MGA Chapters 1339-1342 Release

Last week’s chapters… I gotta translate more 🙁
So behind…

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This marked chapters 25 to 28 for last week.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wen-li!!!

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  1. Thanks for the chapters ?
    I think it’s better for you to maybe take a break and rest for a bit if you need the time. I’m sure most people would be understanding. If you need to take some time off to catch up and relax at the same time, you should ?

    1. Dont worry, Yang-Wen-Li always translate ahead. He already release chapter 1345 in patreon. MGA chapter is really short, so 4 chapters just like 2 chapters in other novels. Release 2 chapters/day is not unacceptable.

      But i agree with you, you need a rest so you can enjoy his life too. Thx for your lightning speed translations.

      We appreciate it so much

  2. Hey man just wanted to let you know ur doin a great job and i really appreciate all the translating you are doing for one of my favorite novels. THANKS MAN !!!

  3. Thanks for the chapt!

    As other suggest, I, too, suggest that you take a little break and rest a bit. We’ll understand.
    But if you can catch up, that will be good too.

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