MGA Chapters 1405-1406 Release

Edited by: GNE, Xima, Rebel01, pelicanv and -MoonKiller-

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This marked chapters 7 to 8 for this week.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wen-li!!!

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  1. Thanks for the great work, but I have a question are not the regular chapters are 28 per week from the posts I can see that we are getting 2 chapters daily which are 14 chapters a week not 28. I just caught up with the ln so I don’t know how it usually update

    1. right now, it looks like it’s between 2 to 4 per day, in 2 chapter bursts up to twice per day. but my question is, why list XX chapter of the week? unless you plan to do make ups, there doesn’t seem to be a point. it’s on chapter 8 of the week, but it’s already the end of the week, so there certainly won’t be 28 this week. most of next week’s posts will be for “last week”.

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