MGA Chapters 1403-1404 Release

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This marked chapters 5 to 6 for this week.

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  1. this comment has nothing to do with the translator, but more so the storyline…

    does anybody feel the author is overusing the same scenario time after time? it’s the same setup of MC goes to a new place, gets attacked by the entire sect/school, and he one by one crushes their top disciples – and likely gets saved at the end when someone too powerful shows up? i mean, it seems to be getting more and more ridiculous. when MC has no backing, I get it, but this time, he’s the guest of one of the most powerful managing elders, whom everybody is clearly fearful of, yet they don’t think there’ll be backlash from f—ing with that managing elder’s guest?

    and then the extensive introduction for Eggy, he’s introduced her in full about a dozen times now, each time representing nearly an entirely wasted chapter… or multiple chapters. It’s like the author doesn’t expect people to have read the past 1000 chapters where Eggy was introduced XX times.

    Does anybody know if the story will gain some new twists or does the author continue to rinse/wash repeat?

    1. I like that typical MC triumphs against all odds scenario. However, I agree Eggy coming out takes longer than necessary. Still I can’t wait for the next chapter.

    2. It’s still the same old stuff even at the latest chapter (2800+). The MC’s journey can be summarized in whole as:
      1. wiping the floor with similar-aged peers
      2. moving on to the old fogies after establishing himself as the strongest in his age group
      3. saving the world
      4. moving on to the next world
      5. back to number 1

      The author does throw interesting tidbits from time to time (two of them keep me from dropping this story), but for most of the time it’s just the same old stuff rebranded with different names. Still, the most infuriating thing about MGA is how the next repetition almost always less well-thought out than the previous one.

      To repeat the comment I made in LNMTL: MGA is a study of how much elements you can strip off from a story until you lose all readers. It promises interesting things to come, but it starves you more and more by every passing chapters. Everything from plot to characters to character development is continuously getting shallower and simplified. Even the MC is a simpleton now. It’s like watching someone you once loved getting thinner and thinner everyday but you just keep on watching to see whether there’ll be a miracle or she’ll die.

      As for “typical MC triumphing against all odds”, sorry but MGA is not that. At least it’s no longer like that. The MC always has stupidly powerful means at his disposal. Remember how his Divine Lightning once obliterated an entire region? Huangfu Haoyue as bodyguard? Firmament Slash? That other Asura World Spirit? He’ll get another mean in about 500 or so chapters which, if used, will guarantee him to be undefeatable until possibly near the end of the story.

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