so my suggestion may be useless, still I feel that the power up system is too simple; usually at this point of the story the MCs start using laws of the world or at last gaining experience in the world; but Chu Feng is like using brute force to advance…also it was said in the earlier chapters that it was because of his lightnings, but not even the others are using them

    1. You probably haven’t read it enough fully but there are certain conditions why the MC is advancing differently from other characters in the novel. You should have read at least upto chapter 1500 to understand the difference.

  14. This is probably the worst wuxia novel I’ve read to date.

    The MC is the biggest hypocrite of any MC that ever existed. For example he goes and desecrates the graves of a sect that he’s only mild enemies with, then a few chapters later they desecrate his families graves and he loses his shit and talks about how ‘they’ crossed a line.

    Of the 9 times he’s had sex 8 of them were rape or involved magical aphrodisiac that makes you have to have sex or you die.

    The bad guys are bland copy and pasted minions who are some how less intelligent than the main character which I have no idea how because the main character has the intelligence of a autistic gold fish.

    The writing is bland and repetitive even for light novel standards, there’s barely 2-3 paragraphs per chapter of original content.

    But it has a lot of chapters so I read it anyway. Anyway I’d definitely bottom of the pile this unless you have read all the other big ones first like I had.

    1. This main character definitely deserves the title “The King of Plot Armor”; the dude’s personality makes zero sense and isn’t even consistent throughout the story. His ethics are also inconsistent and the only constant seems to be whatever allows him to display his glorious D the hardest with. I stopped reading early on and I can literally go to any random new chapter and the writing in it instantly oozes with narcissistic supply for the MC. We get it, he’s the boss; it doesn’t need reminding every paragraph. The obscene amount of wish fulfillment in this story reads like it’s prescribed for a 14 year old budding narcissist. I love this site and I love the translators for the work that they do but this story sucks.

      Oh, and I know what some of you are thinking: “That’s what xianxia’s all about, a boss mc that owns everything.” Yeah, well learn some nuance. Obviously we all like a strong main character, but there needs to be intrigue and mystery that blurs the obvious. The story needs to convey a struggle. There need be ethical quandaries where the answer isn’t an obvious “Defeat Everything”. Certain consequences need to be inevitable no matter how powerful a character is to illustrate the brutality of the world of cultivation. Without black, there is no white. Without struggle, the strength gained is meaningless. Even though I know in the end the MC will be ruling over the universes I still want to be awed when that conclusion finally plays out and I want to be mystified by the journey that takes me there.

      1. And this is why I cannot wait until the TL is done with MGA. His post speed & consistency is just savage, whatever story he decides to do next is going to be soooo smooth. Crossing my fingers for Beseech The Devil.

        1. I think the MC of this novel is not the so called super boss “Chu Feng” but its his D.I.C.K as that overrules everything and gives him super powers so that his legendary dick can keep finding new holes to park itself.

          I so want to find a link to communicate with the author of this novel so that I can curse him from the depths of my heart as he has done something no one could think. “HE CREATED THE MOST HYPOCRITICAL AND SHITTIEST PLOT EVER”


  15. Can anyone pleaseeee tell me when Chu Feng starts to cultivate the Brain and Heart parts of the Heaven’s Eyes??? (it can be only the chapter number, I’m really angustied for not seeing this yet)

    1. Heaven’s Eyes? Do you mean the “Pulse Searching Method” that Eggy teaches Chu Feng on their way to Eastern Sea Region on ch 550? On the current chapters it hasn’t been discussed yet that he has cultivated the brain or heart. But in the raws they have 🙂

  16. There really has to be update on the index. We can’t click on the chapters beyond 1927 which is bad since the novel is at chapter 2093. Hopefully someone fixes the index soon.

  17. Story is alright I guess. The problem is the extremely bloated writing style and that pretty much everyone is an insufferable idiot to make the MC seem like the smartest person in the room at every turn.

    There are characters who has lived for thousands and thousands of years and they can’t figure out really simple concepts or understand basic human interaction. All to build up one more superfluous reaction of astonishment and adoration of the MC’s ‘superhuman’ character and insight while my own reaction is usually something along the lines of “Really‽ REALLY‽‽‽ How can you people be so fricking DENSE?”. It quickly gets annoying…’

    Did I say quickly? This novel is not a fast read. It could very well be less than half as long and a much more pleasant if it wasn’t endlessly fluffed with filler, unnecessary interactions and the same explanations of overly simplified concepts with no nuance at least every 10 chapters.

    1. No its not been dropped. There is new chapters everyday. Only thing is that, there is no update on the link in this page. You have keep on clicking next to view the next chapter or announcement link of the update of the next chapter. For example today 2248-2250 came out and you can click the announcement link to read the pages.

  18. So in wiki it says su mei and su rou bodies are captured.
    So is it like their bodies are captured but their spirits or whatever are well and ok.
    Or are they captured?(r4pe and stuff?)

  19. With the supreme plot armor, the luckiest psychopath in the Universe walking the road to become the supreme expert.
    Seriously, MC’s ruthlessness is fun and all, though it’s mostly the sole reason that I keep reading this LN ( around 950~ chapters so far )
    He’s a luckiest hypocrite with an extremely thick plot armor which saves his ass over and over again. Guess his LUCK is over 9000 . His lovers and friends are only useful for like 50~100 chapter after their first appearance. And his Fiances are quite bland and boring ( especially after he went to the Eastern Sea Region ), except Eggy.
    The power up is simple, not that it’s too bad, it’s just simple. He refine something, get stronger -> let’s do that again until he become God. Yet the pace is so slow and it’s doesn’t feel like it gonna speed up anytime soon. Basically I just skip through most of the words in most chapters now. Hopefully It gets better soon since I complaint too much already xD.

    1. Unfortunately it won’t get better but worse, when i started reading novels i used to consider this one of the best novels, but after reading a ton of different and creative novels you can see how shitty this one is and how wasted these two thousand chapters are, i definitely don’t recommend reading another 1k chapters because this novel is not worth it. I’m sorry for the translator, you’re doing a great work and your updating speed is by far the best in this site.

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