Monarch of Evernight (永夜君王) – Index

Yong Ye Jun Wang (永夜君王) – Monarch of Evernight 🔫
a Chinese web novel by Misty Rain of Jiangnan (烟雨江南)

Current Status: Ongoing
Genre Tags: action, adventure, fantasy, mature

Translated by Alyschu&Co
MEN Team: alyschu, OverTheRanbow, Craxuan, puttty, Hissery, iyfeirre, Piroton, ilovepie, Everin

Official Description

Qianye rose from hardship, but was felled by betrayal. From then, one man, one gun; he tread the path between Evernight and Daybreak and became a legend. Even if Evernight was destined to be his fate, he still intends to become the ruler who dictates.


Volume 1 - Between Daybreak and Evernight

Volume 2 - Bloom of the Other Shore Flower

Chapter 1: Small Town’s Lighthouse
Chapter 2: Burning Youth
Chapter 3: Expeditionary Forces
Chapter 4: Other Shore Flower
Chapter 5: Peaceful Life
Chapter 6: The Path of Darkness
Chapter 7: Virtual Combat
Chapter 8: Real Military Poise
Chapter 9: The Lamplight under the Cover of Night
Chapter 10: An Uninvited Guest
Chapter 11: Eyes of the Night
Chapter 12: The Final Hunt
Chapter 13: One Hit Kill
Chapter 14: Place of the Decisive Battle
Chapter 15: Werewolves’ First Appearance
Chapter 16: Death by Explosion
Chapter 17: Primo
Chapter 18: Abnormal Changes
Chapter 19: A Startling Transformation
Chapter 20: Brothers
Chapter 21: One of Them
Chapter 22: Fighter King
Chapter 23: Dark Transaction
Chapter 24: Chase
Chapter 25: Breaking Part of a Promise
Chapter 26: Happening
Chapter 27: Ultra Escape
Chapter 28: Prosperous and Thriving
Chapter 29: Encountering an Expert
Chapter 30: Abnormality of the Black Blood
Chapter 31: Home of Hunters
Chapter 32: An Unpleasant Episode
Chapter 33: Hunters
Chapter 34: Mission
Chapter 35: Snakes
Chapter 36: Boiling Blood
Chapter 37: Assaulting the Werewolves’ Hideout
Chapter 38: Success
Chapter 39: Hidden Danger
Chapter 40: Conflict
Chapter 41: Do Battle
Chapter 42: Kill Order
Chapter 43: Exiting the City
Chapter 44: Passerby
Chapter 45: Lone Wolf
Chapter 46: The Hunt
Chapter 47: Goodbye, Rookie
Chapter 48: Intercepting Murder
Chapter 49: Small Victory
Chapter 50: Eagleshot
Chapter 51: Sniping
Chapter 52: Night of Devilry
Chapter 53: Distance
Chapter 54: Old Acquaintances
Chapter 55: Encounter
Chapter 56: Reunion
Chapter 57: Soul of the Imperial Army
Chapter 58: Standpoint
Chapter 59: Bloom of the Other Shore Flower

Volume 3 - The Place My Heart Feels At Peace

Chapter 1: A New Day
Chapter 2: A Dazed Present

Volume 4 - War that Never Ends
Volume 5 - Distance Within Reach

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          1. you dont ever see them (in later stages of cultivation where they become “useless”) in wuxia (well at least in the 7 novels i’m reading) sooooo… i’m actually excited, very excited.

          1. 哦,永夜君王 is not wuxia novels….,,,,,,guns are usually in this “qIhuan” or “mori” novels。。


            《亵渎》,is a real wuxia novel…

          2. Oh, the eternal king is not wuxia novels …. ,,,,,, guns are usually in this “qIhuan” or “mori” novels. .
            Night pupil
            Thousands of nights

            This is the male and female.
            Other hostess: white air photo [love], Song purple condensate [rot]. Ji Tianqing, Li Rhapsody, Nangong bird, Lee Hou. . .

            I also wish you read happiness. . . However, the standard of translation is certainly not as good as the original Chinese.
            Recommend the author of several other novels: “profane” “Hunting devil”
            “Profane”, is a real wuxia novel …


    1. you have a good point since Evernight is a single word…… it should be MoE rather than MEN and i mean if you’re going to that then why not MoEn? Monarch and Evernight are not much different in length

  1. are not this novel called King of the Eternal Night [永夜君王] / The Legend of Eternal Night’s Sovereign

    it already translated up to 16 chapter by Wuxia Dream

    maybe the translator has join wuxiaworld now ?

      1. They are not even translating, it’s more of a machine translation with a fix to make it legible. They are a site known for taking works that already have some sort of fanbase but slow realeases. Alyschu + ATG team stated they were picking it up several months back before wuxiadream picked it up. It seems they picked it only because Alyschu hyped it but not release it.

    1. Hate to burst your bubble, but Wuxiadream are not translators. Also, Puttytranslations translated it up to 16 ages ago. Either Wuxiadream copied and pasted their stuff and claimed it as their own work, OR they did their usual garbage MTL, either way just stop going to that site, seriously.

  2. I heard this one has orgy and the MC is a wuss according to that one review on NovelUpdates? Can anyone confirm it? please. So that, i can decide whether to read it or not!

    1. How about you just read the god damn story instead of reading reviews. How do you expect to get anything good in life without trying it for yourself? Same principle here read the damn story before you read reviews.

        1. He is kinda badass TBH, very calculated, at one point he get’s rekt and goes berserk.
          The novel ir REALLY dark, at least in the 1st few chapters (1x not more) that were released and discontinued by someone else.

        1. You should try it if it interests you that much!!
          Don’t let your doubts control you!!!
          Though I don’t know who’d be willing to f*** you.

        2. No but really the difference is that you already sort of try it when you interact with a person, male or female. You just decide whether or not to continue/pursue that interest further.

          A better example would be deciding whether or not to spend a good amount of time on a date with a person. You might go in blind or decide to hear what their friends say about them before introducing you.
          Really either is valid it’s your time.

          1. sure i guess thats a more accurate outlook towards it. iirc my original intent was to point out that you dont NEED to try something out to know you wont like it, if we use your analogy plenty of people hate “blind dates” and insist on grilling their friend and when they say “well….she has a great personality” or something similar its a good sign you probably wont enjoy it. my gay sex analogy was more of an extreme to make a point. while yours is more appropriate it also has an additional point in it “even if it doesnt sound like you wont like it, it can always surprise you” which is true sometimes. with the sheer amount of choices out there sometimes missing out on that hidden gem for a period of time is more enjoyable, and if its worth the time itll eventually make its way back around

      1. “How about you just read the god damn story instead of reading reviews”

        I keep reading this one(or similar) when I’m checking a new novel to read. Really? I bet those who are in opinion of reading the story instead of reviews are hypocrites.
        At least they’ve tried reading the reviews on different CNnovels before the story. (Lol I wasted 5mins for this comment)

    1. Damn right…. unfortunately, it’s semi-DMC ala-Wuxia in the bones so… it’s 50/50

      I don’t know if I even like this story from the synopsis up top. It’s empty. I only wanna read this now because there has been no ATG chapters for three weeks and I trust the Chuchu-trains eye for grading stories so will be giving this story a try.

      1. I was just reading the comments to see if a review would make me interested in this story (the synapse doesn’t explain much) but now that I see people comparing it to Castlevania and Devil May Cry, I MUST read this!

  3. I read reviews that said the MC is a beta cuck type man, in the beginning worse than an average Japanese protagonist. Could anybody please, PLEASE, tell me what chapter he stops being a cuck. And if possible a brief overview of what happens in the chapters that take place inbetween his transition from cuck to an actual man.

    1. He stops being a bitch after the academy and then ch 30 onwards it gets sort of better if you hated him being the empires bitch. All in all if you want to read this wait for a few months otherwise you wont like the mc.

  4. Isn’t this the novel “King of Eternal Night” rather than “Monarch of Evernight”. I thought it was dropped by the translator as it was not being updated for month’s.

  5. This series is like Seraph of the End met Starship Troopers with mix Steampunk and Magitek plus Cultivation. Seraph is due to the setting, mankind struggle against demons and vampires, except without melodramatic emo MC, Starship Troopers due to main political that heavily espoused in volume 1, citizenship is for those bleed in service of mankind, doesn’t matter your pimple-butt has blue blood, and the training camp is even 3x more cold blooded and ruthless than Sergeant Zim. Steampunk due to steam coal powered vehicles and airships. Magitek some power sources are from fungshui leyline stuff. Of course, no Chinese series without Cultivation, this series has streamline cultivation as required by empire military education system!

  6. i really like the girl named Yetong…ohemmm,as we all know,she is Qianye’s wife…..But she had dead…..;
    but the girl named Bai kongzhao 【小白、Xiaobai】is Qianye’s new wife……so now i like xiaobai best..

  7. So when are those MEN catchup chapters coming out? I thought they said they were Donna start them last month and there have only been 5 chapters released in the last 3 months.

  8. Please Alyshu, can you communicate a little about this project ?

    Your group used to be really realiable with constant release and a lot of communication but since your chinese trip it all changed.

    ATG and SR still have constant release but no more communication and MEN seems dropped… What the matter Alyschu? You know, your happy mood use to be quite enjoyable to read.

    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one missing it all… So please, talk to us. There’s nothing worse than silence.

      1. I would be nice to know. That’s all I’m asking. I’d be disappointed if this got dropped because of a contract problem but I’d be fine with it, so long as I could know for sure and move on.

  9. Didnt wuxia dream start translating this long time ago? i havent read this novel in a while but i think they were still further then it is now like 1-2 months ago?

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